A Mistaken Marriage Match 2:Generation of Military Counselors Chapter 27


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Chapter 27 Part 1 : The General’s Deep Affection

Su Ren’s heart was throbbing fast and he could hardly speak like the words were stuck in his throat. The strange disturbed look of Su Ling’s made him very uneasy. He went to Su Ling’s side who slouched against a big rock with a low voice in grave concern and urgency, “Elder Brother?”

Su Ling did not respond, he looked numb and was like he could not hear anything. He did not look like the general he used to be, always sharp and alert. Su Ren’s heart suddenly sank heavily, was Qing Mo unable to make it through?!

Su Ren got up and walked towards the house which at this time Lou Xi Yan was coming out of the room, he still had his always calm face but could not hide the fatigue. Su Ren went up and asked anxiously, “Prime Minister Lou, Qing Mo, she?”

Lou Xi Yan slightly shook his head and replied, “She’s still in treatment.”

Still in treatment means Qing Mo is still alive! Su Ren gave out a long sigh of relief. He turned to look towards the rockery where Su Ling slumped at a corner. Su Ren thought his elder brother was not the type who loses his composure in chaos, Qing Mo is not dead yet he was already like this! He ought to put an end to his trance-like state. He wanted to move forward to persuade him but was stopped by an arm. Lou Xi Yan whispered, “Forget it, don’t bother him.” Su Ren did not witness the Qing Mo from last night. He did not see the scene where Qing Mo was stabbed by the sword through her heart. He would not understand Su Ling’s feelings at this time. (LXY understands cause he has been through it himself with ZQ)

Glancing again at Su Ling’s unemotional appearance Su Ren nodded, no longer going over to his side.

The two person just stood by the door, not going in nor coming out, just waiting and hoping time would fly a little more faster.

Cheng Hang was tasked by Dan Yu Lan to come and inquire about Qing Mo’s situation but as he entered the yard he could feel the strange awkward atmosphere. He also saw Su Ling slouched against a big rock, he can’t help but whimpered ‘Oh Shit!’. Only for a night, the Great General Su became like this, probably Qing Mo—-

Running to Lou Xi Yan, Cheng Hang whispered, “Prime Minister, is Miss Qing already….”

He had not finish his question when Lou Xi Yan cut in, “Still in treatment.”

“Then that’s good, that’s good.” Cheng Hang patted his chest. Just now his heart felt like it almost jumped out of his mouth.

Lou Xi Yan slightly squinted and saw a touch of familiar black figure outside the courtyard, it was — Ao Tian! Long tall figure standing straight, without an air of cold arrogance but like a prisoner waiting for his sentencing. He just stood there waiting quietly.

Su Ren also saw Ao Tian outside the courtyard, his eyes swept across a touch of dark shadow and asked, “Caught him yet?”

Cheng Hang excitedly nodded, but dare not speak in a loud voice replied, “No one was able to escape! Ye Mei was rescued too.” In accordance with the plan of Qing Mo, late last night they were very successful in capturing Ao Jie and his gang, even raid in his lair. The operation played beautifully thus making his admiration towards Qing Mo grew even more so naturally he did not want anything to happen to her.

“Humph!” Su Ren expressed his dissatisfaction. He disapproved of such a method, to depend on killing a woman to be able to make an arrest. As a military man, he regarded this as disdainful!

Cheng Hang did not understand why Su Ren’s expression suddenly darkened? He glanced at Su Ling, who was still leaning on the rock. He was puzzled and asked, “Why is General Su like this?” Isn’t Miss Qing still in treatment?

No one answered his question, Lou Xi Yan whispered, “Let’s wait a bit more.”

The entire courtyard once again fell into silence. Early in the morning with the sounds of birds and insects, at this moment it only made them feels edgy. Cheng Hang simply sat on the threshold, no one knew how long it took again before the chamber door finally opened.

“She’s Out!” Cheng Hang who was sitting on the threshold was the first to see Zhuo Qing. Her complexion was very pale and she looked very exhausted as if there were no more strength left to even walk. Lou Xi Yan quickly approached and protectively held her in his arms. Zhuo Qing slightly shook her head and replied, “I’m fine.”

Lou Xi Yan supported Zhuo Qing in his arms as she walked out of the hall. Su Ling who did not move for the whole night was rigid, with his back pushing against the stone rock he slowly stood up, with his burning eyes staring straight at Zhuo Qing in the courtyard. While outside the courtyard, that aloof black figure was also instantly stiffened, with a deep line of sight locked on her.

This time all eyes were gathered upon her but no one dared to ask Zhou Qing for Gu Yun’s condition. Cheng Hang who could not hold it anymore and quietly asked, “How is she?”

Everybody held their breath while waiting for her answer, all expressions were very solemn, except for the one outside the courtyard, Ao Tian had already decided, if she lives, he will live, if she dies, he would accompany her! 

Zhuo Qing with a probing eyes swept past the sight of Su Ling beside the rock and Ao Tian outside the yard, she indifferently replied, “She is alive.”

She’s lives!

Cheng Hang and Su Ren  almost at the same time cheered in a low voice, “Great!” Qing Mo was all right! They don’t even dare to imagine, if she end up dead, how to clean up this mess! Su Ling’s heart which was suspended for the whole night was finally relieved. While holding on to the rock for support, he was panting and gulping the air as if he did not breathe for the entire night. Everyone was overjoyed, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her eyes only to see that silent black figure outside the courtyard quietly left after hearing her answer.

After this stabbing incident, it’s feared that it would be hard for him to appear in front of Gu Yun again.

“When can I bring her back to the General Manor?”

Zhou Qing recovered from her thoughts, Su Ling had already walked to her front. Zhuo Qing shook her head and replied, “Not now, at least also need to wait till she passed the critical period or it might put her in danger.” Looking at Su Ling’s stubble face, reddened eyes and the blood-stained silk handkerchief from last night was actually still clenched in his hand. The whole person obviously looked haggard, the ordeal must had made him suffered for the entire night! She knew that Su Ling had affection for Yun but she did not know it was deep to such a degree! Zhuo Qing began to feel awkward whether she should tell him the truth.

Critical period? By just listening to this name, Su Ling’s heart that had just relaxed tightened again, “Explain clearly.”

Everyone’s heart was in a state of alarm once again.

Zhuo Qing thought for a moment, in low sigh replied, “The sword pierced through the chest and even though it did not hurt the heart, it was still a serious injury. If in the following days there is no complications and according to her original physical condition and resilience, in five days she should be able to move. But if during these few days, the wound gets infected … …” Zhuo Qing herself does not want to go on, simple and crude medical equipment, rough disinfection measures, a high chance of infection, coupled with no antibiotics. She really dare not imagine. If the wound gets infected, how should she save Yun!

After a night of torture, Su Ling was already numbed with unemotional expression, his hoarse voice slightly tremble but still with insistence asked, “What will happen?”

His full of stubbed face made him look battered and exhausted, his dark eyes stared at her. On a pair of such a deep as calm sea and cold eyes, Zhuo Qing decided not to conceal the worst outcome. She took a deep breath and replied, “If it is a minor infection, she will heal slower and may leave repercussions. If it is a severe infection, she—–will die.”

Zhuo Qing had just finished her words, Su Ling’s tranquil eyes was suddenly filled with passing waves of emotion and she thought he would go out of control. However, he slowly closed his eyes with a weary voice he asked, “What should I do?”

Zhuo Qing’s closed lips finally raised a bit gently, it seemed that this man was miserably in love with Gu Yun! She was guessing, before today even he was not aware of it. She got an idea, Zhuo Qing suddenly stepped forward and used slightly a bit more strength to pat Su Ling’s shoulder and replied, “These few days her body might get a very high temperature, difficulty in breathing, breathless and other phenomena. Someone has to be beside her at all times, notify me immediately if there is any situation. I already helped her cross the first hurdle and now is the second hurdle. This hurdle will have to depend on you, I hope you can give her the strength to let her get through this. The next three days is the most critical moment, if she can survive through this she will live.”

He turned his head and glanced at the slender fingers on his shoulders. When Su Ling looked up, he saw her giving him a faint smile. Su Ling’s face stiffened and took a step back to escape from Zhuo Qing’s hand. He regained his usual composure, looked at his younger brother beside him said, “Su Ren, these several days I will leave you to command of the military to ensure the safety of the capital. Make sure nothing happens, if there is something important you come here to look for me.”

Su Ren was stunned and replied in a low voice, “Yes.” Because of her, eldest brother even pushed the matters of celebration to him. It seemed it was not just fondness that he had for her. Bing Lian indeed did not choose the wrong person.

Su Ren was about to leave, Su Ling suddenly said to him, “And also, you go find Dan Daren to get an understanding of progression for this case after that using my name write a petition to be presented to the Emperor. Ao Jie‘s killing and kidnapping of the babies, raping of women, attacking the merchants and post houses, attempt to destroy of celebration. This person committed several crimes and should be meted with appropriate punishment, death by Che Lie(1).”

(1) tear off a person’s four limbs and head using five horse-drawn carts (as capital punishment) / to tear limb from limb.

Che Lie! Su Ren slightly shudder from shock. Even a blind could sense the murderous anger in Su Ling. Su Ren dare not say anything, he nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Su Ling did not say anything more and stride inside the room. Cheng Hang looked at Su Ling’s proud back. In his heart he could not help but sigh with sorrow for the tragedy of Ao Jie. Last night, just after they found Ye Mei, his hand’s and leg’s tendons was cut off by a raging Ao Tian. Now with General Su’s personal recommendation for Che Lie as a punishment to the Emperor. There was truly no escape, the emperor most likely would approve his petition. This Ao Jie attempt to kill to a woman and not just any woman but Qing Mo! He really was looking for an early death!

Watching them, Zhuo Qing frowned slightly. Su Ling is not someone to be trifled with, she had better not let him find out that she tricked him. She felt the hands of Lou Xi Yan patting lightly on her waist, with a warm voice whispered in her ear, “Are you tired?”

“Mmm.” Zhou Qing nodded. She really was tired, working for more than 10 hours to her was in fact nothing but the person under her blade this time was Yun. It was not the same and now she was physically and mentally exhausted.

Lou Xi Yan gently wipe the thin sweat on her forehead and sighed softly, “I’ll help you back to rest.”

Zhuo Qing fell into Lou Xi Yan’s bosom and the couple together walked out of the hall. Forget about him, as long as Yun is fine. With Xi Yan around, she had nothing to fear.

Su Ren left the hall. Cheng Hang also hurriedly went away. Inside the huge hall, leaving only five or six physicians looking at each other blankly. They have been waiting all night and they were very tired but no one dares to leave. This entire long night, they do not know what was happening. The only thing that they understood was that the young girl lying inside, if something were to happen to that girl, everyone here would be in trouble!

After leaving the group of people outside, Su Ling sat alone inside Gu Yun’s room. The room full of candles had long been burned out, leaving only a place full of wax marks.

On the bed, Gu Yun was lying down with plain white unlined upper garment. Its lapel gently riding on the chest. The thick white bandage wrapped around her chest, tied up tightly and neatly but made her seemed to be even thinner now. The long black hair that was always bundled up was now hanging loose on the side of her body, strands of hair from her forehead clings to her face because of her sweat. White clothing, white sheets, pale white skin, just a single white color gives him an inexplicable fear. Su Ling slowly stretched out his hand, gently rub his thumb on her face that was smaller than his palm. He needed her body temperature to stabilize his heart that had been chaotic for the entire night.

“I, what to do with you?” Looking at the girl who seemed to fade away anytime. He really don’t understand, how could there be such a strange person. When she was awake, her firm and determined eyes, profound and farsighted wisdom, possessed extraordinary talented skills all these makes people overlooked that she was only a fifteen-year-old girl. Now at this moment, she is so delicate and frail that could pass away at anytime. Such a girl, what should he do with her?

Using his big hands full of callus, he held Gu Yun’s small white hand in his palm. Su Ling figured out the answer in his heart. 

Time goes slowly when one is suffering, it made him felt like he had suffered for a lifetime. It’s only one day but it had passed excruciatingly slowly yet time seemed to fly by quickly, he was just staring at her for a moment and the sky had already changed into the night.

Su Ling sat on the wooden chair by the bed, all along he did not once released the small hand from his palm. Su Ling was restless when he felt the temperature from that hand getting higher and higher. The person on the bed gently moved, her breathing was getting more rapid. Her brows were knitted together unconsciously, her mouth was mumbling about something.

“What did you say?” Su Ling slightly inclined his body so his ear was near to her lips, attentively listening to her mumbling. He heard a fuzzy tearful voice, “pain……”

He finally could clearly hear what she said but the ‘pain’ was like a thorn severely pierced into his heart. With so many things happening in these two days, he thought that his heart was already painful enough to not feel anymore pain. However, at this moment when he heard the whisper that was almost dissipated into the air. It made him deeply understand what was the feeling of heartbreaking.

Su Ling thought she had woken up, he was just about to ask her where the pain was but found that Gu Yun’s eyes were tightly closed. The ‘pain’ that called out was due to her ultimate pain that made her cried out unconsciously. His hand lightly touched her forehead and as just he had suspected, very hot, her temperature was very high!

He thought of Zhuo Qing’s warning. Su Ling’s heart was throbbing, is this the complications she was talking about?

Gu Yun was like having a nightmare, mumbling ‘pain’ and her palm’s temperature was still rising, at this time a strange emotion was biting Su Ling’s mind. Su Ling’s eagle eye darkened and growled, “Someone come!”

There were two imperial physicians outside that stayed behind jolted in surprised. The two had not even reached the room when they already heard another low roar of Su Ling anxiously, “Imperial physician!” 


Once the two imperial physicians went in, they immediately saw the girl lying on the bed. Her face was flushed and her head was slightly shaking from left to right and her mouth was mumbling something. Su Ling pointed to the senior old imperial physician and urged, “Faster take a look at her.”

“Yes, yes!” The old imperial physician dare not delay and immediately took her pulse.

Looking towards the younger imperial physician standing at a side, Su Ling commanded, “Go and invite Qing Ling to come over.”

“Yes.” The young imperial physician turned and ran out.

The old imperial physician was taking her pulse for quite a while but did not say a word. He was only frowning then nodding for a moment. Su Ling impatiently asked, “How is she?”


The old imperial physician had not even reply when Gu Yun’s ‘pain’ came out again. It made Su Ling’s heart break again, his expression became even more darker. The old imperial physician was frightened and dare not answer. Su Ling’s patience had already long gone and in an icy voice growled, “What are you still gawking for?! Give her something to stop her pain. Did not you hear her say she is in pain?”

“Yes, Yes!” The old imperial physician’s thoughts was snapped back by his anger. He quickly replied but at this moment he did not know which method he should use to stop her pain. Seeing him stood there rigid not doing anything, Su Ling’s expression could already be described as ferocious horror.

The old imperial physician almost forgot to breath and finally decided to use acupuncture analgesic, this was the fastest way to relieve her pain. The old imperial physician quickly took out his silver needles.

At this point, Zhuo Qing’s clear voice sounded inside the room. “Wait!”

Seeing the person coming in, the old imperial physician was secretly relieved. He quickly retreated to the side, respectfully greeted, “Madam Lou.” He had just took her pulse a moment ago. Although her wounds were in a bad condition but her life was not in danger. However, General Su was so agitated that he could not help but be flustered. Now that Madam Lou was here, his heart could finally be put at ease. 

Zhuo Qing walked quickly to Gu Yun‘s side and touched her forehead. Her fever was very high! She examined the chest bandage and there was no sign that the wound had opened. She slightly bent down her body with her ear to Gu Yun’s chest to listen carefully. She did  not have a stethoscope so she could not hear very well but basically she could determine that the chest cavity did not have much fluid in it. She secretly let out sigh of relief and said to the servant behind her, “Go and bring a basin of water and a pot of strong liquor.”

“Yes.” The servants went out immediately to get it ready. Su Ling saw that she stopped her diagnosis treatment, he asked anxiously, “How is she?”

Zhuo Qing rubbed her temples and answered in a low voice, “Nothing, it was just a normal reaction after surgery.” Probably because yesterday she had done a whole night of surgery and her mental state was constantly in a high tension, she had a headache for an entire day. Fortunately the situation was better than what she expected. So far Gu Yun only had fever, no other signs of complications.

Su Ling put his on hand on Gu Yun’s forehead again and he could still feel the scorching fever. Zhuo Qing’s air of indifference thoroughly vexed Su Ling, “Her body is so hot and you call this normal?”

“She is just heating up for now, later use the water and the liquor to alternately wipe her forehead and four limbs, as long as the fever did not go up anymore she will be fine.” Zhou Qing understood the distressed mood of Su Ling and she kindly explained it to him but this not only failed to extinguish his anger but instead it ignited his worry and fear. It made him more out of control and roared, “That’s it? There is no other way to stop the pain?! You want to let her continue to be in pain like this?!”

“I am not deaf, you do not need to roar! “Zhou Qing’s head was already painful enough and he still roared at her! She also got irritated, “She’s like this now, can’t even drink medicine. The wound was in the heart, I can’t even apply any anesthetic on it. Acupuncture anesthesia is not applicable every time! You must also had injury before, who had not endured through it!” There was no injection of analgesics here, did she not love Gu Yun dearly and not feel bad too? Damn him!

Su Ling’s at a loss for words and he knew that he was vexatious. He knew that he was creating a scene but the sounds coming to his ear as she mumble her pain and knowing she was hurting and helpless, knowledge of it hurts him even more! He became irritable and anxious, as if to release his frustrations, Su Ling punched the stone wall. The loud bang resounded into the night, it was like hammering away all the worries for those who were concerned about Gu Yun’s life.

“Madam, water and liquor that you wanted.” The servant carrying water and wine was keen to observe that the atmosphere inside the room was not quite right. The two imperial physicians were sweating profusely with slight trembling standing at a corner and General Su was facing the wall.

“Put them here.” Zhuo Qing glanced at Su Ling and shook her head. She turned to the servant softly said, “Look for a servant girl to take care of her.” With Su Ling like this, she’s afraid before Gu Yun could escape the crisis, he would had already gone crazy!

“No need.” Before the servant could answer, Su Ling’s hoarse voice interrupted her. He turned around and the great waves from his eyes a moment ago was restrained. He walked and stood still next to the basin of water, picked up the cloth and dipped it in liquor. Wringing it dry, he gently wiped Gu Yun’s forehead. His movements were very clumsy but he was being extra careful.

Zhuo Qing opened her mouth but in the face of an affectionate man in this situation, she did not know what to say and in the end she could only let out a sigh.

The dawn was slowly breaking and morning sunshine was penetrating through the thin paper window vaguely projected on the wooden bed casting a light on Gu Yun’s emaciated figure.

The person on the bed was paled with dried lips, her two brows slightly wrinkled, long eyelashes gently shaking and she slowly opened her eyes.

Gu Yun’s consciousness was clear but her body seems to be out of her control. Trying for a long time, she finally opened her eyes and moderate sunshine glare casted on her. She was dazzled at the beginning but was able to adapt after a few moments. She could barely see the things in front of her.

Gu Yun slowly turn her stiffed neck because she wanted to look at her surroundings. Beside her head slightly glancing sideways, she saw a man sitting next to her. His hand was holding a piece of cloth and on his feet placed two basins. His face was full of stubble, his eyes were staring at her hand and he did not know what was on his mind. Although she only saw his side of view but Gu Yun had a feelings of familiarity and unfamiliarity. She slightly looked up because she wanted to see clearly who the person was but her slight movement affected her chest injury and the excruciating pain almost drove her to tears.

Her movement had finally attracted the attention of the person and he suddenly turned his head. Gu Yun immediately found herself sinking at the pair of deep-sea black eyes. This pair of eyes were too excessively familiar but Gu Yun could not believe, those eyes in front of her belonged to that high-spirited and sometimes domineering Su Ling. Looking at his eyes that was full of grief and anxiety made Gu Yun’s heart inexplicably quivered, he did not seem to believe that she had fully awaken. For a moment, he was just staring at her and did not say anything. Gu Yun hesitated then called, “Su Ling?” How many days had she been unconscious and did something happened in between? How did he ended up looking like this?

Gu Yun knitted her brows and attempted to open her mouth to speak but found that the raspy voice did not sound like hers. However, it was this rasping sound that hit him like a thunderbolt who had watched over her for three days and was physically and mentally exhausted.

She saw Su Ling’s dark tidal wave eyes was staring at her again for a period of time but he did not say anything. Gu Yun frowned and tried to speak but her throat was so dry that she could not make a sound for a long time. At this time he suddenly got up and hastily went out of the room. Gu Yun was puzzled until she heard the sound of a bang coming from outside, followed by the sound of footsteps and people talking.

Once she woke up, Gu Yun would not let herself lost her consciousness easily again. She tried to hear clearly what was going on outside the room which at this time the door opened again and in between the door came in the most familiar figure.

Zhuo Qing rushed to Gu Yun’s bed in a haste, “How are you feeling?”

“Very bad.” Pursed up her dry lips, casting Zhuo Qing a sidelong glance, Gu Yun was lightly panting and continued, “Pain! Your medical skill – sucks!” In the past she also did sustained injury and was hospitalized but this time it’s excruciatingly painful.

Seeing that she still had the strength to complain, Zhuo Qing’s heart was finally relieved. She scooped a spoon of water to Gu Yun’s lips with her eyes getting redder but her mouth was not willing to back down, “It’s good enough that you are alive! Also, I am a forensic examiner!”

Seeing that in the clear eyes it started to collect glittering water, Gu Yun’s lips slightly smiled with a soft voice, “Qing, thank you.”

Zhuo Qing’s hand which was feeding Gu Yun with water suddenly stiffened, with a stern face glared at her fiercely. This woman, the moment she woke up, she wanted made her cry! Scoop another spoonful of water to shut Gu Yun’s mouth, she thought of the scene that just happened outside. Zhuo Qing sighed and said gently, “Enough, talk less, rest more. Also, it’s not only me that you should thank. Su Ling, he nursed you for three days, three nights and it was not. a. step. away. from you!”

Not a step away! Gu Yun immediately recalled his ragged face from a moment ago. She was unclear what were these feelings she felt in her heart, warm and obscure, did not know it was happy or angry. Looked over Zhuo Qing’s back, she did not see the shadow of Su Ling. Gu Yun asked, “Where is he?”

Zhuo Qing could not control her lips not to hook up and smiled, “Fainted.”


Fainted? How could this be? Then the loud bang outside that she heard just now, was it …… because of her? Gu Yun felt her chest even more painful and muffled! She needed to sleep a while more, sleep a while more.

Just a little bit more! Beside the bed placed a bowl of water on the short table and a slender arm was struggling to get close to it. Her fingertips had touched the edge of the bowl, really just a little bit more!

Gu Yun dare not move her upper body randomly, she could only desperately stretched her hand little by little to get close to the target. These two days Qing found a young servant to take care of her. This girl was very attentive and very responsible. No matter at what time she woke up, this girl would definitely appeared in front of her. However, Gu Yun was really not used to have a person guarding her especially when sleeping. The thought of someone with unblinking eyes staring at her while she was trying to sleep, she could not sleep at all!

Gu Yun had finally got her out with difficulty, she did not want her to come back so quickly. Now she wanted to drink some water, she would rather do it herself. 

Got it! Gu Yun’s face celebrated with a big smile, although this small little movement made her panted heavily and her forehead also emerged a thin layer of sweats, she was still very happy. The bowl of water was somewhat full, Gu Yun carefully held the bowl and victory was in sight. The door was suddenly opened, Gu Yun turned to look and stared in a daze——

The man at the door with a lean body standing uprightly, dressed in a dark silver gown, cuffs and lapel was embroidered with gold thread in streaming cloud pattern. On his waist was a jaded belt, foot trodden with riding black boots, black hair with an inked jade crown. Low-key in a trace of luxury with an aura of a noble, it made people could not shift their eyes away from him. The daylight from the window shone from behind his back made his face hazy. Was he Su Ling? He seemed to be a lot thinner and normally if he was not dressed in battle gown, he would be dressed in black robe. This kind of him Gu Yun had really not seen it before. She stared at him stupefied and forgot what she initially intended to do.

As soon as Su Ling entered the room, he saw this daredevil woman had stuck out half of her body bravely trying with all of her might to get the bowl from the short table. Her face was pale and white without any color but her stubborn temper was still the same as always. Would opening her mouth kill her? His heart was annoyed, the nervous and that little bit of anticipation before he entered the room instantly vanished into thin air! Su Ling strode to the bed, picked up the porcelain bowl with one hand and with another hand held her shoulders to let her sit up.

Strong in strength and gloomy dark face just as in the past, Gu Yun sighed. Although the clothes changed but the person was still that overbearing person!

Su Ling was annoyed but his hands still consciously scoop a spoon of water to her lips. Gu Yun subconsciously shrunk back, how old was she already to be fed by other people, it was just too embarrassing. Especially the one feeding her was him! Gu Yun lightly cough and said, “I do it myself.”

Su Ling simply ignored her and continued to place the spoon by her lips. He had this gesture that looked like worst comes to worst, if she still doesn’t want to drink, he would just held it like this and wait. Let’s see who could wait longer. Gu Yun pursed her lips, a wise woman knows better than to fight when the odds are against her(idiom). For the time being she could not win in a fight against him!

After he silently fed her a few spoonfuls of water, Gu Yun shook her head. Su Ling put down the bowl and suddenly sat down on the bedside, the bed sank a little because of the sudden weight. The bed was narrow, he was sitting on the side almost touching her thighs. What was even more strange was that he sat there not saying anything and that pair of unreadable eyes was deeply gazing at her.

She thought he wanted to say something, so she waited for quite a while but he just straightly looked at her. Gu Yun frown slightly and said, “Isn’t today the day of celebration, why are you still here?”

Su Ling’s deep black eyes slightly squint, low voice dimly asked, “Are you chasing me away?”

Err — Gu Yun was speechless, pretending to be relaxed she casually replied, “Thank you for looking after me these days. I’m already fine, you go get busy with your own things.” She heard that he took care of her for three days, although in her opinion Su Ling did not need to do so, but this person did, she still needed to express her gratitude.

With her relaxed tone and magnanimous expression full of gratitude but it only had grateful. She really did not have the least bit of feelings for him?

Those ink black eyes was locked on her. Gu Yun suddenly felt a little suffocated. After she woke up, Su Ling had become very different. Before he would also often stare at her and she had been able to calmly looked back with confidence but inexplicably at this moment she dare not look straight into these pair of eyes. She was afraid to be accidentally engulfed by the storm brewing inside, slightly turned her head, Gu Yun hastily said, “Su Ling, I’m not used to you being like that. Is it that you had something you wanted to say to me?”

She just spoke finished but Gu Yun immediately regretted it. What question was this, what did she hoped to hear from him?

“I indeed had something to say.” His low voice sounded beside her ears. Gu Yun was startled and turned her head, not expecting Su Ling’s face was actually very close. When she turned, her lips just landed on his ears unintentionally.

The light breath sprayed behind his ear, the warm soft lips pasting close to his ears, her exclusive pure smell blew. His body was rigid as if it were hit at selected acupuncture points, he could not move, all his senses seemed to have become exceptionally keen at this moment. Su Ling felt all his blood suddenly rushed to his head.

Gu Yun also did not expect such a situation so after a momentary blank, she quickly retreated back. Sudden big movement affected her chest wound thus she grimaced in pain, what rotten luck was it today!

The voice of one in pain finally awakened the trance like Su Ling. Watching her holding one hand on the chest with a painful expression, Su Ling was worried and anxiously asked, “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

Gu Yun shook her head and closed her eyes in embarrassment. What was it with today, everything was not right!

Is she being shy? Su Ling’s lips pleasantly hooked up a beautiful nice-looking curve, slightly deep voice with pampering tone said, “These two days I will be very busy, doesn’t have time to come and see you. Three days later when your body is a little better, I will come and fetch you back to the General Manor.”

He had fallen for her, everyone could see it clearly but it seemed that she was still unable to understand the situation. It does not matter, he will wait for that heart of hers to grow stronger a little more and then he will let her know what he had wanted to say to her!

“Oh.” Gu Yun replied in depression. Su Ling did not make things difficult for her. He pulled the half-opened quilt to cover her and turned to leave the room.

Gu Yun opened her eyes and stared blankly at the tall back that vanished before her. Her brain had always been astute, now her smart brain started to become stupid again, did she just kissed him?!

No way! How could it be so coincidence.

Accident, everything was just an accident.

Two days had passed, Su Ling really did not appear. The insensitive her had gradually forgotten about that embarrassing accident. Lying down for too long, Gu Yun had been restless. Although her chest still had waves of pain but it did not affect her slow movements. Now the pain was around her waist, if she still continued lying down, it would surely made her whole body uncomfortable!

One hand pressed gently on her chest and another pressed on the bed, Gu Yun slowly sat up straight. She put on her shoes, prepared to stand up and walk a bit slowly when a bleak female voice angrily scolded, “If you do not want to live properly you also had to wait until you returned to the General Manor before tormenting yourself. I do not want Su Ling to roar at me again!”

Gu Yun raised her head and looked up, it was Zhuo Qing.

“I am already much better and if I still don’t move, I’m going to rot!”

Zhuo Qing was rolling eyeballs at her, Gu Yun was still persisted on going its own way to the next action with her feet on the ground and she slowly got up.

Zhuo Qing was scared half to death and quickly approached her. Holding down her shoulders, she was forced to sit back down on the bed, “I know you are an unbeatable cockroach(2) but I’m not. Lie down obediently for me, you don’t cherish yourself but someone is very nervous about it!

(2) You could never finish killing the cockroaches, they are forever alive somewhere around you, never dies thus the meaning invincible or indestructible

“Qing— “Gu Yun wailed.

Zhuo Qing was pressing Gu Yun’s shoulders forcing her back to bed. She pulled a pillow so she could lean comfortably with low-teasing smile, “Why, feeling shy?”

Shy your head! She glared at Zhuo Qing’s smiling face which made her felt like thrashing, Gu Yun lowly scolds, “You don’t mention him will die is it?” These few days she was almost going crazy. Qing kept making fun of her from time to time and those who came to see her, they all must have to mention about Su Ling. Even scarier thing was even the servant girl who had been taking care of her also says that Su Ling was how good to her and was head-over-heels for her! They had said so much, the next time she saw Su Ling how embarrassing and awkward it is for her! A group of fellows motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos(idiom)!

“He? Who is it?” Zhuo Qing feigned ignorance by asking the rhetorical question.

“Humph! Isn’t it too late to play the fool?!”

Gu Yun’s anger made her pale face got a little blush which made her looked a little healthier. Zhuo Qing sat down beside her and said solemnly, “Yun, I want to talk.”

Gu Yun slightly raised her eyes, “You say.” Qing being so serious, there must be some important matter.

“In the future, can you not use this kind of kill the enemy thousand, self-wound eight hundred arrest plan. Although, Ao Jie was arrested and Ye Mei was saved, the truth were finally revealed. However, this time you were also a visitor to the gates of hell. Even if you did not think for yourself, you should also think for me, for Su Ling and for Ao Tian. If you had died, Ao Tian will not want to live, Su Ling reckon will make himself go insane and at the same time all the people will not be better off! And I ……” Zhuo Qing did not go on. Every time when she was recalled of her dying look, her hand will tremble and her heart will shiver. Although she understood Yun but this kind of thing one time is sufficed!

Holding Zhuo Qing’s hand in her palm, Gu Yun sighed with a soft voice, “Sorry, am I just ……” She wished to explain but felt that there was nothing to say. At that time she only thought about how she would unlock the case, declare Ao Tian’s innocence and bring the real killer to justice. She really did overlooked their feelings. However, if she were to choose it again, will she change her mind? She did not know.

Zhou Qing held back the hand of Gu Yun and lowly sighed with smile, “I know you have your own beliefs and norms act but in the future also give a little consideration to the feelings of those who love you, okay?”

Nodding slowly, Gu Yun replied, “I know already.”

Seeing Gu Yun perceived what she had said, Zhuo Qing did not say anymore. Zhuo Qing smiled, “This time you really had made Ao Tian and Su Ling miserable.” Especially Ao Tian, she did not know if Gu Yun was trying to help him or hurt him!

Gu Yun felt something odd, somehow reminded of Ao Tian. She thought that she haven’t seen him for so many days, thinking that something happened to him, she anxiously asked, “What happened to Ao Tian, where’s he?”

“After you got injured, the following day he came to see you and left after knowing you are okay, heard that Ye Mei had been poisoned by Ao Jie. Ao Tian brought her to go find their master for detoxification.”

“Oh.” Secretly relieved, all is well then. Ao Jie is really treacherous, he still gave Ye Mei poison after all!

“As for Su Ling, I don’t have to mention, you yourself had seen it.” Yun was really a rare exotic flower. When it comes to police operation she does a really wonderful work, accurate in case analysis, IQ was very high but when it’s involved in emotional matters … she is a wood(blockhead)!

Gu Yun’s expression stiffen, Qing mentioned him all day. She understood her thoughts but hesitated for a moment then Gu Yun softly said, “Qing! Me and him are impossible.”

“Why?” Zhuo Qing don’t understand. “You really don’t know a good one when it comes. Su Ling’s temperament sometimes really put one on the edge but his heart towards you, you really cannot feel it?” From what she see, Su Ling is not good in expressing his emotion. He also doesn’t fall in love easily but once he is in, he is absolutely passionate and sincere. What was Yun not satisfied with? Or she was that slow-witted to still did not understand the mind of Su Ling? 

Zhuo Qing looked at her like looking at an idiot. Gu Yun was speechless, “Do not look at me like that, I know it now!”

She know it now and that was to say she did not know it before! Forget it, she also did not expect Gu Yun to be acute in this regard! Zhuo Qing asked out of curiosity, “He is not good or you do not like him?”

Folded her hand, Gu Yun frowned and whispered back, “Qing, you know, I had never gave up looking for the Eight Diagrams. I want to go back.” Here the monarch was supreme, the male was superior respected, the legal system lagged behind and all these did not sit well with her at all.

Zhuo Qing was silent for a moment and asked, “What I am asking now is do you like or don’t like him?”

Gu Yun was at a loss for words. Do I liked Su Ling? After a long while, she replied with three words, “I don’t know.”

She don’t know? Zhuo Qing gets angry and said fiercely, “I am going to die from an excess of anger! You need to make yourself clear first, do you like or don’t like him before you say things of possible or impossible!”

She got scolded for no reason. Gu Yun also got angry, “Since I have decided to go back, what is the point of asking this question?”

Zhuo Qing took a deep breath and then another deep breath again.  Finally pressed down the idea of strangling her, she explained slowly, “If you do not like him then you can directly exclude him from your plan and considerations; if you like him then you must take into account of this factors. You are not afraid if you go back with great difficulty but then you discovered your heart was left with him, when that time comes it will be too late for any regrets! Understand?”

Gu Yun looked grave and did not reply her. Zhuo Qing knew that she was at a loss again, she doesn’t know to cry or to laugh but grabbed her by the shoulder. Zhuo Qing sighed, “Can you put a little bit of your brain capacity and ponder more in this kind of thing?” Zhuo Qing was speechless, she had to give up hope. Su Ling wants to impress or move this stone(means Gu Yun), it was a vast road ahead! 

The shoulder that was pinched hurts a bit, Gu Yun pried open Zhuo Qing’s fingers and scolded, “Please, I had just came back from the gates of hell. I just woke up and suddenly found the world had changed, at least gotta let me adapt to it!”

Casting a sidelong glance at her, Zhuo Qing was really not optimistic about her, could only pray for Su Ling’s heart to be firm enough!

“Madam, General Su came.” Servant from outside announced. Zhuo Qing got up and said with smile, “He’s here, now you can figure it out yourself.”

Gu Yun called in a low voice, “Hey—” She just left like that, really had no sense of obligation at all!

Zhuo Qing waved her hand with her back facing her, she did not even turned to look and pulled open the door. Su Ling was already standing in front of the door.

* * * *

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