A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Chapter Chapter 31 This Way Can Still Be Considered Hero Rescues the Beauty?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 31 This Way can Still Be Considered Hero Rescues the Beauty?

“Why save me?”

   In midst of silence, the man’s gloomy voice was distinctly clear.

 Lou Chen  was sitting on a wooden stool by the window and replied coldly, “The hidden weapon has not been taken out, to be honest, either you can be save or not to save in order for you to live is still uncertain.”

    Lou Chen’s casual response, the man didn’t mind at all as long as she was still willing to help him, that what was most important. The man was evidently the kind who cherished words like gold. He doesn’t like to chat, so it took a long time to spit out the two words, “Thank you .”

    Thinking of her abduction and the means she was brought in, Lou Chen was still not happy about it, and her voice went another degree colder, “Don’t thank me, if you people did not “invite” me forcefully to come, how can I come here to save you? “

    The man’s face suddenly turned rigid and atmosphere of the room suddenly became awkward. “I am sorry. I will guarantee you that I will discipline my subordinates with this unacceptable means. In the future, if the Miss needs any favor from me, I will do my best.” 

Who knows what will happen in the future, and she did not I plan to spend too much time in Liao Yue anyway. Two months already passed to reach a year will be just like a breeze going by. However, this so-called favor, she never took it seriously, nor did she need it. But since he offered it she will not refuse.

    For the first time, he encountered a woman who have fewer words than him, he could not help but felt distressed and abandoned.

    There was a question that he always wanted to ask. At this moment, he asked without any scruples. He always wanted know her name. “I haven’t asked the lady’s name yet?”

    “Lou Chen.”

   Just the name, then no more words. Miss Lou never liked to make anything mysterious.

    After a  long time, when Lou Chen didn’t asked anymore question, the man sighed in his heart, voluntary said, “I am Yu Xian.”

    Lou Chen raised her eyebrow slightly because when she heard it , this sounded like a fictitious name, and she didn’t mind, they were only strangers and their meeting was by chance.

    “This name isn’t a false.” He was not usually a person who liked to explain, but today he unconsciously explained it because he didn’t want her to misunderstand.

    Lou Chen simply nodded, his name be a code name or fiction didn’t matter to her. Therefore, Yu Xian was tangled because Miss Lou did not seem care about him not faking the name.

    Yu Xian was also a person who doesn’t like to talk much. After those very little exchange, the two didn’t talk anymore. Lou Chen although abducted contrary to what other might think she already came to be at peace with it, but Yu Xian still felt a little guilty. In the large room one can feel the strange quietness for a while.

    Yu Xian took a glimpsed of the woman sitting next to the window, she had very aloof temperament, a kind of indifference that was thousands of miles away. After spending a very short period of time, it was not difficult to see her personality, she was such an aloof person. Yu Xian was little curious, wondering what she was thinking that night that made her laughed happily and so freely.

    Miss Lou of course had no idea that Yu Xian was trying to understand what made her laughed that night. If she knew it, she would definitely tell him if he haven’t heard about it… that it was because of one beautiful and poignant romantic love story. 

    “Miss, what you want is ready.”

 The two moved very fast, to be able to prepare everything within half an hour, although the thin blade was not as thin like the one at home, the threads and needles for stitching also looked very rough.

      “Take out these curtains and turn the bed towards the window a little.” Even the two did not understand why Lou Chen want to do it but without hesitation they immediately did what she asked.

    Lou Chen closed the window, and the brightness of the afternoon light coming through the paper window was just right.

    When the two were moving the bed to the designated location, Lou Chen was also preparing the cotton cloth, blade and needles. She cleaned her tools and disinfected it with fire and medicinal juice.

    Lou Chen stood by the bed, holding four silver needles in her hand, and said, “Oh, I forgot to write the anesthetic drugs on the list earlier.”

The subordinates looked at Lou Chen with understanding. They stared her with unapologetic look, their facial expressions clearly saying ‘you did not forget it, that was deliberate!’

    Although they were fuming mad but this instant, they dare not offend her also. The man with the gray coat clenched his fists and said coldly, “I’ll go quickly and buy it now.”

    “No need.” Yu Xian looked at Lou Chen said, “Immediately, get on without it.”

   Considering the pleased and satisfied appearance of Lou Chen while pricking him with acupuncture needles, of course it was obvious, this was her little retaliation.

    The corner of Yu Xian’s mouth slightly grimaced. He knew it would be painful that one would wish to rather die as she pricked the needles but he was not angry. Instead, he felt that earlier she was aloof but right now she was livelier.


Yu Xian’s mind wanted to go crazy, the moment he felt the blade.

    He finally knew the purpose of the four acupuncture needles. He could clearly feel the pain caused by Lou Chen’s incision, but his upper body could not move. The man in gray coat has been wiping Yu Xian’s sweats and the blue veins sticking out reminding him of the pain his master was experiencing but he can only hold his breath at this moment, not afraid to disturb Lou Chen, even the slightest.

    Although he hated this woman for torturing his master, he also admired her at the same time.  The incisions were clean and neat, and they often endure this kind of injury. It was almost a common experience for them to get rid of arrows from their body. They’ve seen so many doctors, but he hasn’t seen one that can be so precise.

    He saw that Lou Chen cut open the flesh and went down a little deeper, but the wound did not expand. After a while, she saw that she picked up another thin blade and did not know what she had done. She only heard a muffled sound from and followed by relieved sound. The hidden weapon that tortured Gongzi for 10 hours has been taken out in no time.

    Lou Chen examined the hidden weapon. It was the size of a copper coin, it was made of iron with eight sharp blades spread along all sides. The hidden weapon was delicately made, and it was not comparable to ordinary homemade weapons like barb arrows. Such a special hidden weapon must have its source.

    Lou Chen secretly memorized the appearance of the hidden weapon, then lowered her head and sutured the wound.

    In fact, with such a wound, King’s Grass can be used it will stop the bleeding right away and the wound will heal in just 3 days. However, at present, King’s Grass was the only thing she had to swap for Jin Yan Hen’s medicine, and Lou Chen will not waste it.

    Finally, the wound was sutured, but the bleeding didn’t stop. She did not know if Yu Xian passed out or he was just keeping his eyes closed quietly. Lou Chen looked at the subordinate and said, “Where is the medicine, I gave you earlier?”

   The man rummaged through the bed and finally found it. After getting the porcelain bottle, he quickly handed it to Lou Chen, “Here.”

    Lou Chen took the medicine and saw that there were a lot of medicine left. He poured it on the wound, wiped it around before wrapping the incision with cloth.

    After the wound was completely bandaged, it was already dark. Lou Chen came to the long table, wrote the oral and topical prescription, and handed it to the man in gray coat, saying, “This is a prescription. The topical mediation  for wound  cloth, it must be changed every day. The oral medication should be taken sooner. If he developed a fever later, you can use cold water to cool him down, but the wound must stay dry. If the wound has completely merged and not torn,  wait 3 more days and then he can get out of bed . ”

    Lou Chen prepared to leave before the explanation, anyway, the place was not far from Anxintang. The hidden weapon was already taken care of and ordinary doctors can do the rest.

    Lou Chen just took one step and the two man blocked her path. The man in gray coat who blocked her said, “Before Gongzi’s injury is healed, Miss, please stay for a few more days.”

    This can still be considered polite request but their actions of the two seem extremely unyielding. What do they want? After forcibly “inviting” someone, they also want to forbid her to leave? Lou Chen grinned, then angrily said, “Do you really think you can stop me?”

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  3. “For the first time, he encountered a woman who have fewer words than him, he could not help but felt distressed and abandoned.”
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