A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 51 Lord Mo’s Background is Impressive! (Part 2)

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

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Volume II Chapter 51 Lord Mo’s Background is Impressive! (Part 2)

Su Su frowned and thought for awhile, suddenly she breathed in sharply, stumble as she stood up, almost dropping that half eaten drumstick in her hands, “Is it, is it that Mohist Clan?!”

The surname ‘Mo’ was not rare in the world, Mo families were too many to count, but, called ‘Hua Xu Zhi Mo’, there was only one. She remember hearing her clan grandfather mentioning this Mo family when she was young, his face would always be in awe.

Hua Xu Shi clan was an ancient clan, after an era of change, it divided into several branches, of which, the ‘Mo’ clan was considered the most powerful, they were adept at divination, able to unite its powerful military forces, thus in the end, only the ‘Mo’ branch of the Hua Xu Shi clan remained. One thousand years prior, the Mo family and the Su family had their own origins, but the Su family’s perspective was different, the Mo family’s attitude was, regardless of good weather or endless natural disasters, year after year, in the eyes of the Mo family, these were nature’s predestined cycle, hence, despite their unbelievable ability to alter fate, they rarely intervene with the affairs of the world, and that was also why after one thousand years, the Su clan prospered more and more, no one would not know them among the six countries, however, this ancient Mo family was only known by a few people. But that was only for ordinary folks, for families that pass down their legacies, none dares to forget this mysterious yet powerful Mo family, thus people were fearful of the Mo family’s mysterious strength.

Su Su slowly sat down, remembering bits and pieces of memories from her childhood, her understanding of the Mo family was only based on existence legends, Su Su quietly mumbled, “Clan elder grandpa had said before, in the past the Mo family would occasionally appear in front of the common people, however, since a hundred years before, they suddenly completely vanished from the eyes of the world, the world has great difficulty looking for traces of the Mo family then why did the Lord of the Mo family suddenly appear here?” A thought suddenly popped up in her mind, Su Su cried out, “Because of that piece of broken stone?”

Ao Tian wanted to laugh, in this world, it was likely that only this rascal would call the Ling Shi everyone was fighting to obtain, a piece of broken stone.

Ao Tian had an unperturbed expression on his face, Su Su shifted her eyes and moved her stool towards Ao Tian, she giggled mischievously, “Uncle Ao, you happen to know more secrets right? If you tell me, no big deal, I will gift you two more roasted chicken tomorrow!” Ao Tian glanced at her, Su Su held up a finger a second time and said, “I will add one fish!”

Seeing that Ao Tian seems to be not responsing, Su Su frowned and felt wronged, she said, “I cannot give more than that, I have never even given my father this many to eat.”

Ao Tian sighed, this rascal was always unsurprisingly thinking about food. Ao Tian’s gaze suddenly swept across the tightly shut door, eyes flashed for a moment, he smirked slightly, Ao Tian replied, “Since ancient times, the Mo family worship a piece of Ling Shi, according to legends, the Mo family’s mysterious power originated from that piece of Ling Shi, with the Ling Shi, one would have the ability to alter fate.”

“Nonsense.” Su Su does not believe these so-called legends at all, the Su family also have a Bagua similar to the purple Bagua in the Ling Shi, other than sitting in the cave of worship, it does not serve any function at all.

Realizing that AoTian had stopped speaking, Su Su quickly smiled brightly and said, “I would not interrupt you anymore, Uncle Ao, please do continue talking.”

And only she dares to interrupt him when he was speaking, Ao Tian sighed softly and continued speaking, “More than a hundred years ago, the Mo family had borne a child, that person had a strange pair of blue eyes and seemingly possessed an inhuman level of power. A few of the Mo family’s clan elders was very fond of him and went extra miles to foster his talents, who knew that that person actually stole the Mo family’s Ling Shi and escaped, he disappeared without a trace after that, chaos erupted in the Mo family, that was also the reason they shunned the world, therefore, forty years ago when another member of the Mo family was born with blue eyes, a tragic fate could be foreseen for him.”

“Blue eyes? Surname Mo?” Su Su clutched Ao Tian’s sleeves, anxiously asked, “Is it the Uncle Mo Bai of Uncle Lou’s home?”


Uncle Mo’s pair of blue eyes was really beautiful, she loved staring at those eyes when she was a child, after realising that this issue was related to Uncle Mo, Su Su became slightly anxious, “Uncle Ao continue speaking, continue speaking.”

“The Mo family had three children in the generation that year, Mo Yuan’s father Mo Zhe, Mo Bai, and the Mo family’s youngest daughter, Mo Sang. Mo Bai, because of his blue eyes, lived very miserably in the Mo family, later on he escaped from the Mo family, if Lou Xi Yan had not taken him in, he would either have died outside or be forcefully taken back, at that time the Mo family’s daughter Mo Sang had a deep bond with her second brother Mo Bai, she could not bear the indifferent attitude and aloofness of the Mo family, after Mo Bai left, she too escaped, although Mo Sang is physically weak thus unable to do martial arts but her ability to utilise the art of poison is extremely superior, then she was viewed fondly by my master the Ghost doctor, unfortunately, people of the Mo family all tend to be aloof, Mo Sang did not want to become my master’s disciple, due to master’s regrets of losing the chance to make Mo Sang his disciple, he decided to accept Qing Feng as his disciple later on. After many years had past since Mo Sang escaped, she finally lived permanently on an island, that island is called the Wolf Island. As for the details, it would require a person from the Mo family to clarify.”

“So that was what happened.” If this island had previously belonged to Mo Sang, then it was not surprising that Mo Yuan said this island belonged to the Mo family.

“Wait!” Su Su stared at Uncle Ao with a strange expression and asked, “Then this would mean, Ah Nuan……is Mo Yuan’s……Biao Mei (younger maternal female cousin)?!”

In her mind, an image of Sang Nuan blushing and smiling as she calls “Biao Ge” (older maternal male cousin), Mo Yuan’s pair of dark eyes staring at Sang Nuan, gently calls “Biao Mei”, Su Su suddenly felt goosebumps all over her body.

“Yes or no, you can ask him yourself.” Finished speaking, Ao Tian rose his hand, a gust of wind rushed toward the wooden door, the door was immediately pushed open, a dark shadow figure was silently standing at the door.

“Mo Yuan?! When did you come……” Under the dim light of the night, that person stood in the shadows, his expression unable to be seen clearly however, that calm appearance did not seems to have the embarrassment of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.

“When you were discussing about how many roasted chicken and fishes.”

That cold voice of his could be clearly heard by Su Su, it sounds mocking no matter what, well, it was true that they were being presumptuous about other people’s affairs in the first place, Su Su feeling slightly guilty, asked, “Why did you not say anything?”

Mo Yuan laughed for once, “You mean, that if I said something, you will stop asking? Or will Lord Ao stop speaking?”

Su Su was unable to refute and decided to shut up.

Unfortunately someone was consistently arrogrant, Ao Tian’s low and deep voice replied unhurriedly. “No.”

Mo Yuan stood alone outside the door, the night breeze blowing his black colored cloak, causing him to appear to sway slightly, Su Su felt that she tightly locked in someone’s gaze, this gaze seems different from the usual coldness, it causes her to have difficulty moving, Su Su attempts to break the weird atmosphere by chuckling and saying, “Do you want to eat roasted chicken?”

Mo Yuan actually turned his gaze towards the roasted chicken on the table, only to see a left chicken bones and meat residues remaining. Su Su twitched her lips, to be courteous to people like Mo Yuan would only invite trouble. Hence Su Su decided to obediently hide beside Uncle Ao and clean up the left over bones, anyway it was Uncle Ao who revealed his family’s secrets, not her.

Su Su had yet to be pleased with herself internally when Mo Yuan’s colder than usual voice rang out, “You come out, I have something to say to you.”

Su Su’s hand that was wrapping the banana leaves stopped abruptly, he wants to settle scores so soon?! Su Su had a pained expression, Ao Tian felt like laughing as he patted her head and said, “Go, he cannot eat you up anyway, also, remember two roasted chicken and one grilled fish tomorrow.”

Su Su nose sniffed, secretly decided that tomorrow other eating chicken drumsticks, she would also eat the chicken wings! But that was tomorrow’s matter, thus she could only resign to her fate and follow out.

Ao Tian stared at the two silhouettes walking further and further away, looking thoughtful, he had met Mo Yuan twice previously, then he was not like now, emotionless as though he would vanish anytime, determine and resolute, totally different in front of Su Su, was this a good or a bad thing? Thinking of the Mo family standing behind Mo Yuan, Ao Tian’s brows wrinkled more tightly.

Following Mo Yuan a few steps behind, Su Su could not withstand her curiosity and asked, “Is Ah Nuan really your Biao Mei?”

Mo Yuan ignored her, not denying would means that he admits, Su Su decides to stop harping on this question and continued to ask, “Since Ah Nuan is your cousin and your family also knows that the Ling Shi is on this island, why did you people come now and not earlier?”

Mo Yuan finally stopped walking and stood opposite her, as Su Su stared at him with a pair of clear bright eyes, Mo Yuan did not give a perfunctory response, “Two months ago, the Mo family received a letter from the Wolf Island, it was a handwritten letter by my paternal aunt. She had already passed away sixteen years ago, she did not forgive the Mo family for their heartlessness even at her deathbed, she wrote the letter prior to her death just to give her children a leeway in the event that their lives are in danger, this was because she knew how much the Ling Shi means for the Mo family, as long as there is information about the whereabouts of the Ling Shi, the Mo family can accept any conditions.”

Su Su felt a sense of dejection in her heart, when she heard the clan elder mentioning “Hua Xu Zhi Mo” during her childhood, she had the impression that they were legendary and mysterious, she had once idolized them in her heart, however, after listening to Uncle Ao’s and Mo Yuan’s words, recalling the time when she first saw Mo Yuan, his pair of eyes that was dead-like, suddenly she started to have a sense of loathing towards the Mo family. Seemingly to have recall something, Su Su asked, “What you said this afternoon, wanting me to return alongside you to the Mo estate, is it because of the Ling Shi?”

Mo Yuan has long accustomed to Su Su’s astuteness, and did not bother to beat around the bushes, “In the Mo family’s ancient records, the shape of the holy relic was never mentioned, in the past all of us always thought that the ancient relic is that piece of Ling Shi, never have we thought that inside the Ling Shi hid a secret object. That piece of Ling Shi remained the same for a thousand years yet it shattered in your hands, thus there must be a reason for it, hence, I want to bring you to the Mo family once.” The Mo family’s ancient relic has an unique aura. When they retrieved the stone from the cave previously, he could not sense any unique aura, then he thought that that thing was not the Ling Shi, until the stone was shattered by Su Su, rich aura overflowed, only then he was sure that the purple Bagua was the ancient relic.

She did not care about the reason, she was more concerned of the ending! A fox-like smirk started to appear, Su Su replied, “Want me to go, not that I can’t, but I have conditions.”

Mo Yuan directed his gaze to her and Su Su did not bother to keep him in suspense, she frankly said, “I want you to fully support me, after winning Tan Tai Ye Lie, I will go with you to the Mo estate.”

“Is this considered blackmailing?” Mo Yuan’s eyes was already dark in color, under the dim light of the night, it was even more black, making it even harder to read.

Su Su laughed as though as she was not afraid of death, “Obviously.” He was the one asking for help now, their relationship was not exactly considered friendship, why would she be courteous instead of using coercion!

Su Su’s rogue-like expression as though this was to be expected, she looked at Mo Yuan who was speechless at the moment, Su Su beamed as she waited for his compromise, Mo Yuan looked away and replied coldly, “Don’t you already have a plan, as well as Ao Master’s assistance, for what do you still need my help.”

Su Su shook her head, her teasing expression faded, she spoke with a low voice, “Tan Tai Ye Lie is not so simple.” If he was so easy to deal with , how could he have became a general at such a young age, and to bear this four words title “Tian Zong Qi Cai” (heaven sent rare talent). To deal with this kind of people, she alone was insufficient, she previously had only hoped that Mo Yuan would casually help slightly, now that she knows his true identity, she definitely would not give up the chance of having such a powerful assistance. A Lord of Hua Xu Zhi Mo could not possibly only know how to set these few spells, she did not forget the scarlet falcon and the ones who were communicating with Mo Yuan were not far away.

When she’s thinking, her eyes would solely stare at a point, the edge of her lips slightly curved upwards, Mo Yuan realised that when she’s not smiling, she has an ability that prevents people from turning their gaze away from her, perhaps Mo Yuan’s gaze was too obvious, Su Su suddenly looked up and stared at him, abruptly falling into the gaze of a pair of amber colored eyes, Mo Yuan felt that his chest was slightly uncomfortable, there was a strange sensation. (T/N: boy you are falling in love)

Hence, Su Su only saw Mo Yuan staring at her for a while, frowned and then……turned his body and walked away?

Su Su stared at the silhouette walking further and further away, stunned for a moment, when she recovered from her daze, Su Su called out, “Hey? Can you reply with something like you agree or disagree?”

The figure in front appears to not have heard her, instead walked even more quickly. Su Su clenched her teeth and chased. When Mo Yuan opened the door, Su Su was ready to enter as well, Mo Yuan suddenly turned around and said with a cold voice, “Why are you entering as well?”

“I……” Su Su coughed softly and replied, “I returned to pack some stuff, can’t I?”

“Aren’t you living with Ah Nuan? Why would your stuff be here?” (T/N I smell vinegar…:P)

The next moment the door slammed in front of Su Su’s face with a ‘bang’ sound, fortunately she did not follow closely, else her nose would have been ruined, Su Su subconsciously touched her own nose, what was wrong with this person, slamming the door without a reason? Or was it because he was angry? But what was he angry for? Angry because she blackmailed him? Carefully thinking about what Mo Yuan had just said, Su Su’s eyes opened wide……so, he was angry that she said she lives with Ah Nuan?

Su Su clasped her forehead, feeling extremely exasperated, no one told her that the young master of the mysterious, dignified and seemingly otherworldly Mo family mentioned by clan elder, was such a petty person?!

End of the Chapter

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirates Daughter Volume II Chapter 50 Lord Mo’s Background is Impressive! (Part 1)


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 50 Lord Mo’s Background Is Impressive (Part 1)

Su Su’s mouth raised to a lazy smile, her hands playing with the purple copper-scaled fan, she replied, “I am only afraid that he will not dare come. You said that Liao Yue Navy is invincible, but that is only when they are in the sea, once they arrive on the shores they will face a hero’s demise.”

“You want to lead them on to the shore?” Sang Nuan smiled gently, shook her head and said, “Tan Tai Ye Lie would not be so easily fooled.” Based on her few nightly-interactions with Ye Lie, he was definitely someone who was ruthless in action and an extremely paranoid person. Furthermore, she was completely unable to read this person, like how last night he actually soundlessly left Wolf Island, it was then that she realized he was ready to take action.

Su Su gently shook her index finger, the copper-scaled fan gently hitting her palm, beat by beat, in a rhythmic pattern, along with her eloquent voice, everyone unconsciously focused, “If he do not enter, we will take advantage of the fog and go out to fight! We will just fight them head on. As they fear that the people on the island will try to escape, Liao Yue definitely will use a dozen vessels to surround the island, the distance between each vessel would definitely not be small, as long as they spot any boat fleeing from the island or approaching to wage a battle, they will release signal flares and quickly assemble, based on the speed of Liao Yue’s Navy forces, they only need less than the time of one stick of incense to be ready for battle. We just need to seize this time of one stick of incense and take note of any vessel preparing to attack, if they dare to chase in here that would naturally be much better, but even if they do not dare to, it is alright. We can attack them one by one, the fog would function as the best layer of protection even if the Liao Yue people already cracked the secret behind the fog, this is because no one should be more familiar with how to navigate through the fog than you people who do so perennially, right?”

Yi Dang Jia’s and Xiang Er Ye’s eyes met briefly, both of them secretly placed this young lady slightly higher in their hearts, they had originally thought that she was a typical Miss*, and only her status was slightly higher, they did not expect that she really have some ability.

*Translator’s note: Miss in this case refers to 千金小姐, this phrase is used to describe daughters who are from wealthy/aristocrat families thus, they would generally only learn subjects like poetry, painting and how to play musical instruments and not learn things like the art of war and how to be a war strategist (in this case).

Yi Dang Jia winked at Xiang Er Ye, Xiang Er Ye understood and pretended to stroke his goatee, considered for a moment and continued to speak, “What Lady Su has said seems feasible, but what if they really chase on land, they comprise of a few thousand people after all. We have less than three hundred people on our island and those fishermen who we captured would not miss this opportunity to escape, even if they do not cause trouble for us when time comes, they certainly would not help us, even with the additional dozens of people from Ju Ling (or Spirit) Island, at most we will have only four hundred people, how can we compete with thousands of elite soldiers?”

The exchange of eye contact naturally did not escape Su Su’s eyes, but she did not care and proceed to explain, “They will lose their advantage when they reach the shores, Uncle Ao’s people are all professionals who can kill ten at a time, furthermore……” Su Su paused for a moment, eyes swept over Mo Yuan and Sang Nuan, smiled and said, “We still have Lord Mo and Ah Nuan.” The matrix do not necessarily need to be cast at sea, it can be cast in the jungle, its lethality would definitely not be small, and there is Ah Nuan’s poison which was actually enabled such a weak female like Qin Qian to defeat Wu Mu, so would those soldiers be able to avoid it? The specifics of the plan cannot be revealed to them now.

Yi Dang Jia paid attention to Ao Tian’s expression while listening to Su Su’s words, this young lady spoke fluently but it was of no use if Ao Tian refuse to cooperate, he would not allow his people’s lives to be made use of by a little girl. Too bad from the start to the end, Ao Tian’s cold face did not change, Yi Dang Jia naturally was unable to read it, he could only vaguely ask, “Lady Su is very scheming, but I am afraid that it is too difficult for the  Wolf Island people to accomplish successfully, what is Lord Ao’s opinion…..”

Ao Tian did not even glance at him, he just said in a sentence, “What Su Su wants to do, that shall be done.”

A sense of surprise flashed in Yi Dang Jia’s heart, this Ao Tian really spoiling her to this degree? In contrast, Mo Yuan became more calm/relaxed, even an ancient relic like the purple copper-scaled fan was gifted to her, how much does a few dozens of people and a few boats matter?

Regardless of what Ao Tian really thinks, obtaining this statement from Ao Tian was what was important anyway, Yi Dang Jia laughed boldly, “Well that’s good, Lord Ao’s trip to the island must be tiring, I will arrange accommodation for everyone, do rest well tonight, let’s continue our discussion tomorrow.”

Ao Tian nodded coolly, suggesting that he agreed to Yi Dang Jia’s words but when his eyes fell on Su Su’s dull colored clothings, Ao Tian’s face turned black again, based on Su Su’s personality, she certainly would not easily revealed her identity so in this pirate nest, wouldn’t she have suffered? Ao Tian looked at Su Su and asked, “Su Su, these days, where have you been living?”

“I live in……” Su Su suddenly had a lightening bolt moment, her mind suddenly became clear, looking at Ao Tian’s cool gaze, Su Su immediately replied, “I am living with Ah Nuan!” If Ao Tian Uncle finds out that she stayed with Mo Yuan……no, she absolutely cannot reveal that, fearing that Ao Tian would not believe her, Su Su clutched Sang Nuan’s shoulder and said, “Ah Nuan’s medical clinic is spacious and comfortable, if you do not believe, you can go there to take a look!”

“Is it?” Ao Tian’s cold gaze swept past Sang Nuan.

“En!” Su Su nodded firmly, at this point in time naturally no one exposed the truth in front of Ao Tian.

In front of Ao Tian’s cold aura, Su Su’s threat, Mo Yuan’s unreadable expression, and the three people’s stares, Sang Nuan’s lips slightly curved upward stiffly and was forced to nod……

The atmosphere on the Wolf’s island was becoming more and more harmonious, but beyond the fog, among the sea waves, in the cabin of a large warship, the atmosphere was not as good. In the large cabin, a large square table was situated after a screen, on the table was a sandbox, impressively depicting the Wolf Island’s layout, this was different from the previous sandbox layout depiction of the Wolf Island (T/N: Remember that they were discussing about battle strategies in Yi Dang Jia’s room?), this sandbox composition was very detailed, the positions of all log cabins, marking for every cave were all clearly shown.

A man stood in front of the sandbox, he was wearing a dark gown without any armor, one hand stopped at the log cabin nearest to the sea shore and gently taps the roof, a weak smile stretched across his countenance, one was unable to figure out whether he was really smiling, behind him, a general dressed in full body armor was half kneeling.

“Report, the people who broke through our line of military defense this afternoon were people from the Spirit Island. And, the army I sent this morning did not return.” The voice of the general was loud and clear, despite being in a half kneeling position, his straight posture showed his imposing manner.

Tan Tai Ye Lie chuckled, it seems that he did not look highly on the Spirit Island, “They came quite quickly.”

The general looked up a little, took a look at Tan Tai Ye Lie’s expression, conflicting internally whether to ask a question, he said, “General, she is only the Su family’s eldest daughter who is spoiled by them, why did General offend the people of the Spirit Island and Su family just for her, the main objective of this trip is to retrieve the Ling Shi (or halidom), what if a careless mistake is made because of this Lady Su, that would be difficult to explain when we return. Even if we are able to take away Lady Su this time, when the Su family’s people finds out, they would not let this go easily, why don’t…..”

“Are you questioning me?”

Tan Tai Ye Lie casually said, the general breathed in sharply and replied, “This general do not dare, this general will excuse himself.” Immediately after saying this, the general stood up and quickly left the cabin.

Out of the cabin, the general exhaled a mouthful of breath, standing at the side, his breathing became much lighter, what he had said just now was just what the eldest young master had repeatedly emphasized prior to setting out-they must place the objective of finding the Ling Shi as the top priority, therefore, he spoke more but he only dare to say that sentence, in the Tan Tai’s family, who was unaware of young master Ye Lie’s temper, anything that he wants, he must obtain it.

In the cabin, Tan Tai Ye Lie smiled, the general’s words did not affect his mood. To him, the more people desire something, the more it becomes interesting, if people had not heard about this Ling Shi, the world would not have looked for it so passionately, the Tan Tai family had also looked for it for nearly a hundred years, else he wouldn’t have came here, but he did not expect to encounter someone so intriguing on that island.

“Su Su……” Tan Tai Ye Lie whispered this name softly, he thought of the person in the cave battling the toads by herself nimbly, her deduction abilities that had led to Sang Nuan’s inability to refute her reasoning, demonstrated the Su family’s bravery and valor, Tan Tai Ye Lie smiled widely without restraint, but that smile did not possess Su Su’s cheerfulness, “Let me see what other abilities you have.”

As it was already autumn, the sky gradually darkened early, Su Su’s light and quick footsteps approached that big log cabin, just as she was close to it, Ao Tian’s deep voice can be heard from inside.

“Come in.”

Su Su gently pushed open the door and turned her head, although the decoration of this room was not very fanciful, it was very spacious, quite clean and neat, it was noticeable that Yi Dang Jia spent quite a bit of effort to accommodate to Uncle Ao’s preferences.

Ao Tian sat beside a round table in the middle of the room, holding a cup of tea in his hands, his expression cold as usual, but without an imposing aura, Su Su was naturally not afraid of him. Walking towards Ao Tian’s side, Su Su suddenly took out a piece of freshly roasted chicken, with its aroma overflowing, from behind her back, hoping to please him, she laughed and said, “Uncle Ao, you should be feeling hungry right, I will treat you to roasted chicken!”

Ao Tian looked down, only to see that the chicken was roasted till perfection, the skin crispy and the meat tender, there was even grease dripping from the skin, it was currently wrapped with banana leaves and held in front of Ao Tian, Ao Tian’s lip curved a few times and said, “You would not be so attentive if you have no other intentions, so, what do you want to request from me?”

Su Su smiled slightly, pushing the roasted chicken in front of Ao Tian and muttered, “How can you say that about me, this is something I specially and personally roasted to show filial piety to you.”

A look of comprehension dawned on Ao Tian, he nodded his head, deftly took the chicken and replied, “This means I had overthink, well then thanks Su Su.”

Seeing that Ao Tian started focusing on tearing apart the chicken, an expression of outmost concentration in regards to enjoying a delicious meal, Su Su looked at him plaintively, not saying a word, only after a few blinks of an eye, Ao Tian’s deep voice rang out again, “Just ask what you want to ask.”

Su Su grinned, she always know that Uncle Ao treat her the best, her butt sat on the chair beside Ao Tian, Su Su whispered, “Uncle Ao, I want to inquire about Mo Yuan from you.”

Instead of replying, he asked, “How much do you know?”

“He is secretive and mysterious, I did not manage to get much intel, he was already here when I reached the island, I heard that he was invited to resist Liao Yue, but I always feel that he is not very enthusiastic in helping, however, I know that the reason he came to this island is to look for something, and this ‘something’ was found!” Su Su brows wrinkled more as she explains, she just realized that she was only able to find out this much!

Ao Tian’s eyebrow arched upwards, he asked, “Ling Shi has been found?” the Mo family spent a hundred years finding this thing, Mo Yuan that rascal actually found it, he was really lucky.

Su Su widen her eyes and stared at Ao Tian, “You know about the Ling Shi that he is looking for?” It seems like what she guessed previously was correct, Uncle Ao and Mo Yuan certainly have some friendly relations, else how does he know it so clearly. Su Su was secretly happy, this was good, she will be able to know more of Mo Yuan’s secret!

Ao Tian passed the chicken drumstick he has torn off to Su Su, she took it without reserve and took a bite, she ambiguously replied, “It is found, but……” after wiping the oil that was almost dripping from her mouth, Su Su continued, “That thing was shattered by me……”

Ao Tian froze for a moment, this rascal shattered the Mo family’s Ling Shi?! Ao Tian rubbed his temple, experiencing a sense of dumbfoundedness, “Your ability to get into trouble increases as you age, it becomes more and more powerful.”

Looking at Ao Tian’s expression, reminded her of her own father, he would also comment that she gets into trouble at every turn, Su Su feels very wronged so she retorted unhappily, “What, if I did not shatter that ‘I don’t know what it is’ stone, the purple Bagua in it would never be revealed!”

“You say, the Ling Shi contain something inside? Or the Bagua?”

Ao Tian’s face became a bit more serious but Su Su did not take note, she replied, “Well, it is exactly the same as the one in my house, just that my family’s one is gold in color, the one in Mo Yuan’s hands is purple.” Su Su had just placed the remaining chicken bones on the banana leaves, Ao Tian already placed another drumstick in her hands, Su Su habitually took it and continued to eat, it has been like this since young, Uncle Ao would visit her every year, but most of the time he would not go into the General’s Manor, they would frequently sit like this in the woods and roast chicken to eat, drumsticks were hers, the rest belonged to Uncle Ao.

Biting the drumsticks and looking at Ao Tian’s thoughtful expression, Su Su suddenly remembered that she was here to ask about Mo Yuan’s identity? How did it turn into her speaking all the time, she patted Ao Tian’s hands to get his attention, Su Su said hastily, “Don’t be anxious to think about other things, you haven’t answered my question, what exactly is Mo Yuan’s background?”

“He, his background is impressive.” Su Su frowned, not really satisfied with the answer, she obviously knows Mo Yuan’s background was impressive, if he was a mere nobody, she would not be asking! Seeing that Su Su was again using her pair of big eye to stare at him barely blinking, Ao Tian finally decided to stop teasing her, saying in his deep voice, “Have you ever heard your elders at home mentioning ‘Hua Xu Zhi Mo’ before?”

Su Su frowned and thought for awhile, suddenly she breathed in sharply, stumbled as she stood up, almost dropping that half eaten drumstick in her hands, “Is it, is it that Mohist Clan?!”

Part 2 to be continued. ..

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