A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 9 Miss Qu’s Obsession

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 9  Miss Qu’s Rigid Obsession

She suddenly heard Jin Yan Hen chuckling. Qu Ning  Shuang suspiciously looked up at him and caught him blinked at Lou Chen said with mouth grinning wide, ” If you will tumble down to fall Chen’er, it should not be without purpose and to never do it in vain.”

“A moment ago, you deliberately tripped me?!” Qu Ning Shuang finally knew at that moment that she could be murderer herself because this person does not know who he was fooling. Who cares if Jin Yan Hen or this other person involved works in the government? She, on the other hand, has also long hands.  However, standing in front of a slender body having the temperament of the coldness under her beautiful stature, Qu Ning Shuang inexplicably cannot fully let go of her tumultuous anger.

Instead with agitation waved her hand triumphantly and seriously looking like unaffected, “Forget about it, but what have you discovered?”

Jin Yan Hen was keeping an eye on Qu Ning Shuang ready to enjoy the fun of the incident. However, he was secretly disappointed because he made way for his own defeat and failed to use Lou Chen to “kill from a borrowed knife”.

Jin Yan Hen’s provocation to this little trick and tease, Lou Chen did not pay any consideration to join him.  When she glanced at Qu Ning Shuang, she decided instead to help her. She shared the rationale, “If he was not injured, he habitually uses his right hand.”

Qu Ning Shuang was very surprised! How did she know? She recalled carefully the moment of the incident. After she fell down, Feng Qian Feng got up immediately with an expression of vitality on his face and he does not look angry. His movement was agile and did not look like he was in pain. Nothing will indicate that his body was suffering from an injury. As for habitually using the right hand… ….Qu Ning Shuang remembered when he said that he must pour tea for them to drink, his right hand held the pot. When he crawled out from the ground that time, he was also supported with the right hand.

Qu Ning Shuang was very upset, these things, she also obviously saw and how come she did not think of it beforehand? Qu Ning Shuang sighed deeply because of disappointed and said, “So he is not really a murderer. “

Lou Chen slightly knits her brows.  Considering the time for Qu Ning Shuang to take such length of time to come to such a conclusion she was somewhat saddened and pitied her. A cold voice replied, “I have already mentioned from the beginning that there are two murderers. When questioned by Jin Yan Hen if Feng Qian Feng visited Wang’s residence before 7-9 pm, he said he did not go to Wang’s residence and he was very calm. But when he was questioned if the dead were really dead indeed when he visited the Wang’s residence, he said he did not touch a knife but at the same time, he was at the state of panic. His eyes were flashing indicating that he was lying. When you knocked him down that was when his mother helped him to speak. He came back to his senses after being briefly distracted by you. He was pondering in the end how he should answer.

“Right!” Qu Ning Shuang did not hear that in the cold voice of Lou Chen, it was buttered with light spunk. She continued adding her analysis, “The alibis that he said afterward are really impeccable.  I simply asked if the dead was really dead with the knife after he found her, he did not move after that and he gave a detailed description of his itinerary for the day. He stressed specifically that he was not able to go to Wang’s residence before Xu (7-9pm).

“Wait a minute! You said we are looking at two murderers, how did you know that the murderers were two people, who is the second murderer then?”

This time, Lou Chen did not answer her unlike before, instead, she simply turned away.

Once again she felt so ignored, Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s temper flared, staring at Lou Chen’s back and shouted, “Do not just walk away! Speak clearly!”

Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s looked like she would like to murder her. Lou Chen, on the other hand, did not even care to turn her head, ” A person said before that she wants to become the most outstanding bailiff and medical forensic in all Liao Yue has ever known. One must learn to ponder and analyze the issue. Why always depend on others by asking questions? This kind of person is not qualified to become a constable and not to mention a medical examiner.” Her chilly voice reverberates in the silent residential alley and each utterance was, by and large, pounding a person’s heart.

Qu Ning Shuang clenched her fists with eyes flushed red. Nobody dared to talk back to her from her infancy to maturity.  Everyone was telling her that she was smart and capable. Only this woman actually dared look down on her, hmmp. She does not need to ask anymore. She was able and can certainly think through!  

Qu Ning Shuang wiped her tears and ran quickly out of the road.

Jin Yan Hen on his toe point and lightly followed Lou Chen’s direction.  After about 2-3 miles of catching up with her towards Shenshan Mountain, he lost that black figure. If his direction was not wrong, then only one thing can explain it and he was frustrated was that fact, Lou Chen’s qing gong was better than him … …


The next day at  “Thousand Herbs” Hospital, time was between 9-11 am… …

This particular morning, it seems that there were more patients visiting the hospital than normal. At the entrance there, were many people coming and going, but there was a person that was especially noticeable.  

It was a woman. She was standing straight in front of the hospital. The woman had red eyes and dark circles under the eyes that looked scary. Her spirit, however, was full of excitement and those that see her, unconsciously stayed at a distance from her.

As Lou Chen arrived at the gate that time, she saw  Qu Ning Shuang in such a state.

Of course, Qu Ning Shuang also saw her and she did not wait for Lou Chen to come to her but went up to greet her, “I have something to say to you.”

“Let us hear it inside.” Lou Chen said softly. Qu Ning  Shuang suddenly stops the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She also noted that people around them to coming and going and it was not a conducive place to speak freely about the matter.

They walked in the door of Thousand Grass Hospital, Fang Ru Hui came over appeared like he had been waiting for a long time. “Miss Lou, you came.”

Lou Chen bowed slightly to greet him. Standing in her side was Qu Ning Shuang in which after seeing Fang Ru Hui, her whole body just suddenly felt stiff. She quickly moved a step back and stood behind Lou Chen and said in a low voice, ” Elder brother Hui. “.

Fang Ru Hui gawked for a moment and thoughtfully asked,  “Miss Qu you don’t look so good.” Not only that her facial expression was not quite good, something also seemed wrong.

Qu Ning Shuang lowered her head, laughing and said with a smile, “I am all right.”

Seeing that this girl cannot find her way out of her predicament and try to find a good excuse, Lou Chen finally spoke to her rescue.  “So, where are the patients?”

Qu Ning Shuang abnormally turned like this, Fang Ru Hui was not naturally good at staring at girls and taking notice about their looks and appearances, he, therefore, followed Lou Chen’s lead saying, ” Oh, now well, I will lead you to your room first.”

Fang Ru Hui led the two through the front yard separating the pharmacy and behind it was a small courtyard which will serve as a clinic. The building consists only of two rooms, Fang Ru Hui opened one of the rooms letting them in.

 “Is Miss Lou satisfied with this room?”

The room was not small. There was a small bed in the middle separated by the screen on both sides. Inside also was a wooden table, a few chairs, the table full of pen and paper, and silver needles for acupuncture was ready for use. The building was decorated with a gauze curtain and few pots of flowers were sitting on the windowsill. The ambiance of the place will make a person relaxed. Fang Ru Hui was indeed a careful and considerate person.

 The Lou Chen nodded slightly and replied, “This is very good.”  

Fang Ru Hui guessed that the two have something that they want to talk about. Tactfully excused himself,” I let you talk privately. I will leave first.”

Once Fang Ru Hui got out, Qu Ning Shuang cannot repress her excitement and hastily stand in front of Lou Chen, proudly and impatiently said, “Last night, I sat on the eaves where you were standing before and looked for a long time. I finally figured it out. The blood trail mark of the location is verrry long… A person injured in the chest if he wanted to want to climb that far, it will at least take a column of incense fragrance. The murderer had been injured and it is impossible to wait for the victim crawling only to finish the job. So, the murderer after stabbing the victim with the knife escaped towards the wall where the bloodstains were. After he left, he actually did not return. The victim was already stabbed with a knife and there must be another person who certainly used a different knife, so are the two stabbing marks and therefore two murderers. Feng Qian Feng has full of alibi for the time of the incidence that he was not present at the scene, what a fortunate coincidence. Certainly, the first murderer already reached an agreement with another murderer. After the first murderer stabbed with his knife, he quickly escaped and did not even dare to venture a look at the dying person for he himself was injured, obviously this person is not a habitual criminal.  Feng Qian Feng may I dare to say that he is the kind of person who plotted a conspiracy and the other person he plotted with is definitely someone close to him.”

After she finished, Qu Ning Shuang  looked provocatively  at Lou Chen, with the kind of expression that says “see now, you can’t say that I am also like the one that  can think through!”

“Have you finished?”

 Qu Ning Shuang thought and she was sure nothing was missed, replied and said,” I said it all!”

Lou Chen nodded and said, ” Then let go, you are delaying others’ time.”

 “Ah ?” Now, Qu Ning Shuang followed Lou Chen’s vision looking outside the room and there she saw in the small courtyard about 2-3 females and others waiting for a consultation.

Qu Ning Shuang prepared herself to go out, but also thought she still must not forget to ask if her analysis  was  right or wrong  so very quickly added, “You  did not say anything if I am correct!”

Lou Chen with her very rare smile, replied, “You’re right .”

After finally getting an affirmation, Miss Qu’s mood was very good and said with a smile, “I will go to visit the backstreets of Wang Si’s residence to investigate more to see if anyone has seen that villain! I will go first!” Then she excitedly left and run outside.

Perhaps this girl can really become an outstanding constable and medical examiner. Intelligent but not conceited, persistent and hard-working, most importantly, she has the enthusiasm.

Mother said she was all good, except for the lack one thing,  being warm to the people matters very much, she did not have that show of enthusiasm. Lou Chen ridiculed herself and laugh, passion in the end … … how that felt?

Today, was her first day to examine patients. Women who came to see a doctor were not that many and their miscellaneous illnesses were not really difficult. Lou Chen took their pulses and wrote the prescription and then let them go.

Evidently, Fang Ru Hui was only letting her see female patients. Lou Chen also was happy to leisure. After waiting for a while and seeing that no patients came in, Lou Chen intended to see the situation of Zhang Jing. If she improved, it was better to let her go home, so that the two children need not worry about her.

Lou Chen just arrived in front of Zhang Jing’s room, she heard the familiar male voice, “Chen’er,  good morning. Two of us are really fated to meet. I am here to investigate.”

If this man was to be compared with Qu Ning Shuang, Jin Yan Hen can be regarded simply as the ‘spirited mouth ’(or enthusiastic mouth), always grinning and smiling. Lou Chen was having an impulse to slap him in the face. Seeing that the pretty girl’s facial reaction was slightly unwelcoming,  Jin Yan Hen hastily pats the back of the man with him and said, “I am really here to investigate the case. The murderer was heavily injured and will surely need treatment.  In the whole town of Luoshui, there are only three medical hospital and seven pharmacies. Before we visited this hospital, we have already checked the pharmacies. The ‘Thousand Herbs’ is the last one we visited hoping to gather some clues.

Standing beside Jin Yan Hen was a person that who was calm and present also during the arrest of Wang Si.

The man also obviously recognized Lou Chen and nodded in a friendly way, says with a smile, “Call me Mu Yan, how do I address you miss?”

“Lou Chen.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you. I am most fortunate.” Facing such an aloof beautiful female, Mu Yan really doesn’t know what to say. Perhaps, Jin Yan Hen, how this ruffian can always find the words to say since he doesn’t have any.

Mu Yan smile became more and more awkward. Finally, Fang Ru Hui came in the corridor leading three old doctors with him.

Upon seeing Lou Chen, Fang Ru Hui quickly asked, “Lou Chen, is there anything you need?”

Lou Chen shook her head and replied, “No, there are not many women patients this morning. I came out for a casual walk. “

Fang Ru Hui smiled and nodded. He did not say anything more, turned to face Jin Yan Hen and Mu Yan, said, “These three are the doctors who worked on the 14th. They were the ones on duty who   examined the patients.”

Several people were standing in the corridor and it was difficult to speak in that situation. Fang Ru Hui invited the few people standing in the aisle inside the small compartment. Lou Chen did not go in and just remained standing at the entrance.  Jin Yan Hen unexpectedly did not go in also but leaned on the door and dashed a wink at Lou Chen.

Lou Chen also looked and understood that everyone present is in official mission investigating the crime. Jin Yan Hen cannot speak in a moment however Miss Qu, of course, is an exception.

Mu Yan focused his attention on the three doctors cupping one of his hand over his heart and then said, “We will delay you for half a quarter of an hour.  I would like to know this month on the 14th close to 3-5 pm in the afternoon if there is anyone who came to be examined with the wound, that wound is not small. “

The three doctors looked at each other, with a puzzled look but did not ask anything. They thought for a moment and the oldest doctor first replied, “I was not comfortable that day because of low back pain and left at 5-7 pm. I did not see any patient with a flesh wound.”

Mu Yan nodded and looked to another super-fat doctor, he stroked his beard and thought for a moment, only said,”I did see two, one was a child, probably 8 years old, was scalded by hot water. The second was a man, who said that he was chopping firewood and carelessly injured his foot by the hatchet, the wound is big.”

 “When did he come?”

 “Probably … …3 to 5 p.m about three quarters.”

Wang Si at the moment after leaving, the murderer cannot in such a short period of time get into the house to kill and then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Mu Yan looked at the last doctor, but unfortunately, his answer was not surprising. “I saw the patients that afternoon, but there was no trauma.”

Mu Yan catches the eye of Jin Yan Hen, who simply shrugged and said, “Since we found nothing then let’s go around nearby Loushi town to look.”

The few people were about to walk out of a small enclosure, Fang Ru Hui who had been quietly standing at  side  suddenly said, “On that day when the hospital was about to close, there is this person.”

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