A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Lao Yue Chapter 29 Abducted

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

 Chapter 29 Abducted

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The town was called Maoyang. Although the town was not large, it was abundant in pure white jade use for warming which made the small town famous in Liao Yue. Many businessmen gathered here to buy rough stones or in small pieces then sold them in large towns and cities. Just like right now, it was still early in the morning but the shops in both sided of the streets were already open, and the whole town was buzzing.

    This party of travelers have been tossing all night and naturally they have no mood of hanging around in the market. They just wanted a rest and went straight to the best inn in town. After their breakfast, everyone went to their own rooms to rest.

    Lou Chen never sleeps during the day, if she ever do, she would take little naps in the middle of the day. So, even though she was tossing the whole night, she woke up after sleeping only for two hours.  That sleep was enough for her and she had no more desire to sleep anymore.

    This small town was bustling with noise and excitement, there were many merchants. Lou Chen was thinking that she might be able to find some rare medicinal materials. Anyway, today they decided to stay and continue the next day. Lou Chen decided it was better to go and look for a local drugstores.

    It was past noon when Lou Chen left the room, and many diners had gathered in the lobby downstairs. The next few rooms were very quiet. She presumed that no one was awake. As to not disturb their rest, Lou Chen went out without telling anyone where she was going.

    She went downstairs and ate some lunch and then asked the inn keeper for the direction of the biggest drugstores in town. Lou Chen left the inn alone.

    The shops were crowded with people in both sides of the street, and the crowds were particularly more in the morning. There were also street vendors hawking small pieces of warm jade. She went to look at some of the jade, although small, the white jade was flawless and it flashes soft fluorescence under the sunlight. It was very beautiful, and many ladies were crowding in front of the stall.

    Although fascinating, Lou Chen had no interest in these and she went to find the nearest location of the drugstore.

    The inn keeper’s sketch was very detailed.  Lou Chen didn’t go far along the alley and saw a beautifully decorated medical hall. The splendor was distinct from Fang Ru Hui’s “Thousand Herbs”, this medical hospital in all aspect was saturated with noble spirit, in contrast, it has a few good-nature doctors that were specialist in certain discipline of medicine, it was enlightening and she simply loved the idea.

    She supposed that there were lot of valuable medicinal materials here but doubted if they had the rare medicinal materials that she needed ,she would try her luck anyway. Sure enough, when Lou Chen asked for the rare kinds of medicinal materials she wanted, the pharmacist took a moment to find out, with a smile said, “Miss, I am sorry but we don’t have those medicines you are looking for. “

    She already doubted in the beginning , and as she expected it wasn’t available. Lou Chen didn’t feel too bad. She only nodded and said, “It’s alright.”

    Right after Lou Chen turned to leave the medical hall, few people rushed in and a young man was crying, “Doctor Wu, help save someone’s life quick!”

    When Lou Chen passed by the party of people that just walked in, she smell the scent of blood  and it caused her to worry. The red blood was dripping down from the stretcher, leaving a mess of blood stain all over.

    What was the injury that there was so much blood? Lou Chen had a glimpse of a man on the stretcher. He was a well-built man in his early thirties, his face was very pale and he looked like he already drained out all his blood. If he was not strong, he might had died already for blood loss.

    Lou Chen looked again and saw that were no other wounds on his body, but only a broken arrow, the arrow’s feather was protruding his left chest. All the blood was coming out from that wound.

    Lou Chen was already out of the door when she suddenly stopped. The arrow was still in the man’s body, he was not supposed bleed so much, unless the arrow hit badly man’s special veins or the arrow is special?

    Doctor  Wu, who was sitting in the medical office, was obviously startled by this scene. He had also never seen so much blood from an arrow’s wound! Doctor Wu anxiously said, “This … what is going on? He was injured by an arrow?”

    The young man who rushed in at the beginning was pale and very frightened. He took out a few arrows from his animal skin quiver and handed them to the doctor. He said with reddened eyes, “This is my own barb arrow. My brother and I went hunting in the mountains this morning, and it was not long before we spotted a wild boar, we chased after the boar. My brother went to attract the wild boar’s attention and I shot the wild boar with my barb arrow. I didn’t expect …  a snake would suddenly fell from the tree at the very moment. My hand shook and I hit my brother instead and was injured by mistake. Doctor Wu, you must rescue my brother, please!”

 The man was pleading earnestly and after saying thus he was sobbing uncontrollably, choked with emotion, he couldn’t say anything anymore.

    Lou Chen glanced at the man’s so-called barb arrow which he modified himself. Her cold look remained the same only her brows slightly narrowed.

    It was an ordinary long arrow, but was very sharp and on the side of the tip was a barb formed by several thin blades. Not only the hook was sharp at the front but the entire thin blade was also sharpened. If this arrow was being used for hunting, as long as it hits the prey, though it was able to escape and did not fall at that moment, while escaping the wound would get worse, the prey will eventually weaken for excessive loss of blood, and die eventually. But at this moment, the arrow hit this man and if the barb arrow was not taken out soon, the person will also lose too much blood and die.

    Doctor Wu glanced at the barb arrow, he got chill all over his body , he shook his head and said, “This kind of  barb arrow I’m not capable of pulling out. The injury will only get worse.”

    Standing next to Doctor Wu, was a young man dressed as a medicine apprentice. He whispered to him,  “Master, maybe you need to cut the wound a little bit with a knife, and then slowly take out the barb arrow?”

    The man’s blood kept pouring out, and after a while, a large pool of blood had been collected by the stretcher, and the hospital was flooded with a bloody smell. There were many people watching inside the medical hall and at this moment they were all whispering with each other. Doctor Wu’s forehead was now filled with thin sweats. If the man was not treated immediately, the man will die. But how will to manage the injury, what to do?!! Is operating the wound a little will work?

    “The penetration is only an inch above his heart. If you open a little with a knife and accidentally injures the main vein that connects the heart, his life would be lost in an instant.”

    Doctor Wu was in great dilemma and while making a plan in such desperate situation and he was thinking of trying anyway, he suddenly  heard that chilly voice. The crowd immediately looked who just spoke and they saw a woman in Chinese gown standing in the crowd. Her beautiful appearance was like autumn moon, her whole body was desolate and indifferent,  it made people feel that they have to keep a distance from her but also at the same time, they were reluctant to take their gaze away from her.

    The first man to recover was the young hunter. He looked his older brother who was becoming paler and weaker. The young man cried and said, “So, what can we do? We have no other way but take it out. You quickly think of a way, I beg of you. ” After talking, he took the opportunity to go on his knees and he knelt beside the stretcher, and then looked at Doctor  Wu and then to Lou Chen. He knocked his forehead on the stone slab. Hearing the cry of the person, the people on the scene were also fearful and alarmed of the impending disaster and were very sad at the same time.

    Lou Chen frowned slightly, she went past the man, and said to the young apprentice next to Doctor  Wu, “Go and get a piece of ginseng.”

    “Ah? Oh!” The young man was stunned for a second and then quickly got up and rushed to the pharmacy. He even forgot to ask permission from his master, and just obeyed the woman’s order.

    Doctor Wu thought of the rare medicinal materials she asked in the pharmacy earlier and could not help be curious about her. He has dealt with medicine all his life, and his medical skills also was not ordinary. Although the girl was very young, but he could tell that her medical skill technique was definitely not low. After all, not many doctors use the materials she asked for and many doctors probably don’t even know about those medicines.

    Doctor Wu waved his hand slightly and humbly asked, “Is there a way for Young Miss?”

    At this time, the young apprentice came back with the ginseng root. Lou Chen took the ginseng, sat down and put the ginseng root under the tongue of the patient. Then he said to the younger brother, “Help him up.”

The young man looked at the woman with a stunned look, glanced at Dr. Wu confused of what to do.

    Doctor Wu’s sharp old eyes stared intently at Lou Chen and said favorably, “Since the Young Miss has a way, follow what the girl wants.” Anyway, if something goes wrong, in the eyes of everyone it will be because of this women’s doing and he will not be blamed for it. He felt relieved!

    The young man neither want to think anymore and carefully raised his dying brother. Right after he raised him up, the Young Miss unexpectedly pat with all strength his older brother’s stomach and snapped the top of the arrow on his brother’s chest with a palm of her hand and he spit out blood.

    “Ah !!!” The man, who had been almost unconscious cried in pain, and fainted completely after the cry.

    The crowd gasp and took a few steps back.

    The younger brother was stunned and stared at Lou Chen, shouted, “What are you doing!” The man’s eyes were red, and if he was not holding his unconscious brother, in no doubt he will immediately rush to her and give her a good punch.

    Lou Chen stood up, ignoring the snarl and the stare to kill from the young man,  but  simply nodded to Doctor Wu and said, “You  bandage him.”

    The cold voice was like a bucket of spring water poured on  Doctor Wu as returned to his initial shock only to discover that the barb arrow that had left the man helpless had penetrated though his back. In this way, the original difficult wound had become an ordinary penetrating injury. Although the wound was now larger, it was no longer difficult to manage, they could easily stopped the bleeding not like before.

    Doctor Wu rushed forward to bandage the man and when he saw the wound behind him, he was surprised and the wound was so neat. When the young miss  patted the man, he guessed that she used some of her internal force or otherwise the arrow would not come out so cleanly. Doctor Wu would like to praise her good technique but unfortunately when he looked up Lou Chen was already out of the medical hall.   

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