A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 119 Eating Breakfast Is Also Not Easy

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 119 Eating Breakfast Is Also Not Easy


 The Next Day.

When Pei’ Er walk into Su Xian Courtyard to wake up Su Su, she found her own lady was still wearing the black raiding dress from the night before, while supporting her cheek, she sat by the door and her facial expression was happy but at the same time troubled. Her brows were frowning but her lips were smiling, in short, her mood was so complex that it cannot be described with words.

Pei Er hurriedly went forward and sat beside her, whispered, “Miss, how come you got up so early? Or… didn’t you sleep?”

Su Su suddenly heard a voice of Pei ‘er, she was first alarmed, the sighed heavily from her mooning and  back to reality.

 For Pei  Er it was somewhat an unfathomable mystery.  She often doesn’t understand what’s going on inside the mind of Miss anyway. She did not pursue the matter anymore, she had to say the purpose of getting Su Su up early in the morning. “ Right, Miss, your mother is back and she asked for you to come for breakfast.”

Su Su’s eyes widened, stared at Pei Er with face full of panic and horror. Pei Er was startled by Su Su’s reaction,” Why?What happened?”

 Su Su covered her face and said, “Pei Er, I think this time it will be tragic.”

Last night when she came back, she kept tossing and turning, she couldn’t sleep. The moment she shut her eyes, she would think of him gazing at her, remember his breath, think of him … Worse thing was, she was very afraid. She was not afraid of the mother’s punishment , not even afraid of being punished very badly, but very afraid if last night’s thing will make her mother angry and  would not like Mo Yuan, what would she do?

Pei Er doesn’t understand Su Su’s dilemma at all, she only thought that Su Su was afraid because of the punishment for running away, she smiled and calmed her, “ Miss, you running away from home, the Madam doesn’t seem to be angry, so don’t worry too much.”

Su Su can only roll her eyes at Pei Er. She was too lazy to explain anything to her, she stood up and stretched, took a deep breath, then said, “Okay, let’s go!”

Pei Er grabbed Su Su wrist and glanced at her clothes and said, “Would you like to wear this dress over there?”

Su Su looked down and patted her forehead, turned and rushed into the room, and changed into a white dress before running out again.

Su Su went to the next yard to find Sang Nuan but she did not expect her to be out of the courtyard. She slowly swayed her way down to the front hall and she did not expect that the big round table was already filled with people, and everyone seemed to be waiting just for her.

Su Su hurriedly walked over. When she saw the people sitting on the round table she was stunned, all the family members except Uncle Su Yu who was not at home were there. Sang Nuan was already settled down, even Mo Yuan, Ye Lie, Li Yang and Ao San who she had not seen for two days.

Su Su looked at her Dad. She saw that he was putting a dish on her Mom’s plate, his disposition looked normal, she relaxed; her mother probably had not told him yet about last night. If that’s the case, Mo Yuan will not be sitting there.

Just a passing thought about it, Su Su also quietly glimpsed at Mo Yuan, that one glimpsed it made her brows wrinkled. What happened to Mo Yuan? When she saw him last night, his face was not ruddy but not deathly pale either. He would be unusual on ordinary days but today he had a weary look under his eyes and it can’t be concealed. It was not like the poison was acting up but an extremely weary look.

Su Ren saw Su Su staring at Mo Yuan lost in her thought, he couldn’t help it but felt helpless, to that young joker in the end what did she find good and attractive. If it was not for sister-in-law’s return, they were fortunate that all Big Brother’s full attention was on her. If Su Ling saw that Su Su was staring absentmindedly like this at that man, he was afraid, Mo Yuan will be in trouble. Su Ren gave a light cough and said, “Su Su come and sit down and have a breakfast.”

Su Su quickly looked away from Mo Yuan, smiled and said, “Dad, Mom, Second Uncle, Second Aunt, Xiao Yan, good morning.”

Several people nodded to her, also the three youngsters sitting next to each other said in unison, “Sister good morning.”

Su Ling was giving Gu Yun a porridge, when he looked up at Su Su, he found that she looked a little gloomy anxiously asked, “What’s the matter? Are you sick?”

Su Su shook her head quickly. “Dad, I am fine.”

“It’s all right then, just have breakfast.” Su Ling also gave a bowl of porridge to Su Su. She quickly took the bowl and sat next to Sang Nuan. Su Su can’t stop giving quick glimpses towards her mother, giving the sense that she was even afraid to let her notice her presence.

The only thing the family knew was that Su Su run away from home and afraid to be punished by Gu Yun, that’s why she was being very behave today, but what they don’t know that she was actually extremely afraid.

Sang Nuan pulled Su Su’s sleeve, in her eyes were full of words,’ What happened?’ Su Su replied to Sang Nuan  with expression of crying without tears, then bowed her head and silently ate her breakfast.

Sang Nuan felt that something was wrong. Early in the morning a maid servant came to invite her for breakfast, saying that the Madam came back. Sang Nuan was always curious about Su Su’s mother , what kind a woman raised a daughter like that. When she saw the Big Madam at first sight, she couldn’t believe it because she was so young. Su Su inherited 7 to 8 points of her beauty, her apricot lips, a pair of slightly raised eyebrows, she was not fair like an average woman but her skin was very smooth, there were two shallow scars on her right cheeks. It looked like a knife wound, for other woman it will not look good but for her, it was an added charm.

 When Sang Nuan came to salute to her, she slightly looked up. Her eyes were clear and sharp, and it seemed that in just one glance, she could clearly see a person. At that moment, Sang Nuan knew when Su Su learned that keen attention to detail and shrewd judgement.

When Gu Yun went back to their room last night, she asked Su Ling if he knew who these young people were, what they came to do at home. When Gu Yun glanced at Mo Yuan this morning, her eyes had a faint smile because this person was interesting. He was poisoned and dared to jump for a night. Even if you want to jump, shouldn’t you pull your girlfriend even just for a company? Who would appreciate it,  if you jump alone? Foolish indeed…

“Su Su, after our meal, you will take them both to visit your aunt in the Shu Shan Residence. Early treatment was also better. If you are scared, you can go to minister residence and ask Big Aunt to go together with you.”

Gu Yun suddenly talked to her and Su Su’s eyes actually sparked, she looked at her mother , although his father’s face doesn’t look amiable but he did not raise any objection, Su Su quickly replied, “ Okay.”

Sitting across the Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie, Su Chen Fan was quietly looking at the two men who suddenly appeared at their home. Secretly, he was making comparisons. The men in the General’s Government were strong and powerful, but staring at these two men’s pale faces, a sick look, Chen Fan shook his head, disdainfully said,” Why the men sister took back home look sick? Does sister like man that are sickly looking?”

“Cough and cough!” Su Su had a porridge stuck in her throat upon hearing the comment, she almost choked to death, stared at Su Chen Fan, grabbed a meat dumpling and in her fit of fury smashed the bun on his head.

“Ya yo!” Chen Fan covered his head and was not convinced, he wanted to speak more. Su Su scolded him angrily, “Su Chen Fan, you dare speak indiscriminately, you think I can’t beat you to death!”

Only eight-year-old Su Chen Fan gave a ‘poor look’ at the two brothers around him. The two just patted him on the shoulder both left and right, but no one spoke to his aid. He could only compromise again, that he was beneath the evil forces, then just obediently shut his mouth.


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