A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Lao Yue Chapter 29 Abducted

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

 Chapter 29 Abducted

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The town was called Maoyang. Although the town was not large, it was abundant in pure white jade use for warming which made the small town famous in Liao Yue. Many businessmen gathered here to buy rough stones or in small pieces then sold them in large towns and cities. Just like right now, it was still early in the morning but the shops in both sided of the streets were already open, and the whole town was buzzing.

    This party of travelers have been tossing all night and naturally they have no mood of hanging around in the market. They just wanted a rest and went straight to the best inn in town. After their breakfast, everyone went to their own rooms to rest.

    Lou Chen never sleeps during the day, if she ever do, she would take little naps in the middle of the day. So, even though she was tossing the whole night, she woke up after sleeping only for two hours.  That sleep was enough for her and she had no more desire to sleep anymore.

    This small town was bustling with noise and excitement, there were many merchants. Lou Chen was thinking that she might be able to find some rare medicinal materials. Anyway, today they decided to stay and continue the next day. Lou Chen decided it was better to go and look for a local drugstores.

    It was past noon when Lou Chen left the room, and many diners had gathered in the lobby downstairs. The next few rooms were very quiet. She presumed that no one was awake. As to not disturb their rest, Lou Chen went out without telling anyone where she was going.

    She went downstairs and ate some lunch and then asked the inn keeper for the direction of the biggest drugstores in town. Lou Chen left the inn alone.

    The shops were crowded with people in both sides of the street, and the crowds were particularly more in the morning. There were also street vendors hawking small pieces of warm jade. She went to look at some of the jade, although small, the white jade was flawless and it flashes soft fluorescence under the sunlight. It was very beautiful, and many ladies were crowding in front of the stall.

    Although fascinating, Lou Chen had no interest in these and she went to find the nearest location of the drugstore.

    The inn keeper’s sketch was very detailed.  Lou Chen didn’t go far along the alley and saw a beautifully decorated medical hall. The splendor was distinct from Fang Ru Hui’s “Thousand Herbs”, this medical hospital in all aspect was saturated with noble spirit, in contrast, it has a few good-nature doctors that were specialist in certain discipline of medicine, it was enlightening and she simply loved the idea.

    She supposed that there were lot of valuable medicinal materials here but doubted if they had the rare medicinal materials that she needed ,she would try her luck anyway. Sure enough, when Lou Chen asked for the rare kinds of medicinal materials she wanted, the pharmacist took a moment to find out, with a smile said, “Miss, I am sorry but we don’t have those medicines you are looking for. “

    She already doubted in the beginning , and as she expected it wasn’t available. Lou Chen didn’t feel too bad. She only nodded and said, “It’s alright.”

    Right after Lou Chen turned to leave the medical hall, few people rushed in and a young man was crying, “Doctor Wu, help save someone’s life quick!”

    When Lou Chen passed by the party of people that just walked in, she smell the scent of blood  and it caused her to worry. The red blood was dripping down from the stretcher, leaving a mess of blood stain all over.

    What was the injury that there was so much blood? Lou Chen had a glimpse of a man on the stretcher. He was a well-built man in his early thirties, his face was very pale and he looked like he already drained out all his blood. If he was not strong, he might had died already for blood loss.

    Lou Chen looked again and saw that were no other wounds on his body, but only a broken arrow, the arrow’s feather was protruding his left chest. All the blood was coming out from that wound.

    Lou Chen was already out of the door when she suddenly stopped. The arrow was still in the man’s body, he was not supposed bleed so much, unless the arrow hit badly man’s special veins or the arrow is special?

    Doctor  Wu, who was sitting in the medical office, was obviously startled by this scene. He had also never seen so much blood from an arrow’s wound! Doctor Wu anxiously said, “This … what is going on? He was injured by an arrow?”

    The young man who rushed in at the beginning was pale and very frightened. He took out a few arrows from his animal skin quiver and handed them to the doctor. He said with reddened eyes, “This is my own barb arrow. My brother and I went hunting in the mountains this morning, and it was not long before we spotted a wild boar, we chased after the boar. My brother went to attract the wild boar’s attention and I shot the wild boar with my barb arrow. I didn’t expect …  a snake would suddenly fell from the tree at the very moment. My hand shook and I hit my brother instead and was injured by mistake. Doctor Wu, you must rescue my brother, please!”

 The man was pleading earnestly and after saying thus he was sobbing uncontrollably, choked with emotion, he couldn’t say anything anymore.

    Lou Chen glanced at the man’s so-called barb arrow which he modified himself. Her cold look remained the same only her brows slightly narrowed.

    It was an ordinary long arrow, but was very sharp and on the side of the tip was a barb formed by several thin blades. Not only the hook was sharp at the front but the entire thin blade was also sharpened. If this arrow was being used for hunting, as long as it hits the prey, though it was able to escape and did not fall at that moment, while escaping the wound would get worse, the prey will eventually weaken for excessive loss of blood, and die eventually. But at this moment, the arrow hit this man and if the barb arrow was not taken out soon, the person will also lose too much blood and die.

    Doctor Wu glanced at the barb arrow, he got chill all over his body , he shook his head and said, “This kind of  barb arrow I’m not capable of pulling out. The injury will only get worse.”

    Standing next to Doctor Wu, was a young man dressed as a medicine apprentice. He whispered to him,  “Master, maybe you need to cut the wound a little bit with a knife, and then slowly take out the barb arrow?”

    The man’s blood kept pouring out, and after a while, a large pool of blood had been collected by the stretcher, and the hospital was flooded with a bloody smell. There were many people watching inside the medical hall and at this moment they were all whispering with each other. Doctor Wu’s forehead was now filled with thin sweats. If the man was not treated immediately, the man will die. But how will to manage the injury, what to do?!! Is operating the wound a little will work?

    “The penetration is only an inch above his heart. If you open a little with a knife and accidentally injures the main vein that connects the heart, his life would be lost in an instant.”

    Doctor Wu was in great dilemma and while making a plan in such desperate situation and he was thinking of trying anyway, he suddenly  heard that chilly voice. The crowd immediately looked who just spoke and they saw a woman in Chinese gown standing in the crowd. Her beautiful appearance was like autumn moon, her whole body was desolate and indifferent,  it made people feel that they have to keep a distance from her but also at the same time, they were reluctant to take their gaze away from her.

    The first man to recover was the young hunter. He looked his older brother who was becoming paler and weaker. The young man cried and said, “So, what can we do? We have no other way but take it out. You quickly think of a way, I beg of you. ” After talking, he took the opportunity to go on his knees and he knelt beside the stretcher, and then looked at Doctor  Wu and then to Lou Chen. He knocked his forehead on the stone slab. Hearing the cry of the person, the people on the scene were also fearful and alarmed of the impending disaster and were very sad at the same time.

    Lou Chen frowned slightly, she went past the man, and said to the young apprentice next to Doctor  Wu, “Go and get a piece of ginseng.”

    “Ah? Oh!” The young man was stunned for a second and then quickly got up and rushed to the pharmacy. He even forgot to ask permission from his master, and just obeyed the woman’s order.

    Doctor Wu thought of the rare medicinal materials she asked in the pharmacy earlier and could not help be curious about her. He has dealt with medicine all his life, and his medical skills also was not ordinary. Although the girl was very young, but he could tell that her medical skill technique was definitely not low. After all, not many doctors use the materials she asked for and many doctors probably don’t even know about those medicines.

    Doctor Wu waved his hand slightly and humbly asked, “Is there a way for Young Miss?”

    At this time, the young apprentice came back with the ginseng root. Lou Chen took the ginseng, sat down and put the ginseng root under the tongue of the patient. Then he said to the younger brother, “Help him up.”

The young man looked at the woman with a stunned look, glanced at Dr. Wu confused of what to do.

    Doctor Wu’s sharp old eyes stared intently at Lou Chen and said favorably, “Since the Young Miss has a way, follow what the girl wants.” Anyway, if something goes wrong, in the eyes of everyone it will be because of this women’s doing and he will not be blamed for it. He felt relieved!

    The young man neither want to think anymore and carefully raised his dying brother. Right after he raised him up, the Young Miss unexpectedly pat with all strength his older brother’s stomach and snapped the top of the arrow on his brother’s chest with a palm of her hand and he spit out blood.

    “Ah !!!” The man, who had been almost unconscious cried in pain, and fainted completely after the cry.

    The crowd gasp and took a few steps back.

    The younger brother was stunned and stared at Lou Chen, shouted, “What are you doing!” The man’s eyes were red, and if he was not holding his unconscious brother, in no doubt he will immediately rush to her and give her a good punch.

    Lou Chen stood up, ignoring the snarl and the stare to kill from the young man,  but  simply nodded to Doctor Wu and said, “You  bandage him.”

    The cold voice was like a bucket of spring water poured on  Doctor Wu as returned to his initial shock only to discover that the barb arrow that had left the man helpless had penetrated though his back. In this way, the original difficult wound had become an ordinary penetrating injury. Although the wound was now larger, it was no longer difficult to manage, they could easily stopped the bleeding not like before.

    Doctor Wu rushed forward to bandage the man and when he saw the wound behind him, he was surprised and the wound was so neat. When the young miss  patted the man, he guessed that she used some of her internal force or otherwise the arrow would not come out so cleanly. Doctor Wu would like to praise her good technique but unfortunately when he looked up Lou Chen was already out of the medical hall.   

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 123 Part 3

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 123 Finale PART 3

Although this is the final chapter but the adventure of the “runway” doesn’t end here.

When the group of the travelers just got out of town, they met an acquaintance outside the city gate.

“General Yu, allow me to go with you to the ancestral home. Tan Tai Ye Lie with fist in his hands, sincere like a beggar with his request.

“You?” Su Ling asked in cold voice, “Why?” He has always suspect that this Tan Tai kid came to the family, is not simply to only seek medical treatment, he basically did not act for a very long time, when Su Ling thought that he already left, he did not expect him to be waiting there.

Tan Tai Ye Lie’s remained upright, even with the cold words from Su Ling, he did not show any hint o embarrassment, not humility and no sign of offense.

Su Su stared at Ye Lie and her the tone is not very friendly, she asked, “Is this the real reason why you followed me back home?”

Tan Tai Ye Lie gaze at Su Su with apologetic look, “I am unworthy Su Su, not I that I do not want to say to you, but if I did, you will not take me with you, but I must see the patriarch, grandfather have a message for him.”

Su Su wiped her mouth, she can’t ignore the discomfort in her heart but she is not angry, only this time she has nothing to do with him and will just ignore him,

Su Ling looked at this young man, he was very calm, firm in his purpose. Su Ling admired this man so he decided not to embarrassed him anymore, “Since, it is Fu Chang’s idea, then you can come with us.”

“Thank you Great General Su! “ Tan Tai Ye Lie was so happy and he quickly mount up his horse to catch up with them.

Su Ling remained uneasy and angry while travelling and it cause the whole atmosphere along the way to be solemn. The ancestral home is 10 days away, but if they travel quickly, they will reach there on the ninth day.

The Su ancestral home was located in the middle of the mountain peaks, it has magnificent atmosphere and from afar it looked like a hanging garden in the middle of green mountains. It was a sight to behold. Before the New Year, Su Ling sent a messenger to inform that that after New Year he will take Gu Yun and Su Su back to the ancestral home. They were still at the foot of the mountain, the people in the villages already knew they are coming.

Su Su barely reached the door of the mansion, when she was already enthusiastically rushed inside by two warm figures. Good thing that she is bigger now, because she was covered by tight hugs from her old relatives.

Su Su is beaming with joy and called out the name of his grandfather, “ Grandpa Yan. Granpa Quan!”

Su Yan, Su Yu and Su Quan, and grandma, they are passed 70 years old, but should we say that as they grew older the younger they became, two of the elderly, contrary to one might expect are more energetic and strong compared when they were younger. Seeing Su Su, the only daughter born in the family, two old grandpas touched her head lovingly and said,”Su Su is here, let Grandpa see you. You are very thin, sure enough your father didn’t take care of you!” After saying, Su Yan didn’t forget to turn and stare at Su Ling. Su Ling has long been used to this. He just ignored the two yelling old man and took Gu Yun inside the house.

Su Su pinched her to show and smiled back, “No, look! I’ve grown a lot of meat.”

“Where’s the meat? You are as thin like a little monkey. Certainly your father is not taking care of you, this time to do not go back, stay and grandpa will do a good work and cook delicious foods to make up for it.”

Su Su pretended to vomit and decided not to continue this topic, and asks hurriedly, “Why don’t I see Grandpa Su patriarch?”

“Oh, he’s just got out of the gate, we arrange your quarters first and if there’s anything else that can wait until tomorrow. We will go around; grandpa takes you to eat delicious food. “The two were embracing her as they walked her inside the house, all their heart and attention were on Su Su and completely ignored the other people standing behind her.

In the end of three days, Su Su together Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie were amusing themselves and strolling around the ancestral home. But the three were not really enjoying themselves because their minds were preoccupied with other things. Fortunately, on the morning of the fourth day, the three finally waited until the patriarch invited them to the cave to offer sacrifices to the ancestors.

This cave is semi-circular cave and closed at one side. It was very spacious and the it has a lot of semi natural human cavity pits as high as the waist. The cavity pits have spiritual tablets on them. Her father forbade her to enter the cave for so many years, now that she was able to come, she was happily looking around.

She saw Su patriarch with a wooden box in his hand, came out from the depths of the cave. Su Su smiled and rushed forward, calling him, “ Grandpa! Grandpa!”

Su Qing raised his hand to touch her head. He saw Su Ling standing beside Gu Yun. His eyes flashed a smile of relief, “Ling, at last you get over it.”

Su Ling had a cold face since entering the cave, or let say his mood started even from the beginning of the trip back to the ancestral home. He has been immersed in a restless and frightened mood. Fortunately, Gu Yun has been keeping him company, patiently appeasing him. Su Ling did not come further but pulled his wife and daughter to leave.

Su Qing knew that for Su Ling to accomplish coming with wife and daughter was not an easy thing to accomplish. He did not say anything more, and turned to the man behind Su Su. The man was very young, but from head to toe he has an aura of cold and desolation. Such indifference doesn’t match his age. Su Qing laughed.

“This. I guess is the young master of Mo Family?”

The old man’s voice is gentle but powerful. He is very thin and dressed in a plain white robe, with a beard and head full of white hair, and emanating from within is a wind like that of an immortal, he doesn’t speak elegantly, however, just by standing in front of him, he could feel the vigorous qi coming out from his body. As for Mo Yuan, he doesn’t dare make a sound.

Mo Yuan humbly nod, “Patriarch Su, my name is Mo Yuan.”

Su Qing reached his hand to touch Mo Yuan’s face. He seemed to be very satisfied and smiled, ” Very well, Mo Yuan.”

Then he noticed the young man standing next to Mo Yuan, he asked him, “You are…”

Tan Tai Ye Lie made a fist salute, respectfully introduced himself. ” This young man is Tan Tai Ye Lie, my grandfather is Fu Chang Ming, he asked me to bring you a message.”

When he heard the name “Fu Chang Ming”, his eyes sparkled, but he didn’t say anything and also did not asked him for the message, he simply nodded and smiled. “Good.”

There are not many people in the cave, there is the Su Ling’s family, Mo Yuan, Li Yang and Tan Tai Ye Lie. Besides the patriarch, there is also Su Quan. Su Yan and Su Ren and two more old people. This line of people was standing in the middle of the cave, surrounded by tablets of the ancestors from four walls, the atmosphere instantly became cold and gloomy and reverent.

After a long silence, Su Qing finally broke the quietness inside the cave, “The second piece of bagua disk has presented itself to the world for its power to be used.”

Su Su opened her eyes and asked, “Grandpa patriarch, do you know about the second piece of bagua disk?”

Su Qing sighed, the eyes have been dreary after the silence showing the vicissitudes of time, “Thousands of years ago, the world has three spiritual stones. It is said that if you possessed the three stones, one can actually master the universe, power to change the world and one’s destiny. In that year, Su Family bagua disk also originally like Lingshi, an ordinary looking stone. Thousands of year’s pasts, to assist Ming Jun to annihilate the soul stealing demons, he had to sacrifice two of his children in the furnace to recast the sword and put the souls of his children on the swords. The recasting of Bian Lian and Chu Xie were successful at that moment but on the very same moment the Lingshi stone shattered and the golden bagua disk became existent for use. Why it broke open that time nobody really knew. However, from that moment also, the family paid the price for the sacrifice. In Su Family for thousands of years was cursed, we only have sons, no daughters. The family knew the existence of two other Lingshi, and inside must also contain the bagua disk. We don’t know why the second Lingshi suddenly broke and the bagua disk now presents itself to the world also a thousand years after.

“No daughter? I’m I not a daughter, ” muttered Su Su.

Su Qing rubbed Su Su’s head and sighed, “Bagua disk of the family is the guardian of time and space. The power of the disk brought a person from another time and space and she broke the thousand-year curse against the family, that’s why we are given this child.”

Su Su was somewhat stunned, who is that person ? Who is the that person he is referring to?

Facing the eyes of the crowd with doubts or inquisitive look, Gu Yun confidently smiled and said, “That person is me.”

“Mommy?!” Su Su was shocked, only to see her father to grab her waist, put her steady in his arms. Her mother just smiled and softly said, “ I am not supposed to be here, it just happened one of the evidence on the exhibit is the bagua disk, then all of the sudden, I just found myself here.”

Gu Yun did not gave anymore details of what “not supposed to be here” people just look at her with complex and different expressions, in the end they did not ask for more.

“What power does the Mo family’s bagua disk represent?” Su Ling’s biggest concern is that Mo Family bagua disk will harm Gu Yun and Su Su.

Su Qing sighed, “I don’t know, only the Mo family patriarch knows. “

Su Ling looked at Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan just shook his head. Thinking about it now, he realized that Mo family has a lot of stories and secrets that he did not know.

“Could the Young Master of Mo show us the purple-gold bagua disk?” Su Qing’s request pulled back the mind of Mo Yuan from wandering, he immediately took out the purple-gold bagua disk from his sleeves and handed it over.

Su Qing also opened wooden box in his hand, and took out the gold gossip plate.

Gu Yun wanted to get closer to see it clearly, but she felt the pain on her waist. When she raised up her eyes, he met that black pair of eyes, inside is unquenchable shade of pain. Gu Yun pulled back her foot and decided to stay in her place.

Su Su however stood very close to the bagua plates and carefully making a comparison. Besides the color, two bagua plates regardless of size, texture, thickness, pattern, was exactly the same. It just a little strange, the two bagua disk when not together, as she remembered when she’d seen it, although they have brilliant colors, they are not as dazzling as they are now. There was certain indescribable energy flowing between them.

Mo Yuan looked at two disks, also sensing the energy flowing between them, he hesitated for a long time, before whispering, “The patriarch, if … Mo Yuan can find a third piece of bagua disk, the Su Family piece of gold bagua disk, can I borrow it for the Mo family to use? “

Su Qing looked at him. He looked deeply at his eyes and he knew that the old man understood clearly the affairs of the past and the world. Mo Yuan felt that he can’t do anything but only stand there and ask frankly. For a long time, just when Mo Yuan thought that the patriarch would refuse, he was heard saying, “Yes, I can lend it to you.”

Mo Yuan was stunned, that he even forgot to say thank you.

Su Su was rejoicing in her heart. She really wanted to help Mo Yuan find the three bagua disk to gain the power of it and solve the problem of Mo Family’s shortened life existence.

Su Su wasn’t satisfied and pestered her grandfather Su Qing with question, “Grandfather, do you know where’s the third gossip disk is?”

Su Qing returned the purple gold disk back to Mo Yuan, while saying, “In fact, the third piece of Lingshi is not difficult to find. The Yong Mu tribe ( Perpetual Race) that always guard the mountains and forests, at the same time, they are also the guardian of Lingshi. But thirty years ago it was stolen, luckily Ao Tian recovered the stone and gave it back. Now this stone should be in the hands of the Yong Mu patriarch. However, so far I have not heard if the third piece of stone is opened, if not the Lingshi remains only as Lingshi.”

At this time, Tan Tai Ye Lie seemed to remembered something. He hastily stepped forward and said, “The patriarch, grandfather said that the power of the Lingshi, lies in the blood.”

“Blood?” Gu Yun’s doubts seemed to get a little explanation and she said, “ I was taken to this place because my hand was wounded and my blood stained the gold bagua disk. The Lingshi where the purple disk was hidden also came in contact with the blood of Su Su, it split open then suddenly the purple disk presents itself to the world. The so-called ‘spirit stone power lies in the blood’ meaning to say that the opening of the Lingshi is determined by the blood and if we cannot find the person who can open the third stone, the last piece of bagua disk is useless.”

Gu Yun turned her gaze at Tan Tai Ye Lie and asked, “What else did Fu Chang Min said?”

Tan Tai Ye Lie recalled his grandfather’s instructions, finally shook his head, replied, “Grandfather did not say anything more and just asked me to find a way to prevent my father to get hold of the Lingshi, and if there is a chance to see the patriarch, bring this message to him.”

Su Su’s face turned bitter, sighed, “Now that the last stone is known, but where can we find the blood that will open it, whose blood?” This puzzle much more difficult than looking for the whereabouts of the Lingshi, there is no clue!

Su Qing gently smiled, as he carefully put back the yellow gold bagua disk inside the wooden box, gave it to Mo Yuan, meaningfully looked at Tan Tai Ye Lie and smiled, “Well, you should find Fu Chang Ming and ask, he may know.”

Although, Mo Yuan did not say anything, but Su Su can feel his discouragement. Su Su came to him, gently pulled his sleeve, whispered, “Mo Yuan, don’t be like this, at least we know the whereabouts of another stone. The patriarch’s grandfather said to open the third piece of Lingshi, it needs a blood, perhaps in the more we investigate, we will find more clue? I’ll accompany you and find it with you!”

Although Su Su whispered it very quietly, but who in Su family doesn’t have a deep cultivation, everyone has powerful endogenic energy, naturally everyone heard it. Su Yan was the first to be launch an attack, stomp his feet, angrily said,” Su Su, what is between you and this rascal from Mo Family?”

Su Su bit her lip and sighed, “What’s wrong?”

Su Yan was not willing part with such treasured girl, turned to look at Mo Yuan, angrily,” Young joker from Mo Family, say something.”

Mo Yuan also did not abandon Su Su to be pressed by the elders for an answer, he gently pulled her behind him and pondered how to answer, then earnestly said, “Mo Yuan lives with admiration and love for Su Su, I wish to join hands with her for a lifetime…”

Mo Yuan have not finished his sentence, Su Yan already flew into rage, “This rascal from Mo family actually want to marry our little Su Su?” No, no. Su Su is too young!”

Su Quan did not care at all, smiling gleefully, “The Mo family and our family are also in terms of social status are perfect match.”

“What nonsense are you saying that our families are well matched, the most important thing is that Su Su has love of all the family, but that person should also measure up to our family’s only treasure!”

From this little issue, the two elders actually started quarreling and finally at the end of it, their fury was disseminated on Mo Yuan.

Su Yan furiously said, “Mo Yuan, you need to compete with us, if you passed then we will allow you to admire our family’s treasure. Let’s try your martial arts first, if your martial arts is not good, how can you protect our family’s treasure.”

“No!” Su Su hurriedly stood in front of the body of Mo Yuan, quickly said, “Mo Yuan was poisoned earlier, his body has not recovered, no way he will be able to compete with martial arts tournament! “ Grandpa Yan’s power is deep and immeasurable , even if we say Mo Yuan can play but there is no guarantee that he can defeat him, granted that he practiced for another ten years, it is still not a guarantee that he can defeat Grandpa Yan!

Eyebrows frowned of the elders up, yelled unhappily, ” He can’t compete with martial arts competition because of that? What’s the point of martial arts!“

Su Su patted Su Yan’s shoulder, and then pointed using her mouth at the direction of Su Ling and Gu Yun, then said, “You are too anxious, ah, father and mother did not say anything.”

Su Yan chuckled heartily, then said, “Madam Yun, how about you to test this joker, see if he is worthy of Su Su,”

Su Ling looked into the eyes of Mo Yuan as if wishing to beat him to death.

Contrary to everyone’s expectation, Gu Yun smiled and said, “Let me say it in a a different way, Mo Yuan, I want to know what you think? “

Mo Yuan didn’t think much, replied, “Okay. “

Su Su glared at him and cried, “Not okay!“

Just when Su Su is pondering if she will argue strongly using reasons or act like a spoiled brat to get her way, outside the cave was a sudden noise, “ News.”

Su Ling said coldly, “What’s the matter?”

“According to the news gatherer in Liao Yue, Miss Chen is currently kidnapped in the Capital City of Liao Yue, here situation is critical!”

“What?! ” Su Su cried with exaggeration, “ Sister Chen crossed over to Liao Yue? How she was kidnapped! Nobody can bully my sister! Father and mother, you rest assured that I and Mo Yuan will give our full assistance to rescue sister Chen! While you discuss, we will leave first!”

“Go ahead.”

Li Yang doesn’t know why Su Su pulled his master ferociously like her butt is on fire, for whatever reason, he immediately chased after them.”

“Su Su! “

Behind her she could hear the sound, but she dared not to turn her head, just grasping the hand of Mo Yuan, running fiercely and shouting, “Hurry, hurry.”

Looking at the three people running away hastily, Su Ling was angry,” This girl dares to run like this?”

Gu Yun look at the three people running away, laughed, “Well, they already run away, don’t get mad.”

” How can I not be angry? The cabbage, which has been carefully cared and loved for many years, was dug by a pig. “

Gu Yun felt funny, “What is the use of your anger. I can’t say for sure but perhaps for the benefit of the cabbage it took the snout of pig to dug it.”

Su Ling was furious in his heart hearing such reason, stared at Gu Yun, “How can there be such a mother!! ” Gu Yun not a least concerned replied, “The child has grown, if you care so much, just follow them.”

Su Su after pulling Mo Yuan to run down the mountain, they ran of air and grasping for breath, Su Su said while they are walking, “ Are you stupid? Don’t you remember, in our home competitions is okay but in no way you should compete with mother!”

Mo Yuan has not yet returned to his senses. His mind is somewhere else. He was thinking Su Su actually in front her family Elders dragged him out and ran away, the next time he sees General Su Ling, it would be a tragic scene.

Su Su saw that Mo Yuan was still in a daze and kicked his foot, “Did you hear what I say, ah?” But all he felt now was the pain on his foot and of bitter anguished!

Mo Yuan gently rubbed the head Su Su. Those delicate cold soft hair, its good to the touch. To pacify her grumpy temper, he laughed, “ Okay, from this time on I will listen to you. So, where are we going?”

Su Su start thinking, “Since, Sister Chen is in Liao Yue, the person who has the knowledge who has the ability to open the third Lingshi is in Liao Yue, then naturally we will go Liao Yue, we go there to get more clues.”

“Wait! “ Speaking of the more clues, Su Su suddenly thought of a person, “What about Tan Tai Ye Lie?”

Just now she concerned about Mo Yuan and grabbed him to run, she totally forgot that Tan Tai Ye Lie was there too! A pretended to cough to hide her embarrassment. “Well,” she shugged her shoulders, then laughed, “ He can go back to Liao Yue by himself.”

This was the way, Tan Tai Ye Lie’s friendship was toss aside by ‘a woman who pays more attention to lover than friends’, and he was drastically forgotten at the back of her head.

“Then go, let’s go and buy three horses at the market, and we’ll get there as soon as we can.”

Su Su is leisurely swinging her hands as she walks, “Don’t worry, from here to there is not very far, even if we walk slowly, we will get there in 10 days.”

“Aren’t you worried about your sister Chen?” She often talks about her two sisters, and the friendship they have should be very deep.

Su Su sneered, with a very proud smile, “If I have not known better, but for Sister Chen to be kidnapped in Liao Yue? She’s so smart and she’s a lot better than me in martial arts, and we’re getting the news now, my guess, she sends it out on purpose. “

After the New Year, spring came so soon, Su Su took a deep breath, the crisp air is refreshing making one’s senses awaken. The little fellow sleeping under her clothes woke up too, looking confused, two paws were grasping for her clothes as it tries to poke the head out of her bosom, grumbling.

Bajiao did not have the chance to enjoy the scenery because in an instant, he found himself being held by Mo Yuan.

Su Su strangely look at Mo Yuan while he took Bajiao by the neck, he flips it over and pick up Bajiao by the belly hair. Bajiao made a squeaking sound, he soft fur on its body is blown open.

Su Su find this strange and asked, “What are you doing?”

Mo Yuan turned it over again after a while, with sour face, he put Bajiao in his sleeve. “I will keep it fist and we will find a bag in the market to put it in.”

Su Su felt this is a bit funny, “Why make it troublesome? Bajiao is so small, it can hide inside my clothes easy.

Mo Yuan said coldly, “It’s a male.”

“Ah?” What does this have to do with being male or female?

Mo Yuan after walking out of a good distance, Su Su just suddenly back realized, Mo Yuan is ….jealous…

Jealous of silver fox?!

She was laughing so hard. Young Master jealousy looked so cute…hey hey hey!

∞∼End of Book 4∼∞

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Mistaken Marriage Match Books 5 Story if Lou Chen and Book 6 The Story of Yang Ning will conclude the mystery of bagua disk-

My last words for this book, I would like to thank the supporters and those who help edit some parts of the book. I am not a writer and English is not my first language, honestly my grammar is imperfect throughout. I don’t speak Mandarin nor read Mandarin and all parts of this book was translated using three machine translations ( Google, Microsoft Edge and Systran) and a Chinese dictionary ( Yellow bridge). I fell ill two years ago and during that time I discovered enjoyment reading Chinese Translated novels. It made me forget my problem and I ended up falling in love with series of Mistaken Marriage Match. When Nutty encountered some problems, translation became scarce, I did the translation privately for my own use. I would still that time wait for her updates . I completely felt how the others felt being left hanging. So, I opened a wordpress account and started sharing what I had. Some comments are very harsh especially from the grammar police,(like they spent a penny to make the translation happen), makes you sometimes wanting to give up. Translating isn’t easy and we do it for free. Sometimes, I just let it be whatever the MTL gives me, as long the head and the tail of the story is there. And there are some who steals your work and make money out of it. There are some also that kept you going and a constant reminder for me to go back and finish it because of their likes, some offers help in editing and those who leaves a post how they’re enjoying the story. I came back to write this last chapters for these readers… THANK YOU for the inspiration!

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 119 Eating Breakfast Is Also Not Easy

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume IV Chapter 119 Eating Breakfast Is Also Not Easy


 The Next Day.

When Pei’ Er walk into Su Xian Courtyard to wake up Su Su, she found her own lady was still wearing the black raiding dress from the night before, while supporting her cheek, she sat by the door and her facial expression was happy but at the same time troubled. Her brows were frowning but her lips were smiling, in short, her mood was so complex that it cannot be described with words.

Pei Er hurriedly went forward and sat beside her, whispered, “Miss, how come you got up so early? Or… didn’t you sleep?”

Su Su suddenly heard a voice of Pei ‘er, she was first alarmed, the sighed heavily from her mooning and  back to reality.

 For Pei  Er it was somewhat an unfathomable mystery.  She often doesn’t understand what’s going on inside the mind of Miss anyway. She did not pursue the matter anymore, she had to say the purpose of getting Su Su up early in the morning. “ Right, Miss, your mother is back and she asked for you to come for breakfast.”

Su Su’s eyes widened, stared at Pei Er with face full of panic and horror. Pei Er was startled by Su Su’s reaction,” Why?What happened?”

 Su Su covered her face and said, “Pei Er, I think this time it will be tragic.”

Last night when she came back, she kept tossing and turning, she couldn’t sleep. The moment she shut her eyes, she would think of him gazing at her, remember his breath, think of him … Worse thing was, she was very afraid. She was not afraid of the mother’s punishment , not even afraid of being punished very badly, but very afraid if last night’s thing will make her mother angry and  would not like Mo Yuan, what would she do?

Pei Er doesn’t understand Su Su’s dilemma at all, she only thought that Su Su was afraid because of the punishment for running away, she smiled and calmed her, “ Miss, you running away from home, the Madam doesn’t seem to be angry, so don’t worry too much.”

Su Su can only roll her eyes at Pei Er. She was too lazy to explain anything to her, she stood up and stretched, took a deep breath, then said, “Okay, let’s go!”

Pei Er grabbed Su Su wrist and glanced at her clothes and said, “Would you like to wear this dress over there?”

Su Su looked down and patted her forehead, turned and rushed into the room, and changed into a white dress before running out again.

Su Su went to the next yard to find Sang Nuan but she did not expect her to be out of the courtyard. She slowly swayed her way down to the front hall and she did not expect that the big round table was already filled with people, and everyone seemed to be waiting just for her.

Su Su hurriedly walked over. When she saw the people sitting on the round table she was stunned, all the family members except Uncle Su Yu who was not at home were there. Sang Nuan was already settled down, even Mo Yuan, Ye Lie, Li Yang and Ao San who she had not seen for two days.

Su Su looked at her Dad. She saw that he was putting a dish on her Mom’s plate, his disposition looked normal, she relaxed; her mother probably had not told him yet about last night. If that’s the case, Mo Yuan will not be sitting there.

Just a passing thought about it, Su Su also quietly glimpsed at Mo Yuan, that one glimpsed it made her brows wrinkled. What happened to Mo Yuan? When she saw him last night, his face was not ruddy but not deathly pale either. He would be unusual on ordinary days but today he had a weary look under his eyes and it can’t be concealed. It was not like the poison was acting up but an extremely weary look.

Su Ren saw Su Su staring at Mo Yuan lost in her thought, he couldn’t help it but felt helpless, to that young joker in the end what did she find good and attractive. If it was not for sister-in-law’s return, they were fortunate that all Big Brother’s full attention was on her. If Su Ling saw that Su Su was staring absentmindedly like this at that man, he was afraid, Mo Yuan will be in trouble. Su Ren gave a light cough and said, “Su Su come and sit down and have a breakfast.”

Su Su quickly looked away from Mo Yuan, smiled and said, “Dad, Mom, Second Uncle, Second Aunt, Xiao Yan, good morning.”

Several people nodded to her, also the three youngsters sitting next to each other said in unison, “Sister good morning.”

Su Ling was giving Gu Yun a porridge, when he looked up at Su Su, he found that she looked a little gloomy anxiously asked, “What’s the matter? Are you sick?”

Su Su shook her head quickly. “Dad, I am fine.”

“It’s all right then, just have breakfast.” Su Ling also gave a bowl of porridge to Su Su. She quickly took the bowl and sat next to Sang Nuan. Su Su can’t stop giving quick glimpses towards her mother, giving the sense that she was even afraid to let her notice her presence.

The only thing the family knew was that Su Su run away from home and afraid to be punished by Gu Yun, that’s why she was being very behave today, but what they don’t know that she was actually extremely afraid.

Sang Nuan pulled Su Su’s sleeve, in her eyes were full of words,’ What happened?’ Su Su replied to Sang Nuan  with expression of crying without tears, then bowed her head and silently ate her breakfast.

Sang Nuan felt that something was wrong. Early in the morning a maid servant came to invite her for breakfast, saying that the Madam came back. Sang Nuan was always curious about Su Su’s mother , what kind a woman raised a daughter like that. When she saw the Big Madam at first sight, she couldn’t believe it because she was so young. Su Su inherited 7 to 8 points of her beauty, her apricot lips, a pair of slightly raised eyebrows, she was not fair like an average woman but her skin was very smooth, there were two shallow scars on her right cheeks. It looked like a knife wound, for other woman it will not look good but for her, it was an added charm.

 When Sang Nuan came to salute to her, she slightly looked up. Her eyes were clear and sharp, and it seemed that in just one glance, she could clearly see a person. At that moment, Sang Nuan knew when Su Su learned that keen attention to detail and shrewd judgement.

When Gu Yun went back to their room last night, she asked Su Ling if he knew who these young people were, what they came to do at home. When Gu Yun glanced at Mo Yuan this morning, her eyes had a faint smile because this person was interesting. He was poisoned and dared to jump for a night. Even if you want to jump, shouldn’t you pull your girlfriend even just for a company? Who would appreciate it,  if you jump alone? Foolish indeed…

“Su Su, after our meal, you will take them both to visit your aunt in the Shu Shan Residence. Early treatment was also better. If you are scared, you can go to minister residence and ask Big Aunt to go together with you.”

Gu Yun suddenly talked to her and Su Su’s eyes actually sparked, she looked at her mother , although his father’s face doesn’t look amiable but he did not raise any objection, Su Su quickly replied, “ Okay.”

Sitting across the Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie, Su Chen Fan was quietly looking at the two men who suddenly appeared at their home. Secretly, he was making comparisons. The men in the General’s Government were strong and powerful, but staring at these two men’s pale faces, a sick look, Chen Fan shook his head, disdainfully said,” Why the men sister took back home look sick? Does sister like man that are sickly looking?”

“Cough and cough!” Su Su had a porridge stuck in her throat upon hearing the comment, she almost choked to death, stared at Su Chen Fan, grabbed a meat dumpling and in her fit of fury smashed the bun on his head.

“Ya yo!” Chen Fan covered his head and was not convinced, he wanted to speak more. Su Su scolded him angrily, “Su Chen Fan, you dare speak indiscriminately, you think I can’t beat you to death!”

Only eight-year-old Su Chen Fan gave a ‘poor look’ at the two brothers around him. The two just patted him on the shoulder both left and right, but no one spoke to his aid. He could only compromise again, that he was beneath the evil forces, then just obediently shut his mouth.


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 83

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 83 Do You Like Me?

Holy shit! Su Su’s eyes suddenly open wide for the sudden revelation.  She turned pale like a ghost then blushes red for a moment. After some time, she calmed down, turned to Mo Yuan with a frown and seriously says, “Mo Yuan, can I ask you something?”

Su Su’s expression was so strange. Her big eyes were staring at him with a sly look as if trying to dig into his heart. He didn’t know what she was going to ask. Mo Yuan inexplicably felt the tension, his heart swells and then he heard it. A could chilly female voice say..

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 81

My apologies to inconvenienced some readers but the copy-pasting of this of this translation still persist. This is not an official translation. This is a translation made by a fan. Please, don’t copy and paste. 

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 81 Tan Tai Clan

Mo Yuan entered the North Court. After passing few stalls, he was led by Mu Xue to the main Reception Hall. As he was walking towards the main hall he had guessed that his mother did not find him for simple questioning. Sure enough, after stepping into the main hall, he found in the middle were several strangers.

The head of the group is a man in his fifties, he has a strong build, stern look and in that pair of eyes is hiding a sharpness like an eagle, even under self-restraint the murderous aura is still intimidating. Together with the leader were two men standing, carries a sedan on their shoulders, which was more like a soft recliner, with thin bamboo strips and shelf. The outside is covered with gauze. He could see a hidden person, lying inside.


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A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

The vast Loushui Mountain’s Sierra have huge vegetation that grew very dense. Finding a person inside was no different than looking for a needle in a haystack.

It was already late autumn but for some reason, the weather was unusually sultry, the two-person had been looking for a more than an hour. Both were sweating profusely searching around but they could not find a clue. Jin Yan Hen wiped his sweat and said, “Luoshui Mountain so big, looking around like this is not the way .”

Truly this is not the way of searching, looking at the vast forest as huge as an ocean. Lou Chen said,” We will focus first on looking inside the nearby caves.”

If the assassin decides to hide in the mountain, they should find a place to rest. They looked at nearly three to four caves, but then again they did not discover any secret code let alone an assassin. While the two were in hurry to find the next cave, they heard thunderclaps. Jin Yan Hen looked at the sky, the cloud was getting darker, the leaves swaying vigorously due to strong wind, scattering the leaves and rolling the dust with it, the lightning was flashing through the clouds. Staying in the mountain in an open will be too dangerous, “There will be a heavy rain soon and it is too late to go down the hill. Let us find a shelter.”

The weather changed very fast. They already hear the sound of the rain rushing, the pitter patter of the water hitting the leaves of the forest, Lou Chen looked around and say, “ Let’s go this way.”

Jin Yan Hen followed Lou Chen towards the North and after running less than a minute at a distance of two-ten feet they reached a long and narrow area. Yan Hen was surprised. He knew that they once passed this shallow clearing and there will be no place to hide at all. He glanced to see Lou Chen who already proceeded. He followed as she made a little turn to find the cave. Lou Chen remembered their position in the forest, not only that, she also surprisingly easily found the shortest route to the nearest cave.

As the two people rushed inside the mountain as the rain intensified. The rain was so strong, it was as if the whole sky was being poured down. The water did not seem to fall in drops; the intensity was like that buckets of water was being poured down from the sky. Jin Yan Hen smiled to his companion and asked, “Having a photographic memory, how does that feel?”

The smile on his lips suddenly disappeared when Lou Chen whispered back to him,”  Playing silly and a dim wit, how does it that feel?”

Jin Yan Hen‘s smile stiffened, they were standing face-to-face. Lou Chen’s back was facing the level  ground and narrow cliff, he was standing before her.

Someone was not quite at ease in this situation especially when he moved even closer. Lou Chen put out her hand and pushes Jin Yan Hen’s shoulder until he was an arm’s length distance.”What the hell are you doing?”

He looked at her innocently, answered her with a pitiful tone in his voice, ”Covering you from the rain. This rain is a downpour.”

The rain outside was truly big, the level area was long but narrow and area they were hiding wasn’t deep. Together with the mighty strong winds, the raindrop almost hits Yan Hen’s back. Lou Chen was standing on the inner side; she could also feel the rain hitting her face. Lou Chen moved to the right and said,” There’s a space where you can stand beside me.”

“It’s okay. I am already wet anyway.” Jin Yan Hen turned his back from Lou Chen.

By the level area, there were several clusters of wild yam next to the foothill. The leaf blades were large as a tub. Jin Yan Hen caught two of this yam leaves and lifted it high to cover their heads. Lou Chen also noticed that the rain doesn’t hit her face anymore.

The clothes on his back was almost drenched by the rain. He was diligently standing in place to block the rain on Lou Chen. Lou Chen was almost not touched by the rain, even her face that once got sprinkled was now covered by yam leaves being held by Jin Yan Hen slightly above her head. The water was dripping all the way down his arms. Traces of bandages on his arms were also revealed as his clothes were plastered to his body after being soaked in the rain. Lou Chen knits her brows slightly thinking of his arm that was wounded, he was still hurting and the treatment for his poison was not yet done.

Lou Chen took out of a small jar from her waist. This was her own concoction for detoxification of poison and it naturally not as effective as the antidote for specific poison but in the absence of antidote, she estimated that it was about 60-70% effective in eliminating the toxic compounds.

Chen took out one pill from the jar, put it in her palm, stretched it out in front calling,”‘ Jin Yan Hen.” She then passed him the pill.

Jin Yan Hen did not turn but just casually answered, ”Umm” in acknowledgment. Looking back, he saw a white slim arm stretched in front of him with a black pill lying on a palm. The pill has a faint scent and while holding the yam leaves, he lowered his head sideways to pick up the pill and swallowed it.

Lou Chen hand shivered a little. His warm breath hitting his palm felt a little tickled.

After Jin Yan Hen swallowed the medicine, he found it good and not painful to take. He then asked, “What is this pill?”

Isn’t too late to ask after you eat? Lou Chen took back her hand, ignored the strange feeling in her heart. She just looked away from him and tried to ignore him.

Then a flash of lightning illuminated the ground. Lou Chen noticed that the stone level ground had something on it. She gently pushed Jin Yan Hen and walked out of her position sideways.

Jin Yan Hen saw her walked 6 to 7 steps sideways and then got down on one knee.

Jin Yan Hen hurriedly rushed towards her side to look, immediately he doesn’t know if he will laugh or cry. In front, he was staring at the diamond pattern, pointing inside the mountain?

After examining closely they discovered that under the foot of the mountain there was a gap. The gap was very small and the person had to lie down and go in slowly. Jin Yan Hen picked a stone and threw it inside the gap. He heard a few echoes at the beginning, and then it stopped.

Lou Chen stretched out her hand inside the gap and felt a wind slightly passing. She pulls back her hand and said: “I will go down to take a look.”

Before she got down on her knees to go down, she felt a hand suddenly pulled her shoulder. Jin Yan Hen coaxed her,” I go down and look first.”

Lou Chen looked at him, surprised. His narrow eyes narrowed even more while flashing a grandiose smile, he approached her side self reassuring said, “You’re very touched right?” ”

If he does not say this, perhaps she will really be touched. Lou Chen pushed his wet head to the side with her finger.

Jin Yan Hen released the hands that pulled Lou Chen to wipe the rain water on his head and body, putting aside his teasing he earnestly said,” In your hand is the Cang Feng, your martial arts is also better than mine and you are also a very skilled doctor in detoxification. I will go down first and see the situation. You can rescue me if I encounter any danger. If you go first and encounter any danger, I might necessarily be able to save you.”

He did not wait for Lou Chen to answer, he stuffed the yam leaves in her hand and while caught in surprise not knowing what he was doing, Jin Yan hen fell forward quickly and moved between the gap slowly moved inside.

The leaves of the wild yam were dropping cool rainwater at the back of the hand of Lou Chen but her palm was warm on the part of the stem that Yan Hen was holding before. She was a little confused at the moment doesn’t know what to feel.

The clatter of the rain was very loud; Lou Chen kneel by the crack and barely heard the voice of Jin Yan Hen saying, “There is a pit down here!”

Jin Yan Hen climbed in from the crevice, tried to feel the inside of the cave, only to discover that there was no way ahead, but below was a huge pit like a tunnel. He jumped into the pit. Inside the pit was very dark but he could feel that the pit was very spacious. He feared that Lou Chen who was waiting above would be worried. After saying those few words, he remained in his place and waited for his eyes to adapt to the darkness.

It wasn’t very easy to see his surroundings; everything was fuzzy. Suddenly, he saw a shadow leap from above. Jin Yan Hen was squinting trying to figure what was that shadow. Indeed it was a silhouette of a person, with full of vigilance, he whispered, “Chen’er?”

“Umm.”The chilly unique tone of Lou Chen, although it was only one “um” was enough for Jin Yan Hen to know that it was her.

He called her “Chen’ er ” just moments ago and she responded. What was the meaning of this? Is Lou Chen then giving him permission to call her “Chen ‘er,’?

The surroundings were pitch black, Lou Chen had not seen in Jin Yan Hen’s self-satisfied appearance in his eyes, she only saw that the pit’s tunnel had a small underground river. To be more accurate, it was not really a river but a creek, the water was very shallow and it flows between the stones on the ground. The rain outside was still pouring strongly that it was masking the sound of the water flowing between the stones. Jin Yan Hen said, “This hole is very large since there is water, there should be an outlet somewhere. We follow the water and maybe the assassin is hidden somewhere in the cave.” ”


Lou Chen has a booklet of match that was able to ignite a fire, it was hidden on her waist. This booklet was preserved and has not been soaked by the rain. She feared that if she uses it now to start a fire, it will alert the enemy on the darkness, hide deeper and will cause him to be more dangerous. Therefore the two decided not to ignite a fire. After gradually adapting to the surroundings of the tunnel, they followed the direction of the small brook.

After walking only about ten feet, they suddenly smell a scent of blood transmitting from the distant place. They stopped their footsteps, in the darkness they looked at each other then grasp their weapons.

As they slowly proceeded, the bloody smell was getting richer but they could not feel the breathing of a human being. With a heavy injury, the person was able to hide his breathing this well? This was very unusual.

Lou Chen had a strong suspicion that something was odd. She took out the match from her waist, light up the torch and blew the flame gently to make the flame flourish little bigger. In the middle of pitch dark surroundings, they were able to see clearly around them.

Just as she thought, there was an obscure plant inside the cave where the strong scent of blood was coming from. The plant’s color was entirely scarlet red. Each long sheath of this humble plant was something resembling a ‘meat’. Lou Chen grabbed one of the long leaf blades and crumbled it into her palm. The red juice flowed out and the blood scent grew even stronger. Lou Chen was pleasantly surprised exclaimed softly, “ Yang Wang Cao?!”   (meaning The King’s grass)

This was a truly pleasant surprise. This King’s Grass liked to grow in isolated, dark, damp and cold places. She had seen one in the mountain institute. Her imperial uncle assigned a person to search for this plant for eldest maternal aunt. It took five years before they were able to find one and it was truly treasured by her aunt. She was not expecting that today she will find this treasure here! This was truly incredible.

Under the soft light, Lou Chen’s lips were smiling excitedly. She was looking at the grass closely and ecstatic of her discovery. Jin Yan Hen who occasionally watched the face of Lou Chen for a smile was also pleasantly surprised. This was the first time he had seen her smiling warmly without inhibition and right now he doesn’t know how to describe it. His brain can only think of two words,” very beautiful” and he tried to refrain himself but he still could not help from saying it out loud, “ You’re smile is very beautiful.”

Is this considered flirting? Lou Chen’s smiling lips suddenly turned stiff. Jin Yan Hen seemed like he doesn’t fear death suddenly blurted out, “When you are not smiling, you are still beautiful!”

That’s right! Lou Chen’s eyes swept past Jin Yan Hen and she extended her hand speedily towards him. Jin Yan Hen stepped back but he was too late. He heard a ‘hissing ‘sound of the blue cloth being ripped.

A section of the lower hem of his blue cloth was already torn and he could only look and hold on the other half of the hem. Jin Yan Hen doesn’t know if he should smile or cry. “Chen’er, don’t do be too aggressive. Use words and just ask nicely!”


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