A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Epilogue 2 Su Family Relationship

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Epilogue 2  Su Family Relationship (A Chapter for Su Ren and Yu Han Dan)

Marking the 3 years in WordPress. If some haven’t realized until now. If you are reading my translations outside the Killerninjablog you are getting only half of the stories for some chapters ∼Mayo

The weather in May was the most pleasant. The blowing breeze awakens people’s senses.  In one of the courtyards of the General’s Mansion, there were many strange boulders of different sizes and shapes, adding to courtyard’s vigorous energy and beauty.  But more than three years ago, the Su family ushered the first treasure after so many years. The apple of their eyes might knock on these boulders, so it was actually cleared away and replaced with soft grass and an old tree to serve as a shade on against summer’s heat

    In the evening, when the heat of sun faded, a beautiful young woman was walking slowly on the grass with a soft smile on her face, the smile was softer than the glow of the sun. Her mellow temperament was drawing people to get closer.

    Beside the young woman was a little boy more than two years old that was dragging her skirt corners, her voice was soft, and he cried softly, “Mother …” Yu Han Dan gently touched his small head.

    The little boy was encouraged, he spread both his hands and cried out, “Hug, hug.” Yu Han Dan found herself in an awkward situation. She naturally wanted to hug her baby son, but she was eight months pregnant and she was really unable to hold him. She called the nurse maid to come and when she was about to pick him up and kissed him, a similarly soft and arrogant child yelled, “No!”

   Yu Han Dan looked behind her to see a little girl running as quickly as she can. Although she was only four years old and had short legs, but she out run the other girls with her. Soon the treasure girl of the Su family reached her. Like an adult she held back the little boy’s hand and preached,”You can’t hug Auntie, because there is a younger brother in your stomach, you can’t hug now. “

    The little boy didn’t understand what her sister said, but he looked at her pitifully. The little girl was grinning at him and said, “Sister, will take you to play. Aunt, is it okay?”

     Yu Han Dan gently pinched the little girl’s cheek, her eyes were full of admiration, he laughed and said, “Go ahead and play.”

 The little girl got her Aunt’s consent and ran with her little cousin brother. She had no concern that the little boy’s legs were shorter than her and they stumbled many times over. Yu Han Dan was watching in horror and said anxiously, “You two, run slowly.”

    She wanted to chase after them and tell them to slow down. She just took one step, when she felt a  gentle but powerful hand suddenly hugged her from behind.  “You should walk slowly.”

   Yu Han Dan’s heart was filled with warm happiness, looked behind her and saw the person that she missed so much. She laughed, “You are back?”

    Su Ren arms was around her waist and he did not let go, just gave her a slight nod.

    Su Yu, who was standing behind Su Ren was smiling widely. Who said that his Second Brother was a modest and mild gentleman? That was all a façade. He was very domineering and was no better than his elder brother!

    Su Yu ignored the lovey-dovey posture of the couple hugging and greeted Yu Han Dan, “Sister in law, good to see you?.”

    The hand hugging the lady did not let go, Yu Han Dan blushed a little, but she also didn’t try to break the hands looped around  her waist, just changed the topic right away,  “I thought you are busy recently? How to come, you are back so early today?”

    “Sister in law, you are about to give birth, of course, I should come back and support you as your brother, of course those miscellaneous chores, I will deal with them. ” Su Yu cleared his throat, to think of it, he  started to feel little awkward and he was not necessarily needed to be there at the moment. After speaking, he nodded to Yu Han Dan and looked at the two little fellows on the grass and happily walked towards them.

    He sat down.  Su Yu didn’t dare pinch the little girl’s face, for fear of his strong hands, would accidentally hurt her delicate skin, he could only open his arms, petted and flattered her and smiled, “Su Su, did you miss uncle too? Come give uncle a hug. “

    Su Su giggled and flung into Su Yu’s arms. Immediately a warm feeling of joy softened Su Yu’s heart  and he hugged her carefully. When he turned his head, he saw Su Chen Han was staring at him in amazement.  Su Yu laughed and reached out his hand to fished him and also hugged him tightly, smiling he said, “Little Han, let uncle hug you too.”

    For Su Yu, holding two little children on his arms was no problem at all. He hugged the two toddlers and took them running wildly on the grass. Unfortunately, the little girl was the master of riot. After running for a while, she got bored and reached out her hand and grabbed Su Yu’s hair. Su Yu did not pull away her hand but begged her for mercy, “Ouch, little devil, don’t pull my hair!”

    Who can guess, Su Su not only did not let go of his hair but pulled even more happily? The little boy who was also held in his arms looked at the novelty before him, thinking how fun she was having. He also stretched out his hand and grabbed Su Yu’s hair.

    The two flanked around him pulling his hair. Su Yu couldn’t stand it, and whispered, “Little Han, stop now, or I’ll throw you out!”

    After talking, Su Yu quickly sat down and put the two children on the ground and finally opened the hands who was making mess of his hair. In just a few seconds, his neat crown of hair was messed by these two little fellows.

    Su Yu was a little irritated and pulled Little Han to scold him. However, Su Su, who was still in his arms suddenly stretched out her small hand and pulled his sleeves.  A pair of big eyes was looking at him with pitiful expression, eyes filled with tears and a deflated look on her mouth. He looked at her pitiful face and for some reason he felt that he was the reason why she was aggrieved.

    “Is Uncle Yu going to throw Su Su out too?” Then the tears started to flow down her eyes and softly sobbed. Su Yu felt so distressed and he quickly hugged her into his arms and anxiously comforted her, “ Don’t cry, don’t cry. Uncle is not going to throw any one. Ok, if you want to continue grabbing uncle’s hair, go ahead, grab it.”

    He even lowered his head in front of the little Su Su but unfortunately the little brat was not buying it and continued crying. Su Yu felt like crying too, he was hugging her and coaxing her not to cry.  “Little Su, don’t cry! Whatever you want to do is fine, Uncle is wrong.” But this little brat cried some more, now he was not only feeling sorry and distressed, all the people in General’s Mansion was giving him a “ what did you do look” too!

    The little girl finally broke from her grief to laughter and shouted, “Riding horse, riding horse!”

    “Good!” Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief, quickly lifted the little girl around his neck, took her and gambol around the lawn which provoked the little girl to scream in excitement. Poor Che Han could only watch on one side before he decided to run and chase behind the two.

   “Are you tired? Would you like to rest?” Su Ren was still hugging Yu Han Dan in his arms, watching her keep looking at the three people running wildly on the lawn and he whispered, “Han’er is a boy. This is a good thing, so that he can grow with unconquerable spirit of a man. Su Su is a girl. Girls must be doted and pampered. “

    Yu Han Dan broke from her revelry, turned her focus on him to hear him clearly. She couldn’t help but felt ridiculous. How silly. Is it possible that he thought seeing little Xiao Susu being greatly favored and pampered, she would be jealous? Yu Han Dan gave him a strange look, and Su Ren laughed, “I love Susu very much. She is delicate, adorable and cute, and I am itching to demonstrate how she is treasured. And also …”

    Looking at the happy and screaming young girl, Yu Han Dan also believed that it was actually very satisfactory topic, and smiled softly, “You’re right, girls should be doted and pampered a lot.”

 And the tone was like she was reminding and admonishing him because on that day of the year he said so…

∼∞What happened ten years ago?- Continue Reading∞∼

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One thought on “A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Epilogue 2 Su Family Relationship

  1. Awe, we get to see a bit of Su Ren’s love life. He was one of my favourite characters so I’m happy!
    Su Yu always get treated harshly, poor man! XD

    Thank you!


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