A Mistaken Marriage Match 5:Pursue of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 32 Settle Score at Opportune Moment

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 32 Settle Score at an Opportune Moment

Jin Yan Hen had no choice but support Lou Chen to walk on the town’s street. He was radiantly in a good mood because for the first time he was embracing Lou Chen’s waist openly. He can’t think straight right now. He had only one thought in his heart, Chen Er’s waist was so slim!

It was a pity, that his extreme joy turned to sorrow too soon. The time to settle score had come and he was caught off guard. As he was walking like a boatman towing his rope enjoying the beautiful feeling of the waist he was tugging , the person was actually gaining back her strength. So, his beautiful experience was also cut short. The blue figure shifted quickly from his arms to his side. Before he could react, he suddenly felt pain on his shoulder. Oh no! Now, he cannot exercise control over his own body and standing rigidly.

“Chen’er …” Jin Yan Hen face looked bitter, looking at the face of the person who just recovered her vigor from sleeping gas.

His posture was still like he was still of holding the beauty’s waist, Lou Chen raised her eyebrows slightly. “It looks like your neck was fine now.”

Jin Yan Hen put on a long face and suddenly he had very bad premonition. The last time he was chopped on the nape by Lou Chen inside the cave, for two days, he couldn’t flex his neck freely, imagining how hard her strength was, he really did not want to experience it again.

Jin Yan Hen howled in grief and said, “Chen’er, don’t be impulsive, listen to me, this is all strategy of convenience!” Although the trick was disgraceful to the society as a whole, however, he just want to be a hero who saved the beauty. Is she settling an account? This fast?

Lou Chen ignored his sorrow and crying and asked coldly asked, “Where’s the sweet-smelling sticks?”

Jin Yan Hen used this method to save her. Although she was not happy, she would not be too harsh either. It was just that she had to know, how could there be sweet-smelling fragrant carried around him. If he carried this kind of stuff around his girdle or sleeve, she had to changed his valuation and calculate him differently.

Jin Yan Hen didn’t know what troubled Lou Chen, he was just busy justifying himself, “Chen’er, when you’re gone, I’m worried. I don’t know who took you and you know I have no martial arts, nor do I know what is the strength of the opponent. At that time, the most convenient and useful way I can think of it was to get sweet smelling sticks. “

” Where did you get those sticks? “Lou Chen asked again.

“Bought it. Maoyang Town is similar to Luoshui Town. As a bailiff, I naturally know the place where people from all trades gather, and those who have sweet-smelling stick are not hard to find.” Gradually, Jin Yan Hen seemed to understand. Looking at Lou Chen, his eyes were full of hurt and sourness, “Chen’er, how can you suspect me, I am a bailiff responsible for catching criminals, a man of justice!”

After hearing the phrase “man of justice”, at that time, Miss Lou who was always cold in temperament through and through couldn’t help but rild in frustration and disbelief. This hooligan’s can totally speak nonsense which made her feel very annoyed and at the same time she felt funny because of his ridiculousness.

Seeing that Lou Chen’s face had eased a bit, Jin Yan Hen gave a sigh of relief. In order to prevent Lou Chen from pursuing the matter of sweet-smelling sleeping gas, he quickly said, “Should we return to the inn as soon as possible? The three people we escaped from right now doesn’t look like weak and idiots, in case they want to chase after us, I’m afraid they will put us in a lot of trouble. “

Lou Chen shook her head.” No, that person’s injury is no longer a big deal. That’s why he did not stop us from leaving, also he will not send anyone here to catch us. Tonight, rest well and we will continue our journey tomorrow. “

Chen’er seemed to understand and trust him again. Jin Yan Hen’s sourness his heart vanished, because of the “we” in her statement, and he was secretly rejoicing.

Jin Yan Hen felt that something was wrong with him lately because every movement, every action of Lou Chen was driving his mood. When he couldn’t find her and was gone, he was full of anxiety, he realized that when she had friendly relationship with man, he was nervous and restless. However, he was very joyous and fulfilled when he was holding her in his arms. He became aware that he was no longer just admiring her and curious about her, but that she was the girl for him …

Jin Yan Hen sighed, knowing his condition and aware of how it would appear at this moment, concluded that he had a long road ahead!

“Chen’er …” At the night, there are still people passing by the street. Everyone that passed him looked at him with a strange and knowing look. Although, he was shameless on normal days, still he didn’t want to endure those looks.

Fortunately, Lou Chen didn’t really want him to keep standing like a monkey for other people’s spectacle, she just coldly said, “In the future do not be so careless.” Then she unlocked the acupuncture point and turned away.

“Will do!” Jin Yan Hen agreed quickly, rubbed his shoulders, and immediately followed after her.

The night breeze blew all the way, and the effect of sweet- smelling gas in Lou Chen’s body had dispersed a lot, but it still had minor effect. Lou Chen walked slowly, Jin Yan Hen Hen’s eyes brightened by an idea and caught up by two steps and rushed to her side and said, “Chen’er, walk carefully. Do you want me to assist you?”


Jin Yan Hen’s hand did not make it on beauty’s waist, it was whacked by another hand without mercy.

Jin Yan Hen sucked an air. The hit was particularly hard that he felt his hand was temporary numbed.

While kneading his reddened back of his hand, Jin Yan Hen finally calmed and he walked peacefully beside Lou Chen, cautious not to make another trouble. He wasn’t feeling unfulfilled. as long as the two of them were walking side by side together along the way, he could always find a chance cultivate relationship with Chen’er . His mind was preoccupied as they walk to the inn all he wanted was to have a good rest tonight.

Chen’er, our future is long!

The wishful thinking in the heart of Jin Yan Hen was completely shattered the moment he stepped in the inn. He wanted to rest extravagantly tonight, it turned to be this expectation was excessive!

“Jin! Yan! Hen!”

Lou Chen and Jin Yan Hen barely stepped on the threshold, by the time they entered the main hall, they could hear the clenching of someone’s jaw.

When the two looked up, they were only few people in the large main hall. Fang Ru Hui was sitting in the corner, he had miserable appearance as if a great tragedy just occurred. Opposite him was Miss Qu Ning Shuang with both arms folded on her chest. She was glaring angrily at him. Her eyes were also picture of distress and pain. Even the two arrived, Fang Ru Hui did not look up and it appeared that he was suffering from extreme physical and mental exhaustion.

The inn keeper was also shrinking himself and hiding in a corner, looking anxiously at the woman in red with murderous expression standing in the middle of the inn’s lobby.He only hoped that there would be no fighting, no shop furniture would be broken and not to seize him to vent out her anger.

At this moment, the only thing that can break this mood and end the situation calmly was the return of the person who went out to find missing person. Xing Mu came back empty handed and now he can only wait for news. When Xing Mu spotted Lou Chen and Jin Yan Hen returning together, his worried heart finally relaxed only that he still could not help but feel disappointed. Why didn’t he find her instead of him?

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