A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 107 You Can’t Do This

     Confined with pneumonia for a few days. Bored and decided to do this.

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

            Volume III Chapter 107.  You Can’t Do This

  Cold. She felt very cold at the moment when the stone table collapsed. A piece of rubble knocked on her head and she lost her consciousness momentarily.

    When Su Su  Su opened her eyes, she could only see darkness and it took some time to adapt to the darkness around her. Her back was lying on something very soft. It felt like she was lying on soft mud.  She was quite familiar with this sensation. She was following her mother on her daily training and exercises and completing various tasks on the mud were very common.  Even though she is very tired, lying in the mud gives her a soothing feeling but this time she is in pain. The mud is soft but it is extremely cold and the coldness is almost taking away all her consciousness.
  Fortunately, there’s another body lying with her, just like when she first fell on the ground, it was firmly protecting her. This time, however, something didn’t feel right. The man’s body is heavily pressed against her like the dead.

  Su Su whispered softly, “Mo Yuan?


   She heard that low voice softly in her ears. Su Su breathed a sigh of relief before asking, “How are you?”

“I am all right, it’s just…” Mo Yuan stopped for a moment as he felt Su Su scattered breathing before she heard Mo Yuan’s voice again, “It’s just that I can’t move right now.”

   She knew it. It was the same with her a moment ago. She thought it was because of the very cold mud on her back that she was stiffly frozen but after she felt her body condition, she cannot move because her body isn’t frozen, but it was because her body was simply paralyzed. All of her body joints were stiff. Su Su took a deep breath to calm herself and she was about to say that she can’t move too, “plop”, a gentle water drop dripped on her neck. Now, that drop flowed down her neck, it is warm and sticky, it is…blood.

“Plop” There is another gentle drip, now it fell on her cheek. Su Su could only take a deep breath. He was badly beaten by Tan Tai Feng and the extent of his injury was unclear. When he fell from the platform, he must be injured again. For sure, she knew if she asked this time, he would say he is “ just fine”. In the darkness, Su Su thought for a moment before whispering “Well since we can’t move, let’s just talk, can you talk?”

 After a moment’s silence, he answered in the darkness, “ Okay,” Mo Yuan’s voice was steady, as usual.

   Su Su asked in a very gentle and soft voice,  “Have you been living in Iceland all your life?”

  “Well, the trip to Huang Lang Island ( Wolf Island) was my first trip out of the island.”

    Su Su chuckled and said, “We’re you excited then and looked forward to it?”

    “No. It’s the same everywhere for me, there’s nothing to expect.”

    Even though she is having difficulty to talk, she wanted to ask if everything has been boring for him, but she heard him continue to say, “Only that, I just didn’t expect that I’d meet you.”

  Su Su’s heart turned a little anxious. Remembering the time that they first met, in the midst of the heavy rain, this person was indifferent but his eyes were remained focused. When they reached the cave, she remembered when he said, “I want her” … … Looking back now, he seemed to have changed and had a very different bearing and attitude compared from the past. Su Su smoothen her lips before whispering, “Have you known at first sight that I am a woman?”

“Not sure.”

 Not sure, meaning he knew. Now, Su Su’s mouth is twitching, “I thought  I disguised myself very well.”

  Since Mo Yuan said it very calmly it made Su Su’s annoyance dissipate gradually. With smile told the story softly, “ I actually sneaked out of our home and I ended up following a fishing boat and become a fisherman in the beginning. Who would have thought that we will be taken by the pirates? When I first noticed you, you did not look like a pirate. You have an aura of indifference and I thought it will be good, one day I will check your real status and identity, also what kind of mystery you are playing?”  

   “So, you actually took notice of me from the beginning? “ His voice was light but if you listen carefully, the owner of the voice seemed very happy.

   Su Su’s face was blushing and hastily answered, “You did not pay attention to me in the beginning!” After blurting out those words, she closed her eyes in embarrassment. How in the world can she say such thing…

  Su Su thought it is good that they were hidden in the darkness that Mo Yuan couldn’t see her embarrassment. Mo Yuan did not speak for a few moments and the warm sensation on her cheek started to cool down and she started to feel awkward, when she heard him whispered back, “Yes.”

  What is that? Su Su did not say anything and just played what he said again and again in her mind. She tried to recall what he said and her heart’s beating is somewhat chaotic and she just wanted to change the topic when Mo Yuan said, “ Just like what Sang Nuan said… you are like a light.”

 “A light?” What kind of metaphor is that?

   “Hmm, a light that illuminates brightly in the darkness.” In the still and dark space, the soft hoarse voice said the words full of sincerity.

  ” So, just because of this you liked me?” Somehow, Su Su did not feel happy for what she heard. She felt like there’s a lump inside her chest giving her an uncomfortable suffocating feeling. Is it because you came from such a cold and boring household like that of Mo? He has not seen such a girl like her, so he felt she’s something refreshing and different, like some novelty? But under heaven, there are numerous fiery and exciting girls. Su Su is now frowning and biting her lower lip, “Hmp, light, there is light everywhere, there is even the sun in the sky!”

  Su Su vents it out and spoke out her feeling with a temper? Her heart began to get annoyed again. But who would predict that this time, Mo Yuan actually laughed? He seemed very pleased. He was laughing which made the heart of the other person listening to be more annoyed.  If she could only move this moment, she would have kicked him.

“My … my heart is very small and I do not need the sun, there is… a light and this one is enough, or do you think… anyone can just be my… light…”

    The intermittent speech was spoken light like goose feather, gently drilling into her ears.,. Su Su did not have time to enjoy the strange feeling it caused her because Mo Yuan’s head suddenly collapsed between her necks.

    Su Su’s heart suddenly jumps not because of the good words she heard just now, but … she felt that her cheeks and neck was wet and that he… how much blood did he lose?

   Su Su felt that her whole body was nailed in place; she was unable to move that even if she tried hard, she couldn’t. Now her voice is shaking uncontrollably, “ Mo Yuan? What happened to you? Don’t sleep, please don’t sleep!

   After waiting for a while, the light feathery voice was never heard again. The blood that flowed on her cheeks is now cold. “ I, I still have something to say to you. Don’t sleep?”

  Her eyes now are warm and she started to sob,  she will keep talking and she just want to hear him answer her, it doesn’t matter if his answer is not pleasing to hear.  “You haven’t heard me, say it.  I like you, you … don’t you want to hear it… please wake up? Let me tell you, okay?

    “Mo Yuan … Mo…”

  Su Su also wanted to say more but the numbness she felt on her body is spreading to not just to her limbs, but now it is going to her face. Her tongue is also numb now. Besides the occasional sobs she could make, now she could no longer speak. The fear from her heart is now also spreading, that the sticky mud seemingly swallowing her deeper.

   She suddenly felt afraid; afraid for the person lying on top of her body. He turned cold also and she was afraid because she could no longer feel his breathing on her neck.

    She wanted to check what happened to Mo Yuan. Unfortunately, they were surrounded by darkness even though she wanted to help bandage his wound and take him away to safety, but she was stiff and she couldn’t move. What should she do now? What should she do!

    Then without warning tears start to pour out from her eyes. From childhood, she cried only a few times but today she did not know why she is crying. She couldn’t stop it, tears just keep on pouring. She never knew the feeling of helplessness before, she never tasted the feeling of despair and she never knew why but at this moment she is suffering.  

    The light sensation from her neck is also fading away. Su Su closed her eyes, feeling hopeless. Then there is the sudden tiny pain coming from the fingertips that woke her up from her desperation. Then she felt a soft hair tossing on the back of her hand and feeling of a wet nose … …

   It feels like…

   Su Su opened her eyes. She can still partially opened her mouth to shout, “ Baj… Bajiao!”

    Su Su discovered now to her surprise that she now can talk? Her tongue was numb moments ago and at this moment she can also move a little.

  “Bajiao …  What are you doing? Stop it! She can feel her little furry buddy desperately biting her fingers, back of her hand and wrist as if her whole hand was being bitten all over. This little fox’s teeth are not inferior to its claws. Su Su felt like her hand was being scrapped with Bajiao’s teeth. Has this little fox gone crazy?!

     Su Su reached out her hand quickly and grabbed the hairy being. Bajaio shook in fear when it felt the hand and finally stopped biting her.   

    She…… She can move?!

  Great hope has now risen in her heart she can move! Then she will be able to help Mo Yuan. Su Su quickly climbed up from under Mo Yuan ‘s body and gently turned him to lie on the ground.

  In the darkness, she explored his face to look for nose and mouth. Thank goodness, he is breathing!

 “Mo Yuan? Wake up?!”

  There is no response, he remained stiff and motionless.

   After Bajiao had bitten her, her numbness went away and she was able to move. Does this little fellow relieved her paralysis?! Su Su quickly lifts her hands and put Bajiao in Mo Yuan’s arm, “ Bajiao save him… save him, okay?”

   In the dark, Bajiao doesn’t care about anything. It was only attracted to master’s blood and this person’s arm, Bajiao doesn’t like it and will not bite.  Just now, no one knew how much effort it had to put on just to wake up the master!

     Bajiao just crouched under the hands of Mo Yuan, struggling.

   “I beg you, Bajiao to save him! Bajiao…” Su Su was begging the little fellow repeatedly, sobbing in between her words.

    A drop of tear suddenly hit the head of the little fox and it felt now that the hand of the owner is shaking. Bajiao thought its master was wronged and started biting the hand of Mo Yuan.  In the dark, Su Su couldn’t see what Bajiao was doing on the hands of Mo Yuan. She kept crying and her teardrops kept falling on Bajiao’s head and it’s making the little fellow angrier. It must be this person; he was certainly bullying its master!

    The man lying on the ground remained and there was no reaction at all. Su Su now let go of Bajiao and she was trying to grope Mo Yuan’s body to look for his injury. The hand on his forehead was sticky and wet. She doesn’t have any more gauze and her medicine was also consumed, how will she help Mo Yuan? “ Mo Yuan?”, now her voice is shivering, “ You don’t dare die. I only liked you. For the first time, I liked a person and I won’t like others ever. So, you can’t die … you can’t be like this..!”

    It is not that she had not seen death, her father had taken her to the Battle of Peace Frontier before and she had seen living people passing and dying. She watched life passed before her eyes, she would be angry, sad, but she had never been so afraid, fearful as she is now.  She is drowning in pain and despair, then she suddenly heard a sound, a voice pleasant as heaven…

    “I am to blame…”


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