A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

The vast Loushui Mountain’s Sierra have huge vegetation that grew very dense. Finding a person inside was no different than looking for a needle in a haystack.

It was already late autumn but for some reason, the weather was unusually sultry, the two-person had been looking for a more than an hour. Both were sweating profusely searching around but they could not find a clue. Jin Yan Hen wiped his sweat and said, “Luoshui Mountain so big, looking around like this is not the way .”

Truly this is not the way of searching, looking at the vast forest as huge as an ocean. Lou Chen said,” We will focus first on looking inside the nearby caves.”

If the assassin decides to hide in the mountain, they should find a place to rest. They looked at nearly three to four caves, but then again they did not discover any secret code let alone an assassin. While the two were in hurry to find the next cave, they heard thunderclaps. Jin Yan Hen looked at the sky, the cloud was getting darker, the leaves swaying vigorously due to strong wind, scattering the leaves and rolling the dust with it, the lightning was flashing through the clouds. Staying in the mountain in an open will be too dangerous, “There will be a heavy rain soon and it is too late to go down the hill. Let us find a shelter.”

The weather changed very fast. They already hear the sound of the rain rushing, the pitter patter of the water hitting the leaves of the forest, Lou Chen looked around and say, “ Let’s go this way.”

Jin Yan Hen followed Lou Chen towards the North and after running less than a minute at a distance of two-ten feet they reached a long and narrow area. Yan Hen was surprised. He knew that they once passed this shallow clearing and there will be no place to hide at all. He glanced to see Lou Chen who already proceeded. He followed as she made a little turn to find the cave. Lou Chen remembered their position in the forest, not only that, she also surprisingly easily found the shortest route to the nearest cave.

As the two people rushed inside the mountain as the rain intensified. The rain was so strong, it was as if the whole sky was being poured down. The water did not seem to fall in drops; the intensity was like that buckets of water was being poured down from the sky. Jin Yan Hen smiled to his companion and asked, “Having a photographic memory, how does that feel?”

The smile on his lips suddenly disappeared when Lou Chen whispered back to him,”  Playing silly and a dim wit, how does it that feel?”

Jin Yan Hen‘s smile stiffened, they were standing face-to-face. Lou Chen’s back was facing the level  ground and narrow cliff, he was standing before her.

Someone was not quite at ease in this situation especially when he moved even closer. Lou Chen put out her hand and pushes Jin Yan Hen’s shoulder until he was an arm’s length distance.”What the hell are you doing?”

He looked at her innocently, answered her with a pitiful tone in his voice, ”Covering you from the rain. This rain is a downpour.”

The rain outside was truly big, the level area was long but narrow and area they were hiding wasn’t deep. Together with the mighty strong winds, the raindrop almost hits Yan Hen’s back. Lou Chen was standing on the inner side; she could also feel the rain hitting her face. Lou Chen moved to the right and said,” There’s a space where you can stand beside me.”

“It’s okay. I am already wet anyway.” Jin Yan Hen turned his back from Lou Chen.

By the level area, there were several clusters of wild yam next to the foothill. The leaf blades were large as a tub. Jin Yan Hen caught two of this yam leaves and lifted it high to cover their heads. Lou Chen also noticed that the rain doesn’t hit her face anymore.

The clothes on his back was almost drenched by the rain. He was diligently standing in place to block the rain on Lou Chen. Lou Chen was almost not touched by the rain, even her face that once got sprinkled was now covered by yam leaves being held by Jin Yan Hen slightly above her head. The water was dripping all the way down his arms. Traces of bandages on his arms were also revealed as his clothes were plastered to his body after being soaked in the rain. Lou Chen knits her brows slightly thinking of his arm that was wounded, he was still hurting and the treatment for his poison was not yet done.

Lou Chen took out of a small jar from her waist. This was her own concoction for detoxification of poison and it naturally not as effective as the antidote for specific poison but in the absence of antidote, she estimated that it was about 60-70% effective in eliminating the toxic compounds.

Chen took out one pill from the jar, put it in her palm, stretched it out in front calling,”‘ Jin Yan Hen.” She then passed him the pill.

Jin Yan Hen did not turn but just casually answered, ”Umm” in acknowledgment. Looking back, he saw a white slim arm stretched in front of him with a black pill lying on a palm. The pill has a faint scent and while holding the yam leaves, he lowered his head sideways to pick up the pill and swallowed it.

Lou Chen hand shivered a little. His warm breath hitting his palm felt a little tickled.

After Jin Yan Hen swallowed the medicine, he found it good and not painful to take. He then asked, “What is this pill?”

Isn’t too late to ask after you eat? Lou Chen took back her hand, ignored the strange feeling in her heart. She just looked away from him and tried to ignore him.

Then a flash of lightning illuminated the ground. Lou Chen noticed that the stone level ground had something on it. She gently pushed Jin Yan Hen and walked out of her position sideways.

Jin Yan Hen saw her walked 6 to 7 steps sideways and then got down on one knee.

Jin Yan Hen hurriedly rushed towards her side to look, immediately he doesn’t know if he will laugh or cry. In front, he was staring at the diamond pattern, pointing inside the mountain?

After examining closely they discovered that under the foot of the mountain there was a gap. The gap was very small and the person had to lie down and go in slowly. Jin Yan Hen picked a stone and threw it inside the gap. He heard a few echoes at the beginning, and then it stopped.

Lou Chen stretched out her hand inside the gap and felt a wind slightly passing. She pulls back her hand and said: “I will go down to take a look.”

Before she got down on her knees to go down, she felt a hand suddenly pulled her shoulder. Jin Yan Hen coaxed her,” I go down and look first.”

Lou Chen looked at him, surprised. His narrow eyes narrowed even more while flashing a grandiose smile, he approached her side self reassuring said, “You’re very touched right?” ”

If he does not say this, perhaps she will really be touched. Lou Chen pushed his wet head to the side with her finger.

Jin Yan Hen released the hands that pulled Lou Chen to wipe the rain water on his head and body, putting aside his teasing he earnestly said,” In your hand is the Cang Feng, your martial arts is also better than mine and you are also a very skilled doctor in detoxification. I will go down first and see the situation. You can rescue me if I encounter any danger. If you go first and encounter any danger, I might necessarily be able to save you.”

He did not wait for Lou Chen to answer, he stuffed the yam leaves in her hand and while caught in surprise not knowing what he was doing, Jin Yan hen fell forward quickly and moved between the gap slowly moved inside.

The leaves of the wild yam were dropping cool rainwater at the back of the hand of Lou Chen but her palm was warm on the part of the stem that Yan Hen was holding before. She was a little confused at the moment doesn’t know what to feel.

The clatter of the rain was very loud; Lou Chen kneel by the crack and barely heard the voice of Jin Yan Hen saying, “There is a pit down here!”

Jin Yan Hen climbed in from the crevice, tried to feel the inside of the cave, only to discover that there was no way ahead, but below was a huge pit like a tunnel. He jumped into the pit. Inside the pit was very dark but he could feel that the pit was very spacious. He feared that Lou Chen who was waiting above would be worried. After saying those few words, he remained in his place and waited for his eyes to adapt to the darkness.

It wasn’t very easy to see his surroundings; everything was fuzzy. Suddenly, he saw a shadow leap from above. Jin Yan Hen was squinting trying to figure what was that shadow. Indeed it was a silhouette of a person, with full of vigilance, he whispered, “Chen’er?”

“Umm.”The chilly unique tone of Lou Chen, although it was only one “um” was enough for Jin Yan Hen to know that it was her.

He called her “Chen’ er ” just moments ago and she responded. What was the meaning of this? Is Lou Chen then giving him permission to call her “Chen ‘er,’?

The surroundings were pitch black, Lou Chen had not seen in Jin Yan Hen’s self-satisfied appearance in his eyes, she only saw that the pit’s tunnel had a small underground river. To be more accurate, it was not really a river but a creek, the water was very shallow and it flows between the stones on the ground. The rain outside was still pouring strongly that it was masking the sound of the water flowing between the stones. Jin Yan Hen said, “This hole is very large since there is water, there should be an outlet somewhere. We follow the water and maybe the assassin is hidden somewhere in the cave.” ”


Lou Chen has a booklet of match that was able to ignite a fire, it was hidden on her waist. This booklet was preserved and has not been soaked by the rain. She feared that if she uses it now to start a fire, it will alert the enemy on the darkness, hide deeper and will cause him to be more dangerous. Therefore the two decided not to ignite a fire. After gradually adapting to the surroundings of the tunnel, they followed the direction of the small brook.

After walking only about ten feet, they suddenly smell a scent of blood transmitting from the distant place. They stopped their footsteps, in the darkness they looked at each other then grasp their weapons.

As they slowly proceeded, the bloody smell was getting richer but they could not feel the breathing of a human being. With a heavy injury, the person was able to hide his breathing this well? This was very unusual.

Lou Chen had a strong suspicion that something was odd. She took out the match from her waist, light up the torch and blew the flame gently to make the flame flourish little bigger. In the middle of pitch dark surroundings, they were able to see clearly around them.

Just as she thought, there was an obscure plant inside the cave where the strong scent of blood was coming from. The plant’s color was entirely scarlet red. Each long sheath of this humble plant was something resembling a ‘meat’. Lou Chen grabbed one of the long leaf blades and crumbled it into her palm. The red juice flowed out and the blood scent grew even stronger. Lou Chen was pleasantly surprised exclaimed softly, “ Yang Wang Cao?!”   (meaning The King’s grass)

This was a truly pleasant surprise. This King’s Grass liked to grow in isolated, dark, damp and cold places. She had seen one in the mountain institute. Her imperial uncle assigned a person to search for this plant for eldest maternal aunt. It took five years before they were able to find one and it was truly treasured by her aunt. She was not expecting that today she will find this treasure here! This was truly incredible.

Under the soft light, Lou Chen’s lips were smiling excitedly. She was looking at the grass closely and ecstatic of her discovery. Jin Yan Hen who occasionally watched the face of Lou Chen for a smile was also pleasantly surprised. This was the first time he had seen her smiling warmly without inhibition and right now he doesn’t know how to describe it. His brain can only think of two words,” very beautiful” and he tried to refrain himself but he still could not help from saying it out loud, “ You’re smile is very beautiful.”

Is this considered flirting? Lou Chen’s smiling lips suddenly turned stiff. Jin Yan Hen seemed like he doesn’t fear death suddenly blurted out, “When you are not smiling, you are still beautiful!”

That’s right! Lou Chen’s eyes swept past Jin Yan Hen and she extended her hand speedily towards him. Jin Yan Hen stepped back but he was too late. He heard a ‘hissing ‘sound of the blue cloth being ripped.

A section of the lower hem of his blue cloth was already torn and he could only look and hold on the other half of the hem. Jin Yan Hen doesn’t know if he should smile or cry. “Chen’er, don’t do be too aggressive. Use words and just ask nicely!”


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 70  Bājiāo ( aka in English Banana)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 70 Bājiāo (Banana)

After seeing the whole appearance of the little creature, the old man that disembarked with Su Su has eyes opened wide in disbelief and cried, ” A silver fox?!”

A silver fox?! The old man pinched the back of poor creature’s neck, carried him to study it more closely. The little guy’s two front paws kept covering its tiny furry head, while the two hind legs kept in kicking the air. Su Su shook her head in dismay how she could not easily recognize that this tiny soft creature is actually a fox, “This is a fox?” It is too tiny. “It’s really small and light and it feels like just carrying a chick that just hatched.

Su Su’s appearance of disbelief annoyed the old man and told her off the truth, ” Let me tell you, young lady, this silver fox is still very small and this does not look like it has even reached its full month yet!” ” Silver foxes as these are kind that thrives in snowy field, this is a peculiar variety, it extremely spirited also extremely rare, because it is small and moved fast, it is not easy to see them, just because this one is still young that was the only reason you have been able to grasp it.”

Not yet a full month, oh my, Su Su was afraid that he might hurt the little creature. She put the little fellow in the palm of her hand, looked around and said, ” Where is the mother fox?” “Generally small animals when young, the mother will be close by to guard and protect it, even if she is out looking for food, she won’t be just around the vicinity. But when she catches this little one, she did not see any other fox and not even a nest around.

Mo Yuan was watching her and she looked like she wanted to find the mother of the little fox. He explained something about the nature of these animals. “Silver foxes were different from the other foxes, after giving birth, they leave their young alone so the silver fox will try to survive on their own. That’s why they are fast, keen and even at that young age, people had a hard time seizing them.

So, silver fox after birth was left alone in the middle of snow to survive on its own. Su Su felt pity and mercy for this little creature in her palm. But it is survival of the fittest, this is their nature, she has nothing to say. She gently pinched the little fox’s ear and finally, the little fox put its front paws down from his head, tilted head, those pair of gray eyes were now looking at Su Su. Su Su was laughing in admiration, touched its nose and said, “Little poor thing, let me dig you a nest.”

She opened her cloak and threw the little animal inside. Such very tiny creature and she was afraid to put it on the ground, if a passerby did not pay attention to where it is going, it may be stepped on, apparently, she has forgotten just how much time and effort she has to endure before she was able to catch the little creature.

This silver fox is also very clever. After determining that the person will not hurt him, it shrinks itself inside Su Su’s bosom and stayed there without moving.

Mo Yuan was observing what Su Su was doing, he did not say anything but his brows were knitted tightly. Sang Nuan, on the other hand, was just looking, laughing and did not make any comments.

Su Su was squatting seriously trying to dig a nest for the little creature and she was unaware of the expression of the crowd watching behind her. Though this creature was just a small, it will grow up later and better dig a hole bigger as his nest now.

After repeatedly checking that the nest is strong, she nodded with satisfaction, “Very well. ”

Su Su took the little creature out of her cloak when suddenly a cold wind blew, the little fox shook a bit and scurried to go back inside Su Su’s cloak. Su Su was very sharp and grab it quickly to put it in the hole that she dug but just as she was taking her hand back, the little fox fluttered forward, with the short claws almost scraping the wrist of Su Su. Like a hairball tied around her wrist, she tried to shake it off twice. “ Hey, you let go!”

Sang Nuan can’t help laughing more, “ Su Su, I think it liked you and intend on staying and not letting go.”

Sang Nuan was looking at Su Su only to see that on her hand was a white cowhide like a cotton candy wrapped around her wrist that no matter how hard she shook, it won’t loosen. Su Su pinched the neck of the little fox and tried to pull it out small white ball like cowhide , no matter how she tried to shakes it off it won’t let go. She decided to use her other hand pinched the back of its neck and pull it out but the little legs suddenly grabbed her hand with its claws scratching Su Su on the wrist and two beads of blood started rolled out of the wounds, looking like it was cut by blades.

“Hiss! “In fact, the wound doesn’t hurt but thinking of the fact that this tiny animal’s claws are so sharp, when it grew up it would be incredible.

Su Su’s hissing sound was barely a whisper but Mo Yuan who was closely watching still heard it. “ What’s wrong?” Mo Yuan went to Su Su’s side when he saw the little creatures pointed claws, the streaming beads of blood and little fellow’s tongue was licking the blood.

Mo Yuan’s eyes darkened, his big hand reached and quickly grabbed the little creature’s fragile neck and the next moment he flung the little the white furry ball seventy-eight feet away.

Su Su looked at the small white ball that hit the ground rolled few times and it quickly scurried back like a lightning in her direction. The next moment, Su Su felt that her wrist was heavy again and the little fox had been hanging back on her own wrist. Su Su was suspicious when she saw the small shallow pits in the snow. Did the little fellow just get thrown out by Mo Yuan?

Su Su felt helpless and look at the ball hanging on her wrist that constantly licking her wound.

Mo Yuan stared at the little fox that slipped back and at the blink of an eye, with a darkened expression he moved to grab the little fellow to be thrown out again, Su Su quickly cried, “ Please, don’t!”

The little fellow struggled to escape Mo Yuan’s hand, looking at Su Su with eye’s that was about to cry and its small ears were flicking, looking very pitifully, so pitifully.

It was funny. After taking the little creature back from Mo Yuan, the little fellow now behaves well. It stayed motionless in her palm. Su Su sat down again and pointing at the hole that she dug, she coaxed the little fox in a whisper, “ You do not like the nest I dug up for you? You look first before deciding.”

Of course, the little fox does not understand or just pretending not to understand, in short, it even it did, it didn’t even lift its head, not turning to any direction but climbed back to her hand and continued to licked her wound, turned its back away from the hole. Su Su felt irritated and at the same time laughing, “You little fellow, you liked me… … oh, my blood?”

The furry little fellow was so absorbed licking the wounds. Su Su patted its little butt and felt that the furry ball is actually covering a scraggly body. Su Su sighed, ‘Well, then you come with me.”

“Su Su …” The Silver fox is after all still a fox, that by nature is a cunning and ferocious animal. For so many years, he has not heard of a silver fox for they are very rare, also he does not know their habit, this one only seems to have special preferences for blood. Mo Yuan is worried if it grew big, will it hurt her?

Su Su apparently was not worried at all. Patting and rubbing its small ears, said to Mo Yuan with a smile, “Although the legend is deceptive, but my blood can’t be consumed without gain, this being the case with my blood, I am reluctant to accept this difficult job; perhaps, this good for nothing is really a treasure.”

“Right?” While Su Su is talking, she is also patting the little fellow’s head, unfortunately, the little creature’s attention was entirely focused on Su Su’s hand ignoring everything else.

“…” Mo Yuan was thinking and remembered that two people had said it before, this little precious thing could recognize their own and again watching Su Su’s beaming appearance full of smiles, his heart was bursting and he was speechless. He does not want to discuss the matter right now and just put it later. Since she was fond of it at once, he presumed that she could keep it.

Su Su glanced towards Mo Yuan’s shoulder, looked at the complacent Red Falcon with no name, she laughed “My children can’t have no name.” She thought for a moment,” then she said with a laughed, “You will be called … Bājiāo! ( English meaning is banana)

Sang Nuan after resting for a while was felt recharged and now feeling better. After listening to Su Su, she asked smiling brightly, “Why Bājiāo?”

” It sounds nice or perhaps we could name it … … Xiao yín? (meaning Little or Young silver) ”

Sang Nuan mouth twitched. What was she expecting from Su Su? She looked at the little fellow who was attentively never stopped licking Su Su’s wound, she shook her head and sighed, “Bājiāo, it is.”

Su Su was very satisfied with the name and rubbed the silver fox’s head and laughed, “ You little fellow will now be called Bājiāo.”

The wound finally stopped bleeding and the little fox finally took time to lift its head to look at Su Su. She places its face on her palm and looking at the soft little face only the size of dumpling, Su Su was in a very good mood, “ You liked the name too. You be obedient, your master will fill you with enjoyment.”

The man before her has seen how Su Su was with the rare snow silver fox and who now decided to take it in as a pet, the man’s heart was irritated and unhappily commented, “ You are going to Mohist Village to play, now also you will bring a pet?”

Mischievousness had crossed Su Su’s pupil and while holding Bajiao, glanced at Mo Yuan, innocently replied, “If I do not play, what I am supposed to do?”

“…” The man was stopped up, stifled and two eye-popping out in disbelief. Su Su was indeed too much, nobody could handle.

Sang Nuan did not care about the embarrassment and laughed openly. Several Mo people faces don’t look agreeable but rather offended. However, when looked at their Young Master, he only did not say anything instead he too was actually smiling rather than angry?!

Mo Yuan lightly cough,”Ahem, let’s walk.” With just those words, they continued their journey.

She knew that they were going to sleep in the snow. After putting the little fox under her cloak, Su Su went to Sang Nuan to help her and continued to walk, but the snow is getting deeper and deeper and they have been walking 3 hours non- stop before they finally reached the foot of snow-capped mountains.

Su Su looked up the sky, the sunset, and the scenery is very beautiful, also very unkind and now it’s very dark. The mountain does not look high but climbing at night will be too risky. If they have to sleep, they better find a good place at the foot of the mountain to spend the night.

She looked at the man who was leading and said, ” You should send someone up to tell the patriarch and say that someone from Su Family of Qiong Yue is here and seeking the Mo patriarch for the matter of Lingshi, we are at the foot of the mountain and will be waiting for the news. If it is agreeable to the patriarch, then we will go up early tomorrow and if he doesn’t agree, we will immediately turn back.”

The man looked at Su Su and his facial expression changed favorably. So this girl also knew some sense of propriety, knew when to advance or retreat, “Then young miss wait here.”

After the man has spoken, he nodded to several men behind him and turned toward the mountain. A strange thing just happened, after walking just 100 feet, the man’s figure disappeared in front of everyone into thin air…


Dear readers, this translator loved the book series when someone first translated the first two series from Chinese into English. I so loved the story that I even bought the books in Chinese. However, there is no way I could understand the story unless I translate them into English. This is how this hobby started. This is an MTL of a fan.

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume II Chapter 66 Who Dares Bully My Sister Ah Nuang?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume II Chapter 66 Who Dares Bully My Sister Ah Nuan?

Su Su came and guessed correctly the situation inside the cave was not good but had not expected to see such spectacle. At the center of the cave, Sang Leng was holding the silver gun, glaring and pointing the gun towards the Mohists and Yi Dang Jia. Those people were looking at him coldly, also at Sang Nuan that was standing behind him. They were not paying attention to Sang Leng but at the corner of their eyes, they were more concerned about Ao Tian. They were dreading him more than anyone inside that cave.

Sang Nuan’s appearance looked very concerning, her forehead was full of sweat and her face looked deathly pale. She was biting her lower lip as if she was making an effort to stay sober and not faint. Her eyes have no trace of fear or do not seems to back down, her vision was fixed at the people’s eyes opposite her whose eyes were always looking at her with indifference.

Ah Nuan !” Su Su ran to the side of Sang Nuan to hold her shoulder. She felt that the person’s whole body was shaking inside. It does not matter if these people were having a confrontation but for Su Su, she rushed to Sang Nuan’s aid and quickly sat her down on a chair.

When Su Su suddenly ran inside the cave, the Mohist people turned their attention towards the entrance and naturally saw Mo Yuan with that same look of cold indifference.

When the man headed toward Mo Yuan saw his deathly pale face, he had a frown inside his heart. He did not make his reaction obvious and he did not make comment about it but he still moved forward to respectfully salute before him, “ Lord Mo shao shu”.

Mo Yuan did not say anything. He just nodded his head in response and continued standing. This task took an enormous amount of effort from him, just for such simple task, it was consuming all his strength.

Sang Nuan’s body was still shaking even though she was already sitting down. Su Su was greatly worried, wanting an assurance she asked, “Ah Nuan, are you alright?”

Sang Nuan shook her head. Su Su glanced at Mohist people who were looking at Mo Yuan and then looked at Ye Dang Jia who was partly hidden behind the Mohist . Su Su in a tone of voice not caring about what the other party’s reaction asked her, “ Did they bully you?”

Sang Nuan sneered, “ Whatever, anything that came from them is not worthwhile.”

Sang Nuan’s voice was chilly. Her eyes were full of the look of indifference that though she was sitting weakly on the chair at this moment her manner remained imposing.

Yi Meng regretted it so much from the beginning when Mo Sang died, these two bastards were only about two years old. During that time, there were countless men that were loyal to Mo Sang and he does not know if these two children were his own. Only if he were not dreading the Mohist that time, he would have killed them already. If he only knew then what he knew now, that the Mohist were not even aware of their existence! He should have killed these two troublesome bastards then.

His heart was full of anxiousness, also thinking of that traitorous Xiang Erye who actually run off unexpectedly taking with him several people and at leaving him alone. Now, he was by himself. What was more damning was that this wicked woman, Sang Nuan, unexpectedly studied deadly poisons behind his back. In the past he defeated Mo Sang’s poison technique, however, that was many years ago now he must remove Sang Nuan in any event, otherwise, she will get the Wolf Island. If that ever happened he won’t be able to preserve his life. But before any of that, he wants to settle the issue of that woman from Su family, she must be dealt with first.

Yi Dang Jia quietly observed the face of Mo Yuan and in his heart, he thought of something. He pointed at Su Su and said on top of his voice, ” She is to be blamed for this. She was from Su family and she conspired with Sang Nuan, also she is the one who also colluded with Tantai family. Together, they wanted to snatch for themselves the Mohist precious treasure. This woman came on the island with a disguise and tricked Mo shao shu from the beginning. After winning his trust, they then poisoned him! You take a close look at Mo shao shu’s appearance. Didn’t he appeared poisoned and it is by them! There is definitely a conspiracy between Su family and Tantai family! Now that Tantai Ye Lie escaped, do not let this woman escape also!”

Su Su raise her head and stared at him with firmness, in a chilling voice scolded him,” Is that all you have to say? You better shut up now because if you do not shut up this very moment, I will make you shut that mouth forever! ”

Yi Dang Jia suddenly opened his eyes wider, angrily glaring at Su Su , ” Small silly girl, big words do not ……”

Yi Dang Jia does not have the time to finish his words when he felt a bright and cold object touched his nape, followed by the gushing of warm blood. The clamoring person just a moment ago now lay dead.

Ao Jie with a blank expression drew back his sword. After striking his target, he walks silently beside Ao Tian.

The death of Yi Meng, the pirate’s chief, apart from a frown from Su Su’s face, nobody really cared.

The man in his early forties from Mo clan took the initiative to ask Sang Nuan in a tone of apathy, “The thing that Mo Sang left behind, where is it?”

“Except for several books about plants, my mother did not leave anything to me?”

“Look here! Considering that you are a Mohist offspring, hand over Ling Shi and Lingcao of Mo Sang if you think I can’t kill you.” The man’s voice was calm but carried with it an infinite coldness. Su Su knitted her brows and when she was just about to speak, Sang Nuan stood up in reply, “I am not a person of Mohist, I am not in the past and neither in the future! I told you what my mother left behind, none of these things that you claimed. Even if my mother left me with anything, I will not give them over to you; do as you wish to do if you have the ability to do it.”

After saying those words, she reached out with one hand to push Su Su away. Her hand gesturing for her not to come nearer and meddle when out of nowhere, a white mist ascended from her fingertips but it did not scatter but her intention was set clearly.

The people of Mohist clan definitely saw clearly the white mist from Sang Nuan’s hand. Their expressions changed whereas the indifferent eyes were now covered with vigilance and an intention to strike back.

“That’s enough.” A man’s whisper sounded in an instant. That whisper shook the two groups of people like a quake. They could not refrain themselves from falling one step back.

He still dared to use his internal force unexpectedly! Su Su raised her head and watched the man that was still standing at the threshold of the cave. She then heard that cold voice once more, ” I got the Ling Shi. I also looked everywhere on the Island. Younger Aunt did not leave behind any relics.”

Su Su felt strange and wondered what his heart’s intent was. He has the Lingcao and the jade tassels of Mo Sang, why was he claiming that he does not have the relics in possession? What was Mo Yuan planning now?

After listening to the words of Mo Yuan, the chief elder did not want to make things more awkward with Sang Nuan and replied, “ Since this is the case, the Ling Shi was found, give Mo shao shu back to his servants. “

Su Su seemed to feel that these Mohist elders truly respect Mo Yuan. Their respect was not only because he was their leader but it was coupled with a deep reverence .

Su Su was carefully analyzing and observing these people when she heard Mo Yuan called them, “ You come with me.”

Su Su wanted to call out after him and stop him, owing to the fact that his health was not suitable to show off such endogenic power again. But in the end, she did not make a noise thinking that Mo Yuan had a reason for doing what he does. Though it was unclear to her whatever his planning, she did not believe that it will add further to the chaos.

Su Su just exclaimed a sigh and look back just to see Sang Nuan paralyzed and collapsed on a chair. The white mist from the air has long vanished. Her face was deathly pale but her lips have a trace of a sneer, smiling to her coldly, assuring her that she was alright. Su Su suddenly thought of something… …

“Uncle Ao, Su Su will ask your help and do me one more favor?”

Ao Tian looked at her stern and serious appearance with some curiosity. “Help.” She seldom uses this word.

Su Su shook her head, “ What do you say Ah Nuan, let’s go to the medical shed.”

Su Su and Sang Leng held Sang Nuan together and returned to the medical shed, sitting her down on the chair, Su Su suddenly asked, “Ah Nuan, could you also help?” ” What do you want to do?” Sang Nuan was puzzled, the poison of Mo Yuan she already tried her best to managed . There are no other people who was injured by poison, what does she need in her place?Seeing that Sang Nuan’s spirit was pretty good, Su Su said to Sang Leng that was standing nearby, “Sang Leng , help me find an incense burner and a fragrance.”

Sang Leng looking at her strange behavior, asked, “ What are you going to do? “

Su Su glared at him and said with a snort, “ Just find it and you will see.”

Sang Nuan knew that Su Su could be very well into some funny weird stuff, without thinking said to them, “You do not need to look everywhere. The medical shed has one, it’s in a low cabinet.”

Sang Leng went over to open the low cabinet and inside there was really a small incense burner and a fragrance less than half full. Su Su let him put the fragrance on the table and then moved the table towards the door front.

“Uncle Ao, I want to swear sisterhood with Ah Nuan properly. In my heart you are an elder, I thought of you to help me and become our witness.”

Su Su suddenly said such words and Ao Tian expression did not change, but on the other hand, the siblings were greatly surprised and shout at the same time, “ Su Su?!”

When Ao Tian heard Su Su previously that she wanted an incense burner and fragrance, he already guessed correctly what she wanted to do. Sweeping a glance at Sang Nuan and Sang Leng’s shocked faces, Ao Tian commented with a smile, “You have not sworn brotherhood yet?”

“Before it was to prevaricate Yi Dang Jia, it was said casually, however this time it is to swear before the incense with heaven and earth as a witness .”

Su Su’s face was very solemn, Ao Tian knew then that for her it was not a joke, but still, he has to verify, “ Have you thought about it and have no doubts about it?”

Su Su nodded and earnestly replied, ” I am very sincere and have no doubts about it.” She truly appreciated Sang Nuan before. During that time when she discovered that the murderer was Sang Nuan, she was awfully sad and distressed. However, she felt sorry for her and loved her more dearly, this woman, granted if she was not same as a lotus to grow out the mud unblemished* (figuratively means principled and incorruptible) , to survive in the middle of steep escarpments, even plum flower have to survived the poor frosty environment and has to be equally stubborn to bloom fully. She liked her and enjoyed her company. She loved to be her sister! Ao Tian was never a stodgy nor pedantic as a person since Su Su established it in her heart, he will not oppose, ” Well then, let’s begin.”Su Su smiled gleefully and picked up the incense and was about to light it up but heard a voice of a woman’s whisper, “ No”.

Su Su frowned, “Ah Nuan , don’t you want to?” Sang Nuan smiled and in a soft lowly voice coldly said, “You are the only daughter of dignified Su clan and your status full of honor, your virtue is incomparable to be tied to you as a sworn sister. Forget it, I am alright.” Su Su felt sorry if she is a young Mo lady, but she will never be a Mo lady, she will even take the initiative to boast and swear sisterhood. But, since she is just a pirate, hands were covered with the blood of the pirate.. … that’s why she thought they do not deserve to be sworn together.

“I want to be sworn with you not to boast my noble identity, though I am a daughter of Su family which is right I am still just Su .” Su Su looked at Sang Nuan with a dazzling smile. Sang Nuan deeply sighed, “Su Su, I am a pirate.” How could a Su possibly accept a pirate as their daughter’s sworn sister, in the end, I might incriminate you to get a scolding from your family members.”

Su Su cannot comprehend it, pirate? Her mother often mentions of the Northwest warrior rider chief and about their head of the clan named Mu Cang. Mother was full of praise for her. Su Family never asked them to look at the status of their friends, it is not like younger auntie of Su family, she has to marry father’s youngest brother no matter what just to steal the surname.

“I care whether you are a noble daughter or a pirate, we hit it off well and I liked being sworn to you. I am the person you are sworn with, why you are over thinking so much? “

Su Su stared at Sang Nuan with a sweeping look, very earnest and loving. Sang Nuan surprisingly cannot think of words to refute her, “You… …”

Sang Nuan tried to shirks continually and Su Su was starting to be annoyed, ” You are so womanishly fussy? Vowing or not vowing? Say something.”

Sang Nuan this moment was biting her lip until she gradually tasted blood in her mouth. When she finally firmly made a decision, “ Will vow!” Now she was ready for any sacrifice, Su Su was like a light to her life and she wanted to seize this light.

Su Su was overjoyed, lit six incense and handed three to Sang Nuan, with their body facing towards the door, bend their knees and swore before the burning incense.

“I, Su Su, today swear and bond with Sang Nuan as my sister, from this day and onward, for good times and bad times we will be sisters, if I violate this oath, let God in the heaven bring me my punishment!”

“I, Sang Nuan, today swear and bond with Su Su, from now on and forever, for good times and bad times, we will be sisters, if I violate this oath, let God in the heaven bring my punishment !”

After they vowed their way, they rose and smiled at each other. Su Su grabbed Sang Nuan’s hand and said gleefully, “ Very good. Ah Nuan is now my sister, no one can bully you!” Sang Nuan also firmly grab Su Su’s hands and firmly shaking it gently and softly making a pledge, “ Su Su I will never let anyone bully you.” Su Su smiled and nodded. Sang Nuan suddenly clearly said to tease, bending slightly towards her, softly whispered, “Oh, also cousin too. I will not let him bully you.”

” Ah?” Who?


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 62 Taking Advantage of Your Illness?

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 

Volume II Chapter 62 Taking Advantage of Your Illness

       Su Su chuckled and that sly light shone brightly in her eyes, “This is called to reply in kind. He calculated on others and he did not think others can calculate him? ” Let that jerk be injured and poisoned with nothing to gain actually! Compared with her, she can be despicable also. He overestimated his own capability! Hump! At normal times, she just simply felt like doing something also beneath her dignity!

      Mo Yuan looked at his side, her hand was holding the jade key and the ‘píngān fú‘. She stuffed the items into his hands. This woman right now was incomparably in state of bliss, laughing happily. His heart also was filled with a hint of happiness, she’s really crafty, very cunning … … making a person be pleased and be fond of her.

     Su Su’s eyes fell on Mo Yuan and the soaked insulated old paper bag. She suddenly remembered something and hurriedly fishes out the yellow ‘píngān fú ‘. It was properly preserved well in her waist all the while though it has some blisters and little moist. Su Su handed them also to Mo Yuan saying, ” And this is also for you.”

     Mo Sang tomb had only these two relics stored inside the box, one of which was the ‘píngān fú ‘or the old insulated paper bag. Obviously, this paper was very important also to Mo Yuan because after seeing the wooden box held by Tantai Ye Lie, his attitude suddenly transformed. It was very unusual for him. Numerous signs were showing that the simple yellow paper bag of ‘safe charm’ that she treated casually was not actually that simple. When Mo Yuan gave her the ‘píngān fú‘ that time also said she must, of course, return it to him afterward, so she thought, the earlier the better. Su Su stretched her hand forward and said, “I think this thing should very precious, you take it back and keep it.”

    After seeing the yellow paper bag in front of him, Mo Yuan’s unsightly face looked even worse. Knowing that this was very precious, but actually, she does not want it? The reasonable Mo Yuan inexplicably churned in anger and passing Su Su a look that reveals some spunk of anger.

     What’s going on here? Did she say anything wrong? When she was passing the yellow paper, Mo Yuan looked like he wanted to strangle her. Su Su’s back turn cold, since childhood she always confident with her intuition and believed in them. Su Su immediately drew back her hand and laughed embarrassingly, ” Ahh… … there is still a war, the ‘píngān fú‘, I will have to fight first and then give it back to you.

     Su Su saw Mo Yuan’s black eye squinted, groaned secretly, but it was good because suddenly there was a sound of hurried footsteps behind her to rescue her from her predicament.

    “Su Su!” Sang Nuan came rushing, her forehead was full of sweat and entered the room looking at Su Su from head to toe, her eyes full of worry. It warmed Su Su’s heart.

     Su Su took Sang Nuan to the bed, said, “Ah Nuan, I am alright. Mo Yuan was poisoned. Quickly take a look at him.”

     Sang Nuan turned to see Mo Yuan and cannot help but shocked with fright. She immediately stroked his wrist to take his pulse. Her heart was startled, where did Mo Yuan catch such overbearing and strange poison? If not for his internal strength, he would have been dead at that moment. Even so, the poisonous gas attacks the arteries and goes straight to the heart and when his internal energy was used up, without a doubt he will die.

    Sang Nuan got up with Su Su behind her to say that Mo Yuan’s situation was very critical, but she felt that a big hand clasped her wrist. Sang Nuan got the hint and swallowed back the words she was about to say.

     Su Su looked up the sky and it was nearly noontime. There was Sang Nuan now.  Mo Yuan should be able to be taken care of and get treatment. If she stayed behind what she can actually do? She can’t be of any help to him. She better focused on the matter that she can handle. To avoid more distress, Su Su stood behind Sang Nuan and whispered, ” Soon it will be noontime, I have to go to prepare to fight in battle. Ah Nuan, you rest assured that I will not let them easily land on the island, be at ease and take care of him!”

    The gaze from Mo Yuan’s black eyes was indifferent. Sang Nuan took a deep sigh nod gently, “Ah, go ahead.”

     Su Su gestured to Ao San standing at the gate and called out, “Ao San, let’s go.”

    Su Su left the medical shed with Ao San without looking back but clutching the ‘píngān fú tightly in her hands.

     Su Su was gone and out of sight, only then the grip that was holding Sang Nuan’s wrist slowly loosened.

    When Su Su arrived at the coast, Wolf Island’s two warships and Ju ling Island’s seven warships were already at the seashore in battle formation, as she had arranged the day before. The ships were in butterfly formation and the largest warship was standing at the middle like a black hawk with the black sail flapping like wings ready to swoop on its prey.

Su Su narrowed her eyes looking at the bow where she stood originally. This moment there was a tall figure standing, silver mane blown by the wind conspicuous against the black hull and sailing, wearing boundless anger ready to vent, look like raging a ‘great sea eagle’ to raise and fight the battle.

     Su Su jumped forward, rode the waves and finally leaped using the ‘Shiba Liang’, gliding herself on the left of the bow beside Ao Tian. ” Uncle Ao.”

     Ao Tian obviously heard the news. After seeing Su Su, there was no hint of surprise in his eyes but it was actively looking around her body while glancing at her, ” You are not injured?”

     Su Su smiled, “I’m fine, really.”

     Ao Tian went behind her and searching for the shadow of Mo Yuan but he was not really with her, “Does his poison have a cure?”

    Su Su’s body suddenly froze, shook her head for she did not know how to answer. She had no idea. She felt a suppression from her chest, both worry and annoyance, Su Su looked at Ao Tian smiling and said, “Uncle Ao, since I came back, you are relegated as deputy commander-in-chief.”

     Ao Tian did not mention Mo Yuan again, gently patted her head, smiled and said, ” Good, I would also like to see how much of your father and mother ‘s abilities and skills have you learned.”

    Su Su laughed but did not say a word. Tantai Ye Lie was highly poisoned and she does not know where he was hiding but she was definitely nowhere near the forthcoming warships. Although, he made previous arrangements, the position for commander he had not anticipated. Even if he had arranged quite well,  but for this group of the military without a leader..? This time she was waiting within anticipation to stamp someone and repay back with severe beatings?

“They are coming!” The one that stood as a watchman on the high platform saw the dark shadow of the enemy and shouted.

Su Su looked up, very punctual, just a right at noontime!

Previously, in the midst of the fog, giant warships gradually appeared in sight in the middle of the crowd. There were ships after ships, several large-size warships arranged in a row. Kudos to Mo Yuan, today’s fog compared to the previous ones was very thick and they can only see two or three ships in the fog. The warships behind were not visible except the surface of the red blood flag. It was like the day when they first approached the island and made the challenge, strangely, the ships paused in its place and remained motionless.

What does it mean? While Su Su was trying to analyze the movement of the opposition and their fighting array, she suddenly heard two loud sound. Bang ..bang… it was coming from the rear… … sound of warship firing off!

Uncle Ma was deployed by Sang Nuan around the side of Su Su to help in coordinating and leading the Pirates in the confrontation. At this moment, he was also standing beside Su Su, heard the explosion and his face changed dramatically. He turned his head to look quickly and saw that at the rear of Wolf Island, smoke rose rapidly and the sound of shelling lingers faintly, seemingly fighting with magnificence.

At the reef beach only Sang Leng was there leading four warships. Ma Shu was worried and whispered, “Do they intend to sneak attack from behind? Do you want us to go for support?”

Su Su narrowed her eyes, lightly hummed and replied, ” There is no need, Sang Leng will be able to hold them back, even if they get into the jungle, Sang Nuan has long made a countermeasure. Our goal is to keep the front, make sure things do not fall in chaos.”

She was just guessing why warships in the front were motionless and now she would like to see and understand. Tantai Ye Lie even if he did not use the waterway to leave the tomb, he still needs the rocks on the beach to leave the island. These ships surely came to for support and to his rescue. He was highly poisoned at the moment. These warships were here not because of zealousness. They were absolutely not interested in fighting and in the end, will definitely pull back.

But at present, the warship remained motionless, hiding inside the dense fog, she cannot see clearly how many ships were present. It was mentally and for once she worried what was behind those ships. She hesitated in making a move and not sure with her own array. If at this time, Liao Yue has more warships and threw a bite like a wild wolf, surely they will end up swallowed in their belly.

The purple copper fan turned in her hand. Su Su only wanted the front warships, spoke and said, ” Let us go up since they do not want to leave the dense fog, then let them stay there and do not let them come out.”

Su Su cracked a grin. They can stay inside the fog as long as they want because this fog was prepared for them, together with a lot of poison and assassins. She cannot waste it.

This time Su Su took the initiative to attack and indeed just as she thought, six warships lay siege of the reef beach and came to the aid of Tantai Ye Lie and what she did not expect was that Tantai Ye Lie took refuge and hiding at Wolf Island ship! The man standing on the bow was not someone else, exactly brazenly-faced and shameless, this man Xiang Erye. while early on, he came around Sang Leng offering his assistance.

Inside the cabin, Tantai Ye Lie was lying in a small wooden bed, two deputy generals were defending his side, a white beard old man was taking his pulse and he was lost for words after a long time.

The deputy generals could not bear it and asked, “How ‘s the General?”

The old man’s head was sweating and shook his head. The voice full of tremor said, “This poison is too strange and for the poison, this old man … … this old man is not able to administer and control”.

Seeing the general’s ghastly pale appearance, this military doctor was useless at this point. The heart of the deputy general was greatly irritated and shouted, “Incompetent, go away!”

After hearing the words of the old man, Tantai Ye Lie slowly opened his eyes. It was bloodshot red and his face grayish showing that the poison was attacking the arteries of the heart. He took the wooden box from under his sleeves after so much effort, handed it to the deputy general and in an intermittent speech that one could hardly hear his words, “If … … I have a mishap, this … … the box, you must be hand over to … … Father ‘s hands,. Make sure of this! “

It was like listening to the last words and confession. The deputies panicked after hearing this and they did not dare get the wooden box, anxious and urgently replied, “General don’t say that! You will certainly be alright! “

The wooden box was small and after some resistance, its cover shoved open at the seam unexpectedly. Tantai Ye Lie was staring at the wooden box and the grayish complexion became ghastly. He saw that the inside of the box was empty, nothing inside. Tantai Ye Lie was stunned also his chest was burned with anger. Suddenly felt a pungent gas gushing out then vomited black blood.

“General!” The two deputies quickly came forward.

Tantai Ye Lie shoved the deputy general’s arm that was supporting him. Staring intently at the empty wooden box, clenched his jaws, “Su Su! Well played Su Su! “

The deputy generals followed Tantai Ye Lie for many years and had never seen general appearance looked the way he looked now. Glancing at the empty wooden box they knew, the general had been fooled with certainty. In the past, the general by nature if embarrassed like this, he will not frustrate himself and repress his hate to his bone but will raise his temper against that person. But at his moment he was tightly clutching the empty box with his five fingers, blue veins sticking out, with darkened eyes of anger. In his eyes there was anger but not murderous…. it was really strange!

   ∼♥♥♥∼  ∼♥♥♥∼

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 9 Miss Qu’s Obsession

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 9  Miss Qu’s Rigid Obsession

She suddenly heard Jin Yan Hen chuckling. Qu Ning  Shuang suspiciously looked up at him and caught him blinked at Lou Chen said with mouth grinning wide, ” If you will tumble down to fall Chen’er, it should not be without purpose and to never do it in vain.”

“A moment ago, you deliberately tripped me?!” Qu Ning Shuang finally knew at that moment that she could be murderer herself because this person does not know who he was fooling. Who cares if Jin Yan Hen or this other person involved works in the government? She, on the other hand, has also long hands.  However, standing in front of a slender body having the temperament of the coldness under her beautiful stature, Qu Ning Shuang inexplicably cannot fully let go of her tumultuous anger.

Instead with agitation waved her hand triumphantly and seriously looking like unaffected, “Forget about it, but what have you discovered?”

Jin Yan Hen was keeping an eye on Qu Ning Shuang ready to enjoy the fun of the incident. However, he was secretly disappointed because he made way for his own defeat and failed to use Lou Chen to “kill from a borrowed knife”.

Jin Yan Hen’s provocation to this little trick and tease, Lou Chen did not pay any consideration to join him.  When she glanced at Qu Ning Shuang, she decided instead to help her. She shared the rationale, “If he was not injured, he habitually uses his right hand.”

Qu Ning Shuang was very surprised! How did she know? She recalled carefully the moment of the incident. After she fell down, Feng Qian Feng got up immediately with an expression of vitality on his face and he does not look angry. His movement was agile and did not look like he was in pain. Nothing will indicate that his body was suffering from an injury. As for habitually using the right hand… ….Qu Ning Shuang remembered when he said that he must pour tea for them to drink, his right hand held the pot. When he crawled out from the ground that time, he was also supported with the right hand.

Qu Ning Shuang was very upset, these things, she also obviously saw and how come she did not think of it beforehand? Qu Ning Shuang sighed deeply because of disappointed and said, “So he is not really a murderer. “

Lou Chen slightly knits her brows.  Considering the time for Qu Ning Shuang to take such length of time to come to such a conclusion she was somewhat saddened and pitied her. A cold voice replied, “I have already mentioned from the beginning that there are two murderers. When questioned by Jin Yan Hen if Feng Qian Feng visited Wang’s residence before 7-9 pm, he said he did not go to Wang’s residence and he was very calm. But when he was questioned if the dead were really dead indeed when he visited the Wang’s residence, he said he did not touch a knife but at the same time, he was at the state of panic. His eyes were flashing indicating that he was lying. When you knocked him down that was when his mother helped him to speak. He came back to his senses after being briefly distracted by you. He was pondering in the end how he should answer.

“Right!” Qu Ning Shuang did not hear that in the cold voice of Lou Chen, it was buttered with light spunk. She continued adding her analysis, “The alibis that he said afterward are really impeccable.  I simply asked if the dead was really dead with the knife after he found her, he did not move after that and he gave a detailed description of his itinerary for the day. He stressed specifically that he was not able to go to Wang’s residence before Xu (7-9pm).

“Wait a minute! You said we are looking at two murderers, how did you know that the murderers were two people, who is the second murderer then?”

This time, Lou Chen did not answer her unlike before, instead, she simply turned away.

Once again she felt so ignored, Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s temper flared, staring at Lou Chen’s back and shouted, “Do not just walk away! Speak clearly!”

Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s looked like she would like to murder her. Lou Chen, on the other hand, did not even care to turn her head, ” A person said before that she wants to become the most outstanding bailiff and medical forensic in all Liao Yue has ever known. One must learn to ponder and analyze the issue. Why always depend on others by asking questions? This kind of person is not qualified to become a constable and not to mention a medical examiner.” Her chilly voice reverberates in the silent residential alley and each utterance was, by and large, pounding a person’s heart.

Qu Ning Shuang clenched her fists with eyes flushed red. Nobody dared to talk back to her from her infancy to maturity.  Everyone was telling her that she was smart and capable. Only this woman actually dared look down on her, hmmp. She does not need to ask anymore. She was able and can certainly think through!  

Qu Ning Shuang wiped her tears and ran quickly out of the road.

Jin Yan Hen on his toe point and lightly followed Lou Chen’s direction.  After about 2-3 miles of catching up with her towards Shenshan Mountain, he lost that black figure. If his direction was not wrong, then only one thing can explain it and he was frustrated was that fact, Lou Chen’s qing gong was better than him … …


The next day at  “Thousand Herbs” Hospital, time was between 9-11 am… …

This particular morning, it seems that there were more patients visiting the hospital than normal. At the entrance there, were many people coming and going, but there was a person that was especially noticeable.  

It was a woman. She was standing straight in front of the hospital. The woman had red eyes and dark circles under the eyes that looked scary. Her spirit, however, was full of excitement and those that see her, unconsciously stayed at a distance from her.

As Lou Chen arrived at the gate that time, she saw  Qu Ning Shuang in such a state.

Of course, Qu Ning Shuang also saw her and she did not wait for Lou Chen to come to her but went up to greet her, “I have something to say to you.”

“Let us hear it inside.” Lou Chen said softly. Qu Ning  Shuang suddenly stops the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She also noted that people around them to coming and going and it was not a conducive place to speak freely about the matter.

They walked in the door of Thousand Grass Hospital, Fang Ru Hui came over appeared like he had been waiting for a long time. “Miss Lou, you came.”

Lou Chen bowed slightly to greet him. Standing in her side was Qu Ning Shuang in which after seeing Fang Ru Hui, her whole body just suddenly felt stiff. She quickly moved a step back and stood behind Lou Chen and said in a low voice, ” Elder brother Hui. “.

Fang Ru Hui gawked for a moment and thoughtfully asked,  “Miss Qu you don’t look so good.” Not only that her facial expression was not quite good, something also seemed wrong.

Qu Ning Shuang lowered her head, laughing and said with a smile, “I am all right.”

Seeing that this girl cannot find her way out of her predicament and try to find a good excuse, Lou Chen finally spoke to her rescue.  “So, where are the patients?”

Qu Ning Shuang abnormally turned like this, Fang Ru Hui was not naturally good at staring at girls and taking notice about their looks and appearances, he, therefore, followed Lou Chen’s lead saying, ” Oh, now well, I will lead you to your room first.”

Fang Ru Hui led the two through the front yard separating the pharmacy and behind it was a small courtyard which will serve as a clinic. The building consists only of two rooms, Fang Ru Hui opened one of the rooms letting them in.

 “Is Miss Lou satisfied with this room?”

The room was not small. There was a small bed in the middle separated by the screen on both sides. Inside also was a wooden table, a few chairs, the table full of pen and paper, and silver needles for acupuncture was ready for use. The building was decorated with a gauze curtain and few pots of flowers were sitting on the windowsill. The ambiance of the place will make a person relaxed. Fang Ru Hui was indeed a careful and considerate person.

 The Lou Chen nodded slightly and replied, “This is very good.”  

Fang Ru Hui guessed that the two have something that they want to talk about. Tactfully excused himself,” I let you talk privately. I will leave first.”

Once Fang Ru Hui got out, Qu Ning Shuang cannot repress her excitement and hastily stand in front of Lou Chen, proudly and impatiently said, “Last night, I sat on the eaves where you were standing before and looked for a long time. I finally figured it out. The blood trail mark of the location is verrry long… A person injured in the chest if he wanted to want to climb that far, it will at least take a column of incense fragrance. The murderer had been injured and it is impossible to wait for the victim crawling only to finish the job. So, the murderer after stabbing the victim with the knife escaped towards the wall where the bloodstains were. After he left, he actually did not return. The victim was already stabbed with a knife and there must be another person who certainly used a different knife, so are the two stabbing marks and therefore two murderers. Feng Qian Feng has full of alibi for the time of the incidence that he was not present at the scene, what a fortunate coincidence. Certainly, the first murderer already reached an agreement with another murderer. After the first murderer stabbed with his knife, he quickly escaped and did not even dare to venture a look at the dying person for he himself was injured, obviously this person is not a habitual criminal.  Feng Qian Feng may I dare to say that he is the kind of person who plotted a conspiracy and the other person he plotted with is definitely someone close to him.”

After she finished, Qu Ning Shuang  looked provocatively  at Lou Chen, with the kind of expression that says “see now, you can’t say that I am also like the one that  can think through!”

“Have you finished?”

 Qu Ning Shuang thought and she was sure nothing was missed, replied and said,” I said it all!”

Lou Chen nodded and said, ” Then let go, you are delaying others’ time.”

 “Ah ?” Now, Qu Ning Shuang followed Lou Chen’s vision looking outside the room and there she saw in the small courtyard about 2-3 females and others waiting for a consultation.

Qu Ning Shuang prepared herself to go out, but also thought she still must not forget to ask if her analysis  was  right or wrong  so very quickly added, “You  did not say anything if I am correct!”

Lou Chen with her very rare smile, replied, “You’re right .”

After finally getting an affirmation, Miss Qu’s mood was very good and said with a smile, “I will go to visit the backstreets of Wang Si’s residence to investigate more to see if anyone has seen that villain! I will go first!” Then she excitedly left and run outside.

Perhaps this girl can really become an outstanding constable and medical examiner. Intelligent but not conceited, persistent and hard-working, most importantly, she has the enthusiasm.

Mother said she was all good, except for the lack one thing,  being warm to the people matters very much, she did not have that show of enthusiasm. Lou Chen ridiculed herself and laugh, passion in the end … … how that felt?

Today, was her first day to examine patients. Women who came to see a doctor were not that many and their miscellaneous illnesses were not really difficult. Lou Chen took their pulses and wrote the prescription and then let them go.

Evidently, Fang Ru Hui was only letting her see female patients. Lou Chen also was happy to leisure. After waiting for a while and seeing that no patients came in, Lou Chen intended to see the situation of Zhang Jing. If she improved, it was better to let her go home, so that the two children need not worry about her.

Lou Chen just arrived in front of Zhang Jing’s room, she heard the familiar male voice, “Chen’er,  good morning. Two of us are really fated to meet. I am here to investigate.”

If this man was to be compared with Qu Ning Shuang, Jin Yan Hen can be regarded simply as the ‘spirited mouth ’(or enthusiastic mouth), always grinning and smiling. Lou Chen was having an impulse to slap him in the face. Seeing that the pretty girl’s facial reaction was slightly unwelcoming,  Jin Yan Hen hastily pats the back of the man with him and said, “I am really here to investigate the case. The murderer was heavily injured and will surely need treatment.  In the whole town of Luoshui, there are only three medical hospital and seven pharmacies. Before we visited this hospital, we have already checked the pharmacies. The ‘Thousand Herbs’ is the last one we visited hoping to gather some clues.

Standing beside Jin Yan Hen was a person that who was calm and present also during the arrest of Wang Si.

The man also obviously recognized Lou Chen and nodded in a friendly way, says with a smile, “Call me Mu Yan, how do I address you miss?”

“Lou Chen.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you. I am most fortunate.” Facing such an aloof beautiful female, Mu Yan really doesn’t know what to say. Perhaps, Jin Yan Hen, how this ruffian can always find the words to say since he doesn’t have any.

Mu Yan smile became more and more awkward. Finally, Fang Ru Hui came in the corridor leading three old doctors with him.

Upon seeing Lou Chen, Fang Ru Hui quickly asked, “Lou Chen, is there anything you need?”

Lou Chen shook her head and replied, “No, there are not many women patients this morning. I came out for a casual walk. “

Fang Ru Hui smiled and nodded. He did not say anything more, turned to face Jin Yan Hen and Mu Yan, said, “These three are the doctors who worked on the 14th. They were the ones on duty who   examined the patients.”

Several people were standing in the corridor and it was difficult to speak in that situation. Fang Ru Hui invited the few people standing in the aisle inside the small compartment. Lou Chen did not go in and just remained standing at the entrance.  Jin Yan Hen unexpectedly did not go in also but leaned on the door and dashed a wink at Lou Chen.

Lou Chen also looked and understood that everyone present is in official mission investigating the crime. Jin Yan Hen cannot speak in a moment however Miss Qu, of course, is an exception.

Mu Yan focused his attention on the three doctors cupping one of his hand over his heart and then said, “We will delay you for half a quarter of an hour.  I would like to know this month on the 14th close to 3-5 pm in the afternoon if there is anyone who came to be examined with the wound, that wound is not small. “

The three doctors looked at each other, with a puzzled look but did not ask anything. They thought for a moment and the oldest doctor first replied, “I was not comfortable that day because of low back pain and left at 5-7 pm. I did not see any patient with a flesh wound.”

Mu Yan nodded and looked to another super-fat doctor, he stroked his beard and thought for a moment, only said,”I did see two, one was a child, probably 8 years old, was scalded by hot water. The second was a man, who said that he was chopping firewood and carelessly injured his foot by the hatchet, the wound is big.”

 “When did he come?”

 “Probably … …3 to 5 p.m about three quarters.”

Wang Si at the moment after leaving, the murderer cannot in such a short period of time get into the house to kill and then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Mu Yan looked at the last doctor, but unfortunately, his answer was not surprising. “I saw the patients that afternoon, but there was no trauma.”

Mu Yan catches the eye of Jin Yan Hen, who simply shrugged and said, “Since we found nothing then let’s go around nearby Loushi town to look.”

The few people were about to walk out of a small enclosure, Fang Ru Hui who had been quietly standing at  side  suddenly said, “On that day when the hospital was about to close, there is this person.”

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Chapter 59 The Strange Tomb Part 1


A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List 

Volume II Chapter 59 Strange Tomb Part 1

Su Su was still thinking and wanted to ask a question that was bothering her heart but she suddenly heard a light sound. The stone platform under their feet vibrated unexpectedly. Mo Yuan quickly held her tightly as the stone they were standing on quaked violently. She felt that it was sinking and the two became anxious and immediately drew back few steps .

The ground stopped vibrating and the cave restored back to its normal
tranquility. The group now can see that the stone platform right in the middle of the cave sunk less than one ten feet deep revealing a hole. A borrowed light from the mouth of the cave above head , there were some weak light shining down .

Although the cave light was very weak that one can barely see, it was clear for a person that there was truly that dark and foreboding hole that opened. It was pitch black inside that cave and a person cannot see the surroundings that even the hand that reached out seemed to disappear from blackness**.

The cave was similar to a beast with a big mouth opened waiting for its prey, waiting for someone willing to sacrifice their lives to death.

**Shēn shǒu bù jiàn wǔ zhǐ (idiom used to described this meaning hand or fingers that reached out disappeared or seemed to be missing

Su Su was staring at that black hole, wondering in her heart if she must go,when she haven’t made any decision, the man opposite them darted inside the hole and in a blink vanished in the darkness.

Is that Tantai Ye Lie? He rushed in the dark cave unexpectedly. Su Su
remembered, she did not tamper anything heedlessly a moment ago. Mo Yuan was just beside her and they were talking, she was sure they did not touched anything, however the ground suddenly shook? She thought that it could be Tantai Ye Lie’s and his actions was sort of unusual. She could recognized thathis understanding of this tomb pit was much clearer than them, moreover shehad a notion that he was there for this tomb pit.

Su Su clenched her teeth and decided to follow behind him however her wrist immediately felt tight. Mo Yuan caught her and pulled her back. Su Su whispered, “My red copper scale fan was with Tantai Ye Lie, I want to take it back. Moreover if we stay here, I could not go out. I have to find another way to  exit also, obviously Tantai Ye Lei is after this tomb pit, don’t you want to know what he has on his mind?”

The two people listening were silent, but then he took her to the cave entrance. She was being led by the hand in which she was not accustomed, she was not led by hand by anyone before. She wanted to be able to move freely however this person firmly clasped her hand more tightly and the deep voice sounded cautiously, “ This is very dangerous, hold tight unto me.”

Su Su wanted to tell him that holding her was more dangerous, if they encounter unexpected situation, their hands were not free to play. She does not understand why Mo Yuan was holding her hand and refuses to let go.

His hand had wound and she felt that his palm was getting wet. She feared that the wound would open again. Su Su her protest complaints was simply kept in her heart and she just let Mo Yuan lead her by the hand.

The two went down the black hole, she can feel from her steps that place was going down the slope. Under their feet was pitch darkness and their surroundings were too black, she cannot see anything in this absolute darkness causing her heart to fear. The surroundings was also very quiet, as if she was the only person in the world, all she can hear was her own heartbeat and sound of her footsteps. Su Su was walking for awhile then suddenly paused her pace.

“Mo Yuan ? Mo Yuan !” Su Su called him twice. Her surroundings was deathly still. What was going on? Mo Yuan obviously pulled her hand to walk just now and in split second, the person around her was gone? The martial arts skill of Mo Yuan was very high and it was impossible that the person was abducted silently.

Su Su thought that standing in her place was not a good option, then she cautiously continued to proceed, little by little. the darkness faded and was replaced by a white mist appearing in a middle of a dense forest.

The place looked very familiar. Also, why was she here? What was she doing a moment ago? Su Su wanted to remember but her head was murky. She seemed to have no recollection of what happened.

“This child, where did you go all day. Mischievous girl have you been running around wildly everywhere and you did not allow people to be free from worry?”In the forest, a 30-year-old woman came out. She was wearing black vigorous attire and her hair was not like a common young married woman. It was not arranged into a chignon or bun, but was tied with a hair lace. She had thin stature and whole person was very tall and stood straight. She was passing free and carefree energy.

It was a face that Su Su was very familiar with, it had two extremely pale scars but it did not destroy her perfect loveliness, instead made her seemed to have that unique kind of beauty. At this moment, her face had supple happy expression and for Su Su that was somewhat unusual. “

Su Su thought, isn’t this place exactly resembled the Su Family training field and behind that forest was Mount Hou? Did she stealthily went to Mount Hou again to play?

At this time the woman arrived in front of Su Su, gently said , “Come now, go home with mother.”

“Mother?” Su Su was startled, how mother got here was that to call her home to eat a meal?

Su Su stared at her mother’s face. She was smiling gently. She was
dumbfounded because mother actually rarely smiled like this. The woman came to her with a pained and worried expression, asked, ”What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Su Su innocently shook her head, in her mind that the mother in front of her was not only tender, but also warm-hearted and laughing,” I’m not tired. ” She replied.

“Let us go then, return to grandmother and she will cook delicious and tasty food  for you.” With that the woman moved one step held her hand gently and with smile said, “Come, let’s go.”

Those hands were warm and gentle, the strength seemed to contain
inexhaustible love. Su Su’s body actually become stiff all over and closely looking at the person before her. Su Su fiercely breaks free from her hold, retrocede few steps, said, “You … …Who are you?”

The female smiled, on her face showed she was little hurt, “I am your mother, my silly daughter, come, come to mother . I will protect you.”

Su Su’s heart was trembling, in a chilly voice said, “You are not my mother.”

The woman frowned, the gentle voice said, “Didn’t you just say something that’s nonsense? Come quickly.”

This time, Su Su’s face thoroughly turned aloof, looked indifferent to the woman who kept on proclaiming she was ‘mother’ with an awe-inspiring tone, resolute and firm,” You are not my mother.”

After saying these words, the woman before her slowly and unexpectedly faded, finally she vanished completely and her surrounding scene immediately became heavily depressing . She went back to that darkness, slowly, Su Su thought she can feel someone was around her probably because her arm was very sore. She can feel that the person in front was firmly holding her arm, closed in his body.

At present also it was no longer a complete darkness because she saw a pair of profound paper mulberry eyes with a faint trace of fear and anxiety looking at her.

Su Su breathed deeply and sigh, relieved and showed a faint smile.

“Was that so called fantasy land? The Mohist knowledge and practices were really vicious.”

She heard his uncle mentioned it before. The so-called illusion where ghost or phantom appears but it was actually born from the heart. It somehow originates from fear of the person’s heart. *. Going through it was sort of strange and unusual also she suspected that this encounter was coming out from her own heart’s innermost desires.

Since Su Su was the only daughter in the house, she almost obtained everything she wanted. She had the favor and loved of all people, to the point of being spoiled. From almost everyone, except for one person, her very own mother.

Growing up, she does not understand why mother was always tough and strict to her while aunts from younger uncles were soft and gentle with words. Their never ending tolerance she had not received from mother. If she did right in any anything, mother will also praise her with few words. However if she did something wrong, mother will also relentlessly put her right each time!

That was why her greatest desire was for at least once, just once… for mother to pet her.

Surprisingly in the fantasy land her childhood dream came true.
Regrettably, this mother in the fantasy land was not her mother. Her mother rarely lead her by the hand. She remembered that she was lead by mother her whole life only once. It was during training when she was only eleven. She went to follow behind her mother during training in the mountain. As a result she was too careless and almost fell off the mountain. Mother threw herself over right away, grabbed her hand and pulled her. In that incident, mother never scolded her, but held her hand tightly until they reached home. Also mother’s hand was
different from other aunts because her grip was not soft, her clutch was tight and she always felt little sore. Even then, mother was someone who’s presence even though she almost fell to her death, she did not feel frightened.

In her memory, mother did not say that she will always protect her although mother always reminded her that when she encountered trouble or difficulty she  was to remain calm and must depend on her own. But every time she was in danger, mother was not far by her side. In her memories, that unique person was mother.

Mo Yuan cannot understand this woman in front of him. He did not know if she saw any illusion or phantom but she was able to come out quickly from the fantasy land. Moreover after coming out, she did not appear restless or scared, actually she has a faint proud smile in her mouth.

Su Su took a deep breath, broke slightly away from Mo Yuan’s hand and said, “Let’s continue to go. “

Mo Yuan stood motionless and in a cold voice, “ Do you know what will happen if you did not wake up?”

Su Su was silent for a moment and replied with smile, ” Forever will not wake up. “

Mo Yuan was irritated in his heart. She knew it was dangerous and risky to go ahead but still she was determined to proceed? Does this woman know what fear is?

Mo Yuan was motionless. Su Su bypassed him and proceeded to walk. Perhaps, if not for that illusion, Su Su will not find the courage to walk again a moment ago. Now, she wanted to search for the secret, because of mother she must go.

Fleeing without taking chance, take off without a fight? How can it be!
Su Su’s entire being was fully alert and she proceeded step by step.

After a while, she felt the breathing of person behind him, smile faintly and asks,” Did you to see Tan Tai Ye Lie?”

“No.”The voice of Mo Yuan was indifferent, low and deep, this time he did not hold her by the hand but in tandem walked forward.

After walking a half stick of incense, they saw a light ahead. The light was soft and gentle not like candles.

They glance at each other, walked discretely and quietly. The light was
emanating from a stone chamber. Two people were very cautious and did not rush to approach it.

Su Su was squinting and looking if she could see anything inside. She gasp a breath of cold air. This was a big stone chamber and at the middle was a moonstone like a size of a fist giving out that soft green circular light. That circular midpoint has no coffin but actually a shítái, its stone bed in a platform, lying above the stone was a woman. She was wearing a black clothing. Her clothing was overlapping tastefully and her skin was very pale but her lips were bright red. She was
quietly lying there appeared just like sleeping.

Mo Sang had been dead for several years now. She should had rotten out to her bones but right now they were looking at a person although dead but looks like she just died recently. The entire room was gloomy giving a person weird vibes and sensation … …


 to be continued.. Part 2 Second look at Mo Yuan and Tantai Ye Lie’s  fight…

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