This is my tale according to my experience and point of view.

Your safety, your family safety and your community safety isn’t just work or responsibility of the government or their agencies. It is FIRST YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. The invisible enemy came, we are powerless to stop it, COVID 19 will come and its right in your doorstep, in your table, in your seat and droplets in the air. How do you fight the invisible enemy?

It is invisible but not invincible, however we need each one and the community together. This virus can live outside a host body for period of time and the infected person or carrier do not have symptoms until 2 to 4 days.

However, COVID 19 can be destroyed by soap, sanitizer or disinfectant and heat.

How do we control the spread of COVID 19:

ISOLATION – Isolate the sick person (confirmed or not) that have symptoms of infection like sniffling, dry cough, fever and difficulty of breathing.

Why isolation? The virus is highly contagious and normally can be transmitted through saliva and droplets from sneeze or coughing from infected person.

Example from experience: I saw a man (could be infected on not but let us assume he is infected) in my neighborhood coughing hard in a grocery store along the store aisles with shelves on both sides on his way to the ATM at the back. First cough he failed to cover his mouth and nose and the second coughed, he covered his nose and mouth with his hand. Eww, right!

Damn, if I only had it . A mask. But, I can’t buy one anywhere. The guy in front of him turned, now, he used his arms shoulders to cover his cough.

He went to the ATM withdrew money. Then went to the aisle to grab what he needed. Pick up some items to read the ingredients, put them back on the shelf because its not the one he needed. He finished his shopping, paid the cashier cash and left the store, pull the handle of the door. Outside, he coughed again and spit his saliva on the street, then wiped his mouth using his sleeves.

Will you shake hands with this man if you know? Will you buy the grocery on the shelf? Will you withdraw money from the same ATM machine? Will you take the cash change from the cashier? Will you touch the handle of the door? Will you bring in your shoes inside your house? How about the droplets in the aisle? I could stay few hours in the air. He contaminated everything.

Does this man knew what situation the country is in? Or he just doesn’t care? Or just like me, he can’t find a mask anywhere because someone hoard it.

Side note: I don’t know if you heard or read about the man from Tennessee, who hoard more than 17.000 of sanitizer and disinfectant leaving his neighborhood vulnerable, to sell it on Ebay and Amazon for a jack up price?

What if another elderly lady came in the grocery store right when the man went out of the door. The elderly lady has invisible enemy. Good thing the cashier was wearing a mask and she had a disinfecting wipes and gloves to protect herself. I felt she is safe. I had only my son with me. He knew what to do when we get home, wipe his bag of chips with disinfectant, wash his hands and face with hot water , then blow his nose to clean his nostrils.

My readers did not know this but I was in Singapore during the SARS periods. I was working there and we are taught to act like we have this invisible enemy in our space. Reminders from the government campaign, pointers from the company through memorandum, everyone was teaching and watching each other because if I do not educate who is near me, that person will put me in and the whole community jeopardy. My elder Chinese crew gave me turmeric and told me to drink it as tea. I am a coffee drinker; I can put it in my coffee too. Only to find out it is an immune booster against inflammation.

During that time, we did not stop working. The restaurant I work with remained open, dining area was open and I have a group I met every week and most of us were in the service industry and a nurse that worked in Tan Tok Seng Hospital. This hospital was the designated hospital for SARS patients. Before the hospital forbid them to mingle with us and put them in one dormitory, we meet together and she lived with my friends. None of us ever got infected.

HYGIENE: What did we do?

  1. We clean our space. I was renting a room and living with a family of three. We clean and sanitized everything in the house. We make sure our nest had no virus. All surface, knobs, everything we though a drop of virus will come in contact with, we disinfect them*** we might have carried it in our house we don’t know but we want to make sure it isn’t there. We thought too we are crazy. But we were not panicking, we were laughing with each other doing this and assuming the virus might be in our home already since we can’t see.

  2. We do not bring out shoes inside the house. If this is not your practice, at least put a foot bath. Don’t bring that virus inside your house.

  3. We wash our hands and face the moment we get home or take a bath, its better.

  4. Use a hair dryer (make sure cover your face with damp towel) or inhale hot steam from your kettle for 10-15 to increase the temperature of our nostrils. Virus from the air thrives there, and that is how you kill it. I did not hear it in company campaign but these were some of the things shared around to keep us from being infected. It sounds so stupid but most of my crew were elderly, the whole team did well. This last prevention although sounds thought out by some germophobe but I believed it kept us all healthy.

Outside our homes how do we keep everyone and our space safe?

  1. We strongly instructed our team, if you are sick, have a cough, running nose or fever. STAY home and stay away from other family members .

  2. Isolation of the sick person who could spread the virus. We take their temperature and if the person had symptoms of infection, we don’t let them work. We give the person a mask and send them home.

  3. It was normal to carry either sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and masked with us. When we eat in a restaurant, use the elevator, etc., Of course my “friendship group ” always assume that we were following an irresponsible infected person (either he was aware of it or not that he was spreading his germs) and was touching everything with his infected hand. We would wipe it with disinfectant before we touch it.

The awareness and everyone made it their responsibility to make the community safe. If you are irresponsible and coughing in the restaurant without a face mask, sure you will hear some will tell you off with their very sharp Singlish accent, “Hey, you are spreading your germs.” Then hand you a mask and disinfecting towel. Everybody in the restaurant, will stare at that person. So, it is really embarrassing to be irresponsible because the community will reprimand you.

That was not all. My supervisor visited my store and asked me during that season, “ Have you done your shopping? “ I thought, I did not really need anything. He probably read my expression and continued, ” Ah, yay… economy is bad right now. Contribute a little bit to make other people keep their jobs. Buy something. “

So, I went shopping the next day, spent about $250 for a bag and clothes. Because, I knew everyone were doing their part to keep the everyone safe.

Now, I reside in a different place and the discipline of the society especially the youth were vastly different to Singapore . Their government is authoritarian and everyone if not all follows the rule of the law. Majority of the youth are very disciplined, they respect the elders and the elderly sure had put us in place if we are unruly.

Today, I personally had a hard time explaining it to my three children, who were born and grew up in different society why outings and sleep overs isn’t allowed at this moment? My son was debating with me. For me to make them understand I have to sit them down and made them watch 4 videos to understand. Video of Wuhan, Historical videos of Philadelphia and St. Louis during the Flu Pandemic, hidden videos from Iran and Italy and lastly a video about Flattening the Curve. Let the people from the health agency isolate the infected ones first as to not make their lives difficult. This is a bigger place with more millions of population than Singapore.

I holed them up and we only went out for essentials, although their father continues to work. I felt bad, but because the society outside is different. Although, many are responsible and sensible but there are some also that are not. I don’t want to put my kids at risk. Until the infected person is isolated, then life will be normal again. Until, no one looked at me like I’m a germophobe or over acting because I wiped the elevator buttons with disinfectant, even the Metro seat and the handles, wore a mask ( I have rhinitis guys) in a public place when I pick up groceries. These practices was kind of normal from the place I was before because it that society it was a common understanding, that was how I want to keep them safe and I also wanted to keep my space safe.

In this uncertain times. Be safe everyone.  I saw an article that debunked the theory of heating the nostril will not cure. Curing, I don’t know but we did it during the SARS period and we are not infected. Whatever helps this uncertain times to kill the invisible enemy, we just did it. there’s nothing we lose. God bless you.∼∼Mayo

I saw this video. Watch. I

3 thoughts on “IT  Will COME : PROTECT YOUR SPACE

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Also washing the inside of your throat and mouth with a mixture of salt and water is good to kill viruses.

    I am glad that the leaders in my country and leaders around the world are using radio, TV and the internet to try to educate people how to say safe. We need to teach each other as well.
    Even the simple things need to be taught. If a child has parents who don’t wash their hands properly, the child won’t know how to wash their hands properly. So I am glad that the leaders are teaching these simple things too.

    I keep thinking of people who own shops. I like what your boss said “Contribute a little bit to make other people keep their jobs. Buy something.” This is very important.


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