A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume IV Chapter 123 Part 3

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Chapter 123 Finale PART 3

Although this is the final chapter but the adventure of the “runway” doesn’t end here.

When the group of the travelers just got out of town, they met an acquaintance outside the city gate.

“General Yu, allow me to go with you to the ancestral home. Tan Tai Ye Lie with fist in his hands, sincere like a beggar with his request.

“You?” Su Ling asked in cold voice, “Why?” He has always suspect that this Tan Tai kid came to the family, is not simply to only seek medical treatment, he basically did not act for a very long time, when Su Ling thought that he already left, he did not expect him to be waiting there.

Tan Tai Ye Lie’s remained upright, even with the cold words from Su Ling, he did not show any hint o embarrassment, not humility and no sign of offense.

Su Su stared at Ye Lie and her the tone is not very friendly, she asked, “Is this the real reason why you followed me back home?”

Tan Tai Ye Lie gaze at Su Su with apologetic look, “I am unworthy Su Su, not I that I do not want to say to you, but if I did, you will not take me with you, but I must see the patriarch, grandfather have a message for him.”

Su Su wiped her mouth, she can’t ignore the discomfort in her heart but she is not angry, only this time she has nothing to do with him and will just ignore him,

Su Ling looked at this young man, he was very calm, firm in his purpose. Su Ling admired this man so he decided not to embarrassed him anymore, “Since, it is Fu Chang’s idea, then you can come with us.”

“Thank you Great General Su! “ Tan Tai Ye Lie was so happy and he quickly mount up his horse to catch up with them.

Su Ling remained uneasy and angry while travelling and it cause the whole atmosphere along the way to be solemn. The ancestral home is 10 days away, but if they travel quickly, they will reach there on the ninth day.

The Su ancestral home was located in the middle of the mountain peaks, it has magnificent atmosphere and from afar it looked like a hanging garden in the middle of green mountains. It was a sight to behold. Before the New Year, Su Ling sent a messenger to inform that that after New Year he will take Gu Yun and Su Su back to the ancestral home. They were still at the foot of the mountain, the people in the villages already knew they are coming.

Su Su barely reached the door of the mansion, when she was already enthusiastically rushed inside by two warm figures. Good thing that she is bigger now, because she was covered by tight hugs from her old relatives.

Su Su is beaming with joy and called out the name of his grandfather, “ Grandpa Yan. Granpa Quan!”

Su Yan, Su Yu and Su Quan, and grandma, they are passed 70 years old, but should we say that as they grew older the younger they became, two of the elderly, contrary to one might expect are more energetic and strong compared when they were younger. Seeing Su Su, the only daughter born in the family, two old grandpas touched her head lovingly and said,”Su Su is here, let Grandpa see you. You are very thin, sure enough your father didn’t take care of you!” After saying, Su Yan didn’t forget to turn and stare at Su Ling. Su Ling has long been used to this. He just ignored the two yelling old man and took Gu Yun inside the house.

Su Su pinched her to show and smiled back, “No, look! I’ve grown a lot of meat.”

“Where’s the meat? You are as thin like a little monkey. Certainly your father is not taking care of you, this time to do not go back, stay and grandpa will do a good work and cook delicious foods to make up for it.”

Su Su pretended to vomit and decided not to continue this topic, and asks hurriedly, “Why don’t I see Grandpa Su patriarch?”

“Oh, he’s just got out of the gate, we arrange your quarters first and if there’s anything else that can wait until tomorrow. We will go around; grandpa takes you to eat delicious food. “The two were embracing her as they walked her inside the house, all their heart and attention were on Su Su and completely ignored the other people standing behind her.

In the end of three days, Su Su together Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie were amusing themselves and strolling around the ancestral home. But the three were not really enjoying themselves because their minds were preoccupied with other things. Fortunately, on the morning of the fourth day, the three finally waited until the patriarch invited them to the cave to offer sacrifices to the ancestors.

This cave is semi-circular cave and closed at one side. It was very spacious and the it has a lot of semi natural human cavity pits as high as the waist. The cavity pits have spiritual tablets on them. Her father forbade her to enter the cave for so many years, now that she was able to come, she was happily looking around.

She saw Su patriarch with a wooden box in his hand, came out from the depths of the cave. Su Su smiled and rushed forward, calling him, “ Grandpa! Grandpa!”

Su Qing raised his hand to touch her head. He saw Su Ling standing beside Gu Yun. His eyes flashed a smile of relief, “Ling, at last you get over it.”

Su Ling had a cold face since entering the cave, or let say his mood started even from the beginning of the trip back to the ancestral home. He has been immersed in a restless and frightened mood. Fortunately, Gu Yun has been keeping him company, patiently appeasing him. Su Ling did not come further but pulled his wife and daughter to leave.

Su Qing knew that for Su Ling to accomplish coming with wife and daughter was not an easy thing to accomplish. He did not say anything more, and turned to the man behind Su Su. The man was very young, but from head to toe he has an aura of cold and desolation. Such indifference doesn’t match his age. Su Qing laughed.

“This. I guess is the young master of Mo Family?”

The old man’s voice is gentle but powerful. He is very thin and dressed in a plain white robe, with a beard and head full of white hair, and emanating from within is a wind like that of an immortal, he doesn’t speak elegantly, however, just by standing in front of him, he could feel the vigorous qi coming out from his body. As for Mo Yuan, he doesn’t dare make a sound.

Mo Yuan humbly nod, “Patriarch Su, my name is Mo Yuan.”

Su Qing reached his hand to touch Mo Yuan’s face. He seemed to be very satisfied and smiled, ” Very well, Mo Yuan.”

Then he noticed the young man standing next to Mo Yuan, he asked him, “You are…”

Tan Tai Ye Lie made a fist salute, respectfully introduced himself. ” This young man is Tan Tai Ye Lie, my grandfather is Fu Chang Ming, he asked me to bring you a message.”

When he heard the name “Fu Chang Ming”, his eyes sparkled, but he didn’t say anything and also did not asked him for the message, he simply nodded and smiled. “Good.”

There are not many people in the cave, there is the Su Ling’s family, Mo Yuan, Li Yang and Tan Tai Ye Lie. Besides the patriarch, there is also Su Quan. Su Yan and Su Ren and two more old people. This line of people was standing in the middle of the cave, surrounded by tablets of the ancestors from four walls, the atmosphere instantly became cold and gloomy and reverent.

After a long silence, Su Qing finally broke the quietness inside the cave, “The second piece of bagua disk has presented itself to the world for its power to be used.”

Su Su opened her eyes and asked, “Grandpa patriarch, do you know about the second piece of bagua disk?”

Su Qing sighed, the eyes have been dreary after the silence showing the vicissitudes of time, “Thousands of years ago, the world has three spiritual stones. It is said that if you possessed the three stones, one can actually master the universe, power to change the world and one’s destiny. In that year, Su Family bagua disk also originally like Lingshi, an ordinary looking stone. Thousands of year’s pasts, to assist Ming Jun to annihilate the soul stealing demons, he had to sacrifice two of his children in the furnace to recast the sword and put the souls of his children on the swords. The recasting of Bian Lian and Chu Xie were successful at that moment but on the very same moment the Lingshi stone shattered and the golden bagua disk became existent for use. Why it broke open that time nobody really knew. However, from that moment also, the family paid the price for the sacrifice. In Su Family for thousands of years was cursed, we only have sons, no daughters. The family knew the existence of two other Lingshi, and inside must also contain the bagua disk. We don’t know why the second Lingshi suddenly broke and the bagua disk now presents itself to the world also a thousand years after.

“No daughter? I’m I not a daughter, ” muttered Su Su.

Su Qing rubbed Su Su’s head and sighed, “Bagua disk of the family is the guardian of time and space. The power of the disk brought a person from another time and space and she broke the thousand-year curse against the family, that’s why we are given this child.”

Su Su was somewhat stunned, who is that person ? Who is the that person he is referring to?

Facing the eyes of the crowd with doubts or inquisitive look, Gu Yun confidently smiled and said, “That person is me.”

“Mommy?!” Su Su was shocked, only to see her father to grab her waist, put her steady in his arms. Her mother just smiled and softly said, “ I am not supposed to be here, it just happened one of the evidence on the exhibit is the bagua disk, then all of the sudden, I just found myself here.”

Gu Yun did not gave anymore details of what “not supposed to be here” people just look at her with complex and different expressions, in the end they did not ask for more.

“What power does the Mo family’s bagua disk represent?” Su Ling’s biggest concern is that Mo Family bagua disk will harm Gu Yun and Su Su.

Su Qing sighed, “I don’t know, only the Mo family patriarch knows. “

Su Ling looked at Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan just shook his head. Thinking about it now, he realized that Mo family has a lot of stories and secrets that he did not know.

“Could the Young Master of Mo show us the purple-gold bagua disk?” Su Qing’s request pulled back the mind of Mo Yuan from wandering, he immediately took out the purple-gold bagua disk from his sleeves and handed it over.

Su Qing also opened wooden box in his hand, and took out the gold gossip plate.

Gu Yun wanted to get closer to see it clearly, but she felt the pain on her waist. When she raised up her eyes, he met that black pair of eyes, inside is unquenchable shade of pain. Gu Yun pulled back her foot and decided to stay in her place.

Su Su however stood very close to the bagua plates and carefully making a comparison. Besides the color, two bagua plates regardless of size, texture, thickness, pattern, was exactly the same. It just a little strange, the two bagua disk when not together, as she remembered when she’d seen it, although they have brilliant colors, they are not as dazzling as they are now. There was certain indescribable energy flowing between them.

Mo Yuan looked at two disks, also sensing the energy flowing between them, he hesitated for a long time, before whispering, “The patriarch, if … Mo Yuan can find a third piece of bagua disk, the Su Family piece of gold bagua disk, can I borrow it for the Mo family to use? “

Su Qing looked at him. He looked deeply at his eyes and he knew that the old man understood clearly the affairs of the past and the world. Mo Yuan felt that he can’t do anything but only stand there and ask frankly. For a long time, just when Mo Yuan thought that the patriarch would refuse, he was heard saying, “Yes, I can lend it to you.”

Mo Yuan was stunned, that he even forgot to say thank you.

Su Su was rejoicing in her heart. She really wanted to help Mo Yuan find the three bagua disk to gain the power of it and solve the problem of Mo Family’s shortened life existence.

Su Su wasn’t satisfied and pestered her grandfather Su Qing with question, “Grandfather, do you know where’s the third gossip disk is?”

Su Qing returned the purple gold disk back to Mo Yuan, while saying, “In fact, the third piece of Lingshi is not difficult to find. The Yong Mu tribe ( Perpetual Race) that always guard the mountains and forests, at the same time, they are also the guardian of Lingshi. But thirty years ago it was stolen, luckily Ao Tian recovered the stone and gave it back. Now this stone should be in the hands of the Yong Mu patriarch. However, so far I have not heard if the third piece of stone is opened, if not the Lingshi remains only as Lingshi.”

At this time, Tan Tai Ye Lie seemed to remembered something. He hastily stepped forward and said, “The patriarch, grandfather said that the power of the Lingshi, lies in the blood.”

“Blood?” Gu Yun’s doubts seemed to get a little explanation and she said, “ I was taken to this place because my hand was wounded and my blood stained the gold bagua disk. The Lingshi where the purple disk was hidden also came in contact with the blood of Su Su, it split open then suddenly the purple disk presents itself to the world. The so-called ‘spirit stone power lies in the blood’ meaning to say that the opening of the Lingshi is determined by the blood and if we cannot find the person who can open the third stone, the last piece of bagua disk is useless.”

Gu Yun turned her gaze at Tan Tai Ye Lie and asked, “What else did Fu Chang Min said?”

Tan Tai Ye Lie recalled his grandfather’s instructions, finally shook his head, replied, “Grandfather did not say anything more and just asked me to find a way to prevent my father to get hold of the Lingshi, and if there is a chance to see the patriarch, bring this message to him.”

Su Su’s face turned bitter, sighed, “Now that the last stone is known, but where can we find the blood that will open it, whose blood?” This puzzle much more difficult than looking for the whereabouts of the Lingshi, there is no clue!

Su Qing gently smiled, as he carefully put back the yellow gold bagua disk inside the wooden box, gave it to Mo Yuan, meaningfully looked at Tan Tai Ye Lie and smiled, “Well, you should find Fu Chang Ming and ask, he may know.”

Although, Mo Yuan did not say anything, but Su Su can feel his discouragement. Su Su came to him, gently pulled his sleeve, whispered, “Mo Yuan, don’t be like this, at least we know the whereabouts of another stone. The patriarch’s grandfather said to open the third piece of Lingshi, it needs a blood, perhaps in the more we investigate, we will find more clue? I’ll accompany you and find it with you!”

Although Su Su whispered it very quietly, but who in Su family doesn’t have a deep cultivation, everyone has powerful endogenic energy, naturally everyone heard it. Su Yan was the first to be launch an attack, stomp his feet, angrily said,” Su Su, what is between you and this rascal from Mo Family?”

Su Su bit her lip and sighed, “What’s wrong?”

Su Yan was not willing part with such treasured girl, turned to look at Mo Yuan, angrily,” Young joker from Mo Family, say something.”

Mo Yuan also did not abandon Su Su to be pressed by the elders for an answer, he gently pulled her behind him and pondered how to answer, then earnestly said, “Mo Yuan lives with admiration and love for Su Su, I wish to join hands with her for a lifetime…”

Mo Yuan have not finished his sentence, Su Yan already flew into rage, “This rascal from Mo family actually want to marry our little Su Su?” No, no. Su Su is too young!”

Su Quan did not care at all, smiling gleefully, “The Mo family and our family are also in terms of social status are perfect match.”

“What nonsense are you saying that our families are well matched, the most important thing is that Su Su has love of all the family, but that person should also measure up to our family’s only treasure!”

From this little issue, the two elders actually started quarreling and finally at the end of it, their fury was disseminated on Mo Yuan.

Su Yan furiously said, “Mo Yuan, you need to compete with us, if you passed then we will allow you to admire our family’s treasure. Let’s try your martial arts first, if your martial arts is not good, how can you protect our family’s treasure.”

“No!” Su Su hurriedly stood in front of the body of Mo Yuan, quickly said, “Mo Yuan was poisoned earlier, his body has not recovered, no way he will be able to compete with martial arts tournament! “ Grandpa Yan’s power is deep and immeasurable , even if we say Mo Yuan can play but there is no guarantee that he can defeat him, granted that he practiced for another ten years, it is still not a guarantee that he can defeat Grandpa Yan!

Eyebrows frowned of the elders up, yelled unhappily, ” He can’t compete with martial arts competition because of that? What’s the point of martial arts!“

Su Su patted Su Yan’s shoulder, and then pointed using her mouth at the direction of Su Ling and Gu Yun, then said, “You are too anxious, ah, father and mother did not say anything.”

Su Yan chuckled heartily, then said, “Madam Yun, how about you to test this joker, see if he is worthy of Su Su,”

Su Ling looked into the eyes of Mo Yuan as if wishing to beat him to death.

Contrary to everyone’s expectation, Gu Yun smiled and said, “Let me say it in a a different way, Mo Yuan, I want to know what you think? “

Mo Yuan didn’t think much, replied, “Okay. “

Su Su glared at him and cried, “Not okay!“

Just when Su Su is pondering if she will argue strongly using reasons or act like a spoiled brat to get her way, outside the cave was a sudden noise, “ News.”

Su Ling said coldly, “What’s the matter?”

“According to the news gatherer in Liao Yue, Miss Chen is currently kidnapped in the Capital City of Liao Yue, here situation is critical!”

“What?! ” Su Su cried with exaggeration, “ Sister Chen crossed over to Liao Yue? How she was kidnapped! Nobody can bully my sister! Father and mother, you rest assured that I and Mo Yuan will give our full assistance to rescue sister Chen! While you discuss, we will leave first!”

“Go ahead.”

Li Yang doesn’t know why Su Su pulled his master ferociously like her butt is on fire, for whatever reason, he immediately chased after them.”

“Su Su! “

Behind her she could hear the sound, but she dared not to turn her head, just grasping the hand of Mo Yuan, running fiercely and shouting, “Hurry, hurry.”

Looking at the three people running away hastily, Su Ling was angry,” This girl dares to run like this?”

Gu Yun look at the three people running away, laughed, “Well, they already run away, don’t get mad.”

” How can I not be angry? The cabbage, which has been carefully cared and loved for many years, was dug by a pig. “

Gu Yun felt funny, “What is the use of your anger. I can’t say for sure but perhaps for the benefit of the cabbage it took the snout of pig to dug it.”

Su Ling was furious in his heart hearing such reason, stared at Gu Yun, “How can there be such a mother!! ” Gu Yun not a least concerned replied, “The child has grown, if you care so much, just follow them.”

Su Su after pulling Mo Yuan to run down the mountain, they ran of air and grasping for breath, Su Su said while they are walking, “ Are you stupid? Don’t you remember, in our home competitions is okay but in no way you should compete with mother!”

Mo Yuan has not yet returned to his senses. His mind is somewhere else. He was thinking Su Su actually in front her family Elders dragged him out and ran away, the next time he sees General Su Ling, it would be a tragic scene.

Su Su saw that Mo Yuan was still in a daze and kicked his foot, “Did you hear what I say, ah?” But all he felt now was the pain on his foot and of bitter anguished!

Mo Yuan gently rubbed the head Su Su. Those delicate cold soft hair, its good to the touch. To pacify her grumpy temper, he laughed, “ Okay, from this time on I will listen to you. So, where are we going?”

Su Su start thinking, “Since, Sister Chen is in Liao Yue, the person who has the knowledge who has the ability to open the third Lingshi is in Liao Yue, then naturally we will go Liao Yue, we go there to get more clues.”

“Wait! “ Speaking of the more clues, Su Su suddenly thought of a person, “What about Tan Tai Ye Lie?”

Just now she concerned about Mo Yuan and grabbed him to run, she totally forgot that Tan Tai Ye Lie was there too! A pretended to cough to hide her embarrassment. “Well,” she shugged her shoulders, then laughed, “ He can go back to Liao Yue by himself.”

This was the way, Tan Tai Ye Lie’s friendship was toss aside by ‘a woman who pays more attention to lover than friends’, and he was drastically forgotten at the back of her head.

“Then go, let’s go and buy three horses at the market, and we’ll get there as soon as we can.”

Su Su is leisurely swinging her hands as she walks, “Don’t worry, from here to there is not very far, even if we walk slowly, we will get there in 10 days.”

“Aren’t you worried about your sister Chen?” She often talks about her two sisters, and the friendship they have should be very deep.

Su Su sneered, with a very proud smile, “If I have not known better, but for Sister Chen to be kidnapped in Liao Yue? She’s so smart and she’s a lot better than me in martial arts, and we’re getting the news now, my guess, she sends it out on purpose. “

After the New Year, spring came so soon, Su Su took a deep breath, the crisp air is refreshing making one’s senses awaken. The little fellow sleeping under her clothes woke up too, looking confused, two paws were grasping for her clothes as it tries to poke the head out of her bosom, grumbling.

Bajiao did not have the chance to enjoy the scenery because in an instant, he found himself being held by Mo Yuan.

Su Su strangely look at Mo Yuan while he took Bajiao by the neck, he flips it over and pick up Bajiao by the belly hair. Bajiao made a squeaking sound, he soft fur on its body is blown open.

Su Su find this strange and asked, “What are you doing?”

Mo Yuan turned it over again after a while, with sour face, he put Bajiao in his sleeve. “I will keep it fist and we will find a bag in the market to put it in.”

Su Su felt this is a bit funny, “Why make it troublesome? Bajiao is so small, it can hide inside my clothes easy.

Mo Yuan said coldly, “It’s a male.”

“Ah?” What does this have to do with being male or female?

Mo Yuan after walking out of a good distance, Su Su just suddenly back realized, Mo Yuan is ….jealous…

Jealous of silver fox?!

She was laughing so hard. Young Master jealousy looked so cute…hey hey hey!

∞∼End of Book 4∼∞

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Mistaken Marriage Match Books 5 Story if Lou Chen and Book 6 The Story of Yang Ning will conclude the mystery of bagua disk-

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 95 I Will Be Afraid

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 95 I Will Be Afraid!

Tan Tai Ye Lie was just watching at the sidelines and never said a word from beginning to end. Only when Mo Yuan mentioned the white jade key, that a light flashed in his pupil and then continued his silence.

Mo Zhe sighed, it seems that he did not wish the two parties to have a conflict and he had to mediate, “The two of you do not have to quarrel over this, for the time being, no matter who has the genuine or fake, please may I asked for you to bring out the two keys and then we will compare and the difference will be apparent.”

Su Su’s eyes narrowed and looked away. Instead of taking out the white jade key to his hand, on the contrary, she collected it in under her sleeve and smiled. “Mo Patriarch, have you ever seen the key?” Even if you compare, can you tell the genuine from a fake?” She remembered that Ah Nuan said that when Mo Sang found the key, Mo elders demanded that she take out the Lingshi also, and she then decided to escape from the Mohist. It was more likely that Patriarch Mo Zhe would not recognize the markings of the genuine.

Sure enough, when he heard Su Su, Mo Zhe face turned pale and awkward, though it vanished quickly, it was enough for Su Su to see it clearly.

Feng Yi Qing who was not willing to believe that there was a close sentiment between Tan Tai Feng and Mo Sang, now after hearing that the key in Tan Tai Feng’s hands was a fake, his heart was joyous. He looked at his rival eyes full of sarcasm. “Hmm, Mo Sang’s relic in the hands of Sang Nuan, so naturally, that one is genuine, and the key in someone else’s hand, I’m afraid when Mo Sang did not pay attention to him, he took advantage of her and made an imitation of the key, right?”

Tan Tai Feng’s eyes glared, instead of shame and humiliation for the slander, his was full of anger and screamed from his heart, pointing to Feng Yi Qing. “What a nonsense, this key is what Ah Sang gave me twenty years ago. How can it be a fake? If you think it is a fake, then think that it is, you may think of me as making something falsely, who cares this was something I collected and treasured for myself!”

Su Su and Mo Yuan looked at each other and sighed. He was really amazing. If not for the key that they recovered from the tomb pit of Mo Sang, the key in his possession with his affectionate attitude at the moment will make everyone believed he had the genuine key!

Mo Zhe had a slight frown on his face. This matter was related to Lingshi and he can’t be negligent about it but be careful to deal with it. He had to go forward and mediate to appease him, “Tan Tai Feng do not be quick. This matter is of great importance. The Mohist family will not treat it lightly for sure.”

Tan Tai Feng flung his sleeve and turned his back. He made it look like he was not interested and seemed to be reluctant to pay attention to him. Only Feng Yi Qing doesn’t believe his act and he still gave him a mocking expression. Several people in the small courtyard had a different expression and the atmosphere was somewhat cold and stiff.

Cough …cough… Everyone’s eyes turned toward the man silently standing at one corner. He looked at everyone, smiled before saying, “I heard that the white jade key is called the Key to the Lingshi, which should be used to open something. Well, it’s not difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake. Just use the two keys to try it out.”

Mo Zhe thought for a while, not saying anything good or bad but not reaching an agreement would hurt no one. But if Tan Tai Feng had the real key… then his own son’s proposition was not bad either. He said, “Okay then will do that. We will go together with Su Su and we will test the key in their hands to go and try, who has a fake and who has the genuine.”

So it turned out …Tan Tai Feng also just wanted to go to the forbidden ground! Looking sideways at the closed door, Su Su shook her head and said, “Ah Nuan is my sister, she remains unconscious for a day now. I don’t have the time to try any key.”

Mo Zhe hesitated for a moment before saying, “ Su Su doesn’t need to worry about that. I have already discussed it with Feng Yi Qing. There is this fruit in the forbidden land. Its juice can cure various diseases. If you pick it up and put it under Sang Nuan clothes, she will be healed. But the place where the key is needed to open the Lingshi is in the forbidden place. Are you willing to go?”

“Okay.” Her goal was achieved, and she readily agreed. Anyway, she wanted to go to the forbidden ground also.

Mo Zhe nodded and his face returned to the satisfied and calm appearance. He said, ” Well then it’s agreed. Allow me to prepare and we will leave tomorrow morning.” Then his gaze looked intently at Mo Yuan and Tan Tai Ye Lie, sighing… “Ah Yuan and Tan Tai son doesn’t have to go, stay here, detoxify and get well.”

“No way!” Su Su said anxiously. ” Tan Tai Ye Lie doesn’t need to come but Mo Yuan must come.” In the end, what kind of forbidden land the Mohist had, she did not understand. If Mo Yuan would not go there would be no contingency, if the elders of the Mohist gained the power to change the order of life or one’s fate, would that be awful? !

“Oh?” Mo Zhe deep black pupil swept over Mo Yuan, and then looked at Su Su and smiled. “Why does he have to go?”

“Because…” Su Su was at a loss for words. Of course, she couldn’t say, in order to fight against you over the power to change fate?! She gently bit her the lip, Su Su glanced quickly at Mo Yuan, thought about it, said: “Because if he does not go, I will be afraid.”


The small courtyard was quiet, and everyone’s reaction varied.

Tan Tai Ye Lie recalled clearly, during the time they were at Huan Lang Island, she examined the corpse and solve the crime, and also fiercely fought against the poisonous frogs. When the two armies confront each other, although they had weaknesses and he displayed their strength but she didn’t flinch. She did not retreat. Well now, what she was afraid of?

Su Su thought this reason should be okay. She was also unfamiliar with the people and the territory. She was familiar with Mo Yuan, for him accompanying her so she would not be afraid should be okay. ..But at present what this meant? The courtyard was deadly quiet. Everyone looked at her with various weird expressions in their eyes. Especially Mo Yuan, she obviously felt that his breathing stop for a moment and looked at her very intently, and that pair of black pupil that was staring at her and it made her uncomfortable, and she was a little worried. Did she say something wrong?

Mo Zhe looked at his son, and his eyes never have a hint of fluctuation. At this moment, it was like a fire, staring at the girl who had bowed her head and keeping her silence after speaking. Mo Zhe’s dark eyes had complex expression and difficult to read, then his expression gradually turned chilly.

Breaking this weird atmosphere was the low-pitched male voice once more. Tan Tai Ye Lie came out of the corner and walk beside Su Su and smiled, “Xioa Shu, doesn’t need to be afraid, although I don’t know if there will be danger in the forbidden ground, since you and I are old friends, and together here as a guest, father and I will not allow you to be in danger.”

Su Su under the gritted teeth was thinking. She was not really afraid … not really afraid…

Then she suddenly felt her hand tightened under her sleeve and was held by a person, “Do not be afraid, I will accompany you.”

Su Su ‘s heart began palpitating. She doesn’t know how to answer it but she didn’t dare move. There were so many people standing in the courtyard including the many elders, and the wide sleeves were covering her hand. Mo Yuan held her hand secretly. If she made one stirring movement, it will attract people’s attention, and she can only say “oh” in a low voice.

Mo Zhe lightly cough and the light smile hanged on the lips as before and said with a smile, “If this is the case, then everyone will go together tomorrow morning, rest well tonight everyone.”

After hearing Mo Zhe refreshed voice, and the reversed temperament Su Su had a bad feeling. That was the forbidden ground of the Mohist and how can Mo Zhe spoke so lightly and will put so many personnel and idlers to go in? Thinking of the fierce magical illusion of the Mohist family, Su Su was convinced that tomorrow’s trip was definitely not peaceful.

Her hands unconsciously touch her belt searching for the lingcao that Mo Yuan gave her.

– The lingcao is my life, can only be given to people who would be with him for a life – She did n’t know why but heartbeat became chaotic.

“Ah Yuan, you come with me.”

The voice Mo Zhe was always gentle, but it made her heart shudder. The Patriarch will not put Mo Yuan in trouble, right? After learning about the Mo patriarch’s in the room just moments ago, she began to abhor the Mohist completely.

Su Su looked at him worriedly, but Mo Yuan just smiled and replied. “It will be alright.” He squeezed her hand very lightly then Mo Yuan let go of her hand. He followed Mo Zhe and walked out of the small courtyard. However, when he passed by Tan Tai Ye Lie, he suddenly stopped and looked back at Su Su and said earnestly. “Remember, promised me, comply with my request.”

What? Su Su tried to recall what did she promised? He raised his head and smiled at Tan Tai Ye Lie in the middle of the courtyard and the, Su Su like a miraculous light hit her, she remembered. Ah..he said not to … grilled fish!

Looking at the back that had already gone a distance, Su Su couldn’t help but laugh in silence.

Seeing the pleasant smile on her lips, Tan Tai Ye Lie did not know why a sad feeling suddenly burst out of his heart. He whispered. ” Xioa Shu isn’t afraid anymore?”

“Ah?” Su Su recovered from her ‘moment’ and shook her head. Smiled. “Not afraid anymore. I will go back to the room first.” After saying it, she ignored him completely and walked toward the room.

Su Su pushed the door and saw Ao San leaning against the pillar of the side of the door, staring at the ground, not knowing what he was thinking. Su Su paused and said, “Oh, Ao San come here.”

The back of Ao San stiffened and there was a faint panic displayed in his pupil and he forgot to breathe for a moment. After a long time, he took a deep breath and calmed himself, followed Su Su inside the cabin.


On the vast snow, two black figures walked in side by side, walking in the middle of silvery white surroundings. Such beautiful scenery was meant to be enjoyed but the two black statures were just walking straight, tall and dignified. After reaching a distance, they both stopped at the same time.

The cold wind was bone- chilling and their clothes were flapping fiercely as the wind blew. Mo Zhe’s pair of luckless eyes did not even blink, shook his head and sighed, “ You have wisdom and you have been taught since childhood, you did not make any trouble since a child, but now, do you even know what are you doing?”

The indifferent eyes that had no trace of waves remained calm, spoke in a low voice with firm words. “I know.”

After a long time, no one had spoken a word. Mo Zhe sighed and said, “ Su Su is smart, bold, pretty, lovable and to be fascinated by her, that is nothing strange, the only problem is, if you want to be with her, you should always check the forecast if the marriage affinity with her is predestined by fate.”

Mo Yuan brows knit and without glancing, the sound of his voice was still indifferent and steady, replied. ” I have not.”

“Good!” Having an appearance that oil and salt couldn’t be mingled, Mo Zhe suddenly smiled and said, “I calculated the fortune for you. You and her, there is an uncertain future ahead, so you still have to insist?”

Mo Zhe did not expect that Mo Yuan since his face remained the same will not turn hostile, and to the most, he will only be surprised or probably not even that. But what a pity, he’s wearing a deadpan face that can’t be guessed. Mo Zhe was angered said, “Why, don’t you believe in the divine foretelling of the Mohist? Or do you want to naively say that the fate is in your hands?”

Mo Yuan finally smiled, not like because of happiness but more like a ridicule, “The patriarch believes in divine foretelling, no wonder now you are losing your self-control. Uncertain? What are you saying about her, you actually cannot see anything, you are actually vastly confused and perplexed, right! ”

Mo Zhe ’s face turned pale ……


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 83

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 83 Do You Like Me?

Holy shit! Su Su’s eyes suddenly open wide for the sudden revelation.  She turned pale like a ghost then blushes red for a moment. After some time, she calmed down, turned to Mo Yuan with a frown and seriously says, “Mo Yuan, can I ask you something?”

Su Su’s expression was so strange. Her big eyes were staring at him with a sly look as if trying to dig into his heart. He didn’t know what she was going to ask. Mo Yuan inexplicably felt the tension, his heart swells and then he heard it. A could chilly female voice say..

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 81

My apologies to inconvenienced some readers but the copy-pasting of this of this translation still persist. This is not an official translation. This is a translation made by a fan. Please, don’t copy and paste. 

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠 Chapter List

Volume III Chapter 81 Tan Tai Clan

Mo Yuan entered the North Court. After passing few stalls, he was led by Mu Xue to the main Reception Hall. As he was walking towards the main hall he had guessed that his mother did not find him for simple questioning. Sure enough, after stepping into the main hall, he found in the middle were several strangers.

The head of the group is a man in his fifties, he has a strong build, stern look and in that pair of eyes is hiding a sharpness like an eagle, even under self-restraint the murderous aura is still intimidating. Together with the leader were two men standing, carries a sedan on their shoulders, which was more like a soft recliner, with thin bamboo strips and shelf. The outside is covered with gauze. He could see a hidden person, lying inside.


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 70  Bājiāo ( aka in English Banana)

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 70 Bājiāo (Banana)

After seeing the whole appearance of the little creature, the old man that disembarked with Su Su has eyes opened wide in disbelief and cried, ” A silver fox?!”

A silver fox?! The old man pinched the back of poor creature’s neck, carried him to study it more closely. The little guy’s two front paws kept covering its tiny furry head, while the two hind legs kept in kicking the air. Su Su shook her head in dismay how she could not easily recognize that this tiny soft creature is actually a fox, “This is a fox?” It is too tiny. “It’s really small and light and it feels like just carrying a chick that just hatched.

Su Su’s appearance of disbelief annoyed the old man and told her off the truth, ” Let me tell you, young lady, this silver fox is still very small and this does not look like it has even reached its full month yet!” ” Silver foxes as these are kind that thrives in snowy field, this is a peculiar variety, it extremely spirited also extremely rare, because it is small and moved fast, it is not easy to see them, just because this one is still young that was the only reason you have been able to grasp it.”

Not yet a full month, oh my, Su Su was afraid that he might hurt the little creature. She put the little fellow in the palm of her hand, looked around and said, ” Where is the mother fox?” “Generally small animals when young, the mother will be close by to guard and protect it, even if she is out looking for food, she won’t be just around the vicinity. But when she catches this little one, she did not see any other fox and not even a nest around.

Mo Yuan was watching her and she looked like she wanted to find the mother of the little fox. He explained something about the nature of these animals. “Silver foxes were different from the other foxes, after giving birth, they leave their young alone so the silver fox will try to survive on their own. That’s why they are fast, keen and even at that young age, people had a hard time seizing them.

So, silver fox after birth was left alone in the middle of snow to survive on its own. Su Su felt pity and mercy for this little creature in her palm. But it is survival of the fittest, this is their nature, she has nothing to say. She gently pinched the little fox’s ear and finally, the little fox put its front paws down from his head, tilted head, those pair of gray eyes were now looking at Su Su. Su Su was laughing in admiration, touched its nose and said, “Little poor thing, let me dig you a nest.”

She opened her cloak and threw the little animal inside. Such very tiny creature and she was afraid to put it on the ground, if a passerby did not pay attention to where it is going, it may be stepped on, apparently, she has forgotten just how much time and effort she has to endure before she was able to catch the little creature.

This silver fox is also very clever. After determining that the person will not hurt him, it shrinks itself inside Su Su’s bosom and stayed there without moving.

Mo Yuan was observing what Su Su was doing, he did not say anything but his brows were knitted tightly. Sang Nuan, on the other hand, was just looking, laughing and did not make any comments.

Su Su was squatting seriously trying to dig a nest for the little creature and she was unaware of the expression of the crowd watching behind her. Though this creature was just a small, it will grow up later and better dig a hole bigger as his nest now.

After repeatedly checking that the nest is strong, she nodded with satisfaction, “Very well. ”

Su Su took the little creature out of her cloak when suddenly a cold wind blew, the little fox shook a bit and scurried to go back inside Su Su’s cloak. Su Su was very sharp and grab it quickly to put it in the hole that she dug but just as she was taking her hand back, the little fox fluttered forward, with the short claws almost scraping the wrist of Su Su. Like a hairball tied around her wrist, she tried to shake it off twice. “ Hey, you let go!”

Sang Nuan can’t help laughing more, “ Su Su, I think it liked you and intend on staying and not letting go.”

Sang Nuan was looking at Su Su only to see that on her hand was a white cowhide like a cotton candy wrapped around her wrist that no matter how hard she shook, it won’t loosen. Su Su pinched the neck of the little fox and tried to pull it out small white ball like cowhide , no matter how she tried to shakes it off it won’t let go. She decided to use her other hand pinched the back of its neck and pull it out but the little legs suddenly grabbed her hand with its claws scratching Su Su on the wrist and two beads of blood started rolled out of the wounds, looking like it was cut by blades.

“Hiss! “In fact, the wound doesn’t hurt but thinking of the fact that this tiny animal’s claws are so sharp, when it grew up it would be incredible.

Su Su’s hissing sound was barely a whisper but Mo Yuan who was closely watching still heard it. “ What’s wrong?” Mo Yuan went to Su Su’s side when he saw the little creatures pointed claws, the streaming beads of blood and little fellow’s tongue was licking the blood.

Mo Yuan’s eyes darkened, his big hand reached and quickly grabbed the little creature’s fragile neck and the next moment he flung the little the white furry ball seventy-eight feet away.

Su Su looked at the small white ball that hit the ground rolled few times and it quickly scurried back like a lightning in her direction. The next moment, Su Su felt that her wrist was heavy again and the little fox had been hanging back on her own wrist. Su Su was suspicious when she saw the small shallow pits in the snow. Did the little fellow just get thrown out by Mo Yuan?

Su Su felt helpless and look at the ball hanging on her wrist that constantly licking her wound.

Mo Yuan stared at the little fox that slipped back and at the blink of an eye, with a darkened expression he moved to grab the little fellow to be thrown out again, Su Su quickly cried, “ Please, don’t!”

The little fellow struggled to escape Mo Yuan’s hand, looking at Su Su with eye’s that was about to cry and its small ears were flicking, looking very pitifully, so pitifully.

It was funny. After taking the little creature back from Mo Yuan, the little fellow now behaves well. It stayed motionless in her palm. Su Su sat down again and pointing at the hole that she dug, she coaxed the little fox in a whisper, “ You do not like the nest I dug up for you? You look first before deciding.”

Of course, the little fox does not understand or just pretending not to understand, in short, it even it did, it didn’t even lift its head, not turning to any direction but climbed back to her hand and continued to licked her wound, turned its back away from the hole. Su Su felt irritated and at the same time laughing, “You little fellow, you liked me… … oh, my blood?”

The furry little fellow was so absorbed licking the wounds. Su Su patted its little butt and felt that the furry ball is actually covering a scraggly body. Su Su sighed, ‘Well, then you come with me.”

“Su Su …” The Silver fox is after all still a fox, that by nature is a cunning and ferocious animal. For so many years, he has not heard of a silver fox for they are very rare, also he does not know their habit, this one only seems to have special preferences for blood. Mo Yuan is worried if it grew big, will it hurt her?

Su Su apparently was not worried at all. Patting and rubbing its small ears, said to Mo Yuan with a smile, “Although the legend is deceptive, but my blood can’t be consumed without gain, this being the case with my blood, I am reluctant to accept this difficult job; perhaps, this good for nothing is really a treasure.”

“Right?” While Su Su is talking, she is also patting the little fellow’s head, unfortunately, the little creature’s attention was entirely focused on Su Su’s hand ignoring everything else.

“…” Mo Yuan was thinking and remembered that two people had said it before, this little precious thing could recognize their own and again watching Su Su’s beaming appearance full of smiles, his heart was bursting and he was speechless. He does not want to discuss the matter right now and just put it later. Since she was fond of it at once, he presumed that she could keep it.

Su Su glanced towards Mo Yuan’s shoulder, looked at the complacent Red Falcon with no name, she laughed “My children can’t have no name.” She thought for a moment,” then she said with a laughed, “You will be called … Bājiāo! ( English meaning is banana)

Sang Nuan after resting for a while was felt recharged and now feeling better. After listening to Su Su, she asked smiling brightly, “Why Bājiāo?”

” It sounds nice or perhaps we could name it … … Xiao yín? (meaning Little or Young silver) ”

Sang Nuan mouth twitched. What was she expecting from Su Su? She looked at the little fellow who was attentively never stopped licking Su Su’s wound, she shook her head and sighed, “Bājiāo, it is.”

Su Su was very satisfied with the name and rubbed the silver fox’s head and laughed, “ You little fellow will now be called Bājiāo.”

The wound finally stopped bleeding and the little fox finally took time to lift its head to look at Su Su. She places its face on her palm and looking at the soft little face only the size of dumpling, Su Su was in a very good mood, “ You liked the name too. You be obedient, your master will fill you with enjoyment.”

The man before her has seen how Su Su was with the rare snow silver fox and who now decided to take it in as a pet, the man’s heart was irritated and unhappily commented, “ You are going to Mohist Village to play, now also you will bring a pet?”

Mischievousness had crossed Su Su’s pupil and while holding Bajiao, glanced at Mo Yuan, innocently replied, “If I do not play, what I am supposed to do?”

“…” The man was stopped up, stifled and two eye-popping out in disbelief. Su Su was indeed too much, nobody could handle.

Sang Nuan did not care about the embarrassment and laughed openly. Several Mo people faces don’t look agreeable but rather offended. However, when looked at their Young Master, he only did not say anything instead he too was actually smiling rather than angry?!

Mo Yuan lightly cough,”Ahem, let’s walk.” With just those words, they continued their journey.

She knew that they were going to sleep in the snow. After putting the little fox under her cloak, Su Su went to Sang Nuan to help her and continued to walk, but the snow is getting deeper and deeper and they have been walking 3 hours non- stop before they finally reached the foot of snow-capped mountains.

Su Su looked up the sky, the sunset, and the scenery is very beautiful, also very unkind and now it’s very dark. The mountain does not look high but climbing at night will be too risky. If they have to sleep, they better find a good place at the foot of the mountain to spend the night.

She looked at the man who was leading and said, ” You should send someone up to tell the patriarch and say that someone from Su Family of Qiong Yue is here and seeking the Mo patriarch for the matter of Lingshi, we are at the foot of the mountain and will be waiting for the news. If it is agreeable to the patriarch, then we will go up early tomorrow and if he doesn’t agree, we will immediately turn back.”

The man looked at Su Su and his facial expression changed favorably. So this girl also knew some sense of propriety, knew when to advance or retreat, “Then young miss wait here.”

After the man has spoken, he nodded to several men behind him and turned toward the mountain. A strange thing just happened, after walking just 100 feet, the man’s figure disappeared in front of everyone into thin air…


Dear readers, this translator loved the book series when someone first translated the first two series from Chinese into English. I so loved the story that I even bought the books in Chinese. However, there is no way I could understand the story unless I translate them into English. This is how this hobby started. This is an MTL of a fan.

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume III Chapter 68 The Relatives and Friends

A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: Pirate’s Daughter by Qian Lu 錯嫁良緣續之海盜千金 作者:淺綠

Volume III Chapter 68  The Relatives and Friends

 “Young Master Mo  please think twice!”  

The sky was clear and boundless. It was blue and the sea was also blue, three gigantic snow white ships were in a row ready to sail and standing in front of the ships were a group of people. The faces of several of them were visibly taut and impatient, though not as angry as they might seem to be and not suffering facial paralysis, at this moment they have been a little more furious than they were yesterday. Mo Yuan watching the group of people at first break of the dawn. He was wearing a black cape as he used too only that his complexion was paler, looking indifferently with his brows knit tightly.  

 Su-Su came behind Li Yang and whispered, “Li Yang, what is the reason why they are so stirred?” Su-Su thought so before that Mohist shun the rest of the world, even possibly xenophobic, in fact, she believed it to be true when several of Mohist men learned that she, Ao San and Sang Nuan were getting ready to go to Mo village, their faces suddenly changed. Looking at the appearance of a few people at the moment, they are like loyal officials risking death … …Li Yang glared at Su Su, but still whispered, “Non-Mohist, no patriarch’s token, not allowed into the Mohist village, this is the custom and rule.”

 There was such a custom and rule, as Su-Su thinks of it since Mo does not allow anyone to enter, but Mo Yuan allowed themselves to come, obviously, this Ling Shi was indeed extraordinary significant to Mohist just as Uncle Ao Tian said.

 In her mind, Su Su got an idea, approached Mo Yuan and patted him on the shoulder as he was about to open  his mouth and said, “Let me do it.”  

Mo Yuan’s body froze when her hand fell on his shoulder, Su Su  stood in front of him and meet the vicious look of those few men and said with smile, “Ah Nuan is the daughter of Mo Sang, naturally the blood of the Mohist and going back to the Mo village should not be considered as bad according to the custom. As for Ao San, he is now my shadow guard, just like Li Yang, following Mo Yuan, he also must guard me all the time, in fact,  you do not need to be this emotionally stirred, you are all expert and do not need to take it too hard. If you think I am not allowed to enter the Mo Village, you men go back and ask the patriarch. If he let me go in, I go in, but he did not let me enter, then I leave, that’s the end of it. This will not be contrary to the Mohist custom then. But it is not about that, it is about the Lingshi, I think the patriarch will be very happy to see me, just giving my opinion.”

Su Su put a serious emphasis on the word ” Lingshi ” and a surprised look crossed the eyes of the few men.

 Su Su  smiled with satisfaction and asked, “So, can we embark now?” Several men look at the one leading, the man thought for a moment, did not say anything, but silently retreated two steps.  Sang Leng has been standing beside Sang Nuan, at the moment his expression is the same with his name, cold, with chilly voice asked, “Elder Sister, do you really want to go Mohist village?”

 Sang Nuan’s mood looks good, smiled back, “The matters of Wolf Island I leave to you. I’ll be back soon, do not worry. ”    

” But … ” Looking at the appearance of the two siblings looked like they were reluctant to part. Su Su funnily says, ” Do not worry, I will certainly take care of sister Ah Nuan. Ensure also you keep yourself healthy and I will guarantee to make your sister invigorated, healthy and very very plump. ”   As soon as Su Su finished speaking, Sang Nuan was gawking at her and Sang Leng’s eyes were also fixed on her,” hurry now, afterward you will be busy to do your business.”

Su Su was laughing happily, ” Ah Leng are you envious? Do you want to come with us? ” Sang Leng did not answer yet but Su Su felt on her back the malicious eyes of several men. What a pity, the looks that were like daggers cannot kill anyone which was why Su Su just completely ignored them.

 Sang Leng naturally also felt the nasty eyes of those poor men, answered quickly, “That place even if I’m asked to come, I will not go.”

Seeing that the smell of gunpowder was getting more dense and stronger, Su Su winked to Sang Nuan for her to comfort and appease her younger brother, turned around and arrived before Ao Tian. “Uncle Ao, I’m leaving. Don’t worry,  I am quick witted. I will not make trouble, the worst outcome to this will only go as far as just throwing me out of the door and not seized an insignificant girl like me, you rest assured!”, Su-Su feels some eye’s sockets were hot on her. Every time Uncle Ao visits her at Qiong Yue to see her, he would leave without bidding goodbye to her, so her heart did not have the opportunity to experience this sour feeling for goodbyes, and now that she tasted it, the feeling is not quite good.

Looking at the little girl’s eyes turning red, Ao Tian’s heart a softened and tenderly touched her head. Laughing, “Go. Do not play too long, come home soon.”     

 “Um.’ Su Su nods.  Ao Tian waved his hand, turned around and help Sang Nuan to embark the ship.

The  Mohist ship’s cabins were clean and comfortable, because of the huge hull, so at the sea, the feeling as it sailed was completely different than that of the fishing boats, it was steady and fast. Su-Su when she just embarked on the ship was very very excited, but a few days later the excitement vanished.  

“This is just but few days?!” 

 On the sheet of a solid wood round table, a woman lazily lying on top of her stomach, very bored to death.

The Mohist, after all, were influential family, when they come to visit, they have to pack to clean up on their own before boarding. Sang Nuan and Su Su find themselves two simple and elegant ladies clothing to wear. This moment, she was wearing a yellow goose necked Chinese style long dress, with buttons down in front. If her hair was not casually to tied in a long pigtail or braids, it will be naively coiled in a chignon, and only for a second she was sitting down straight properly, with a somewhat decent appearance for a lady.  But now, how pitiful … …     

 “Ao San?” Su-Su soon called lazily. Unfortunately, nobody can advise her to mind her appearance. 

 Cupping her cheek, Su Su was not in a good mood continued to say, ” Ao San, you do not really need to work as a shadow. You tell me, today, is what day?”  “Seventeenth day.” He was leaning in one corner and got back to his place after one word and then remained quiet.

 Ao San also is very boring! Now she only felt that the ship was too steady and there was no exciting fishing boat around. Those people do not allow them on the upper deck but to stay in her room all the time. Staying in the room felt the bones of her body already hurting.  Su-Su was lying on the table, playing the copper scales fan with her hands, she has been sitting for the entire day, there is nothing special to pass the time, asked, “Ah Nuan, Mo Yuan’s current condition, is it very bad?”   

 On a soft couch by the window, Sang Nuan was comfortably lying down and reading, absent-mindedly replied,” He’s okay. ”   

 Okay? Su  Su frowned, “So why is he so strange recently. He is just hiding in the cabin all day, does not even join us for a meal? It has been a few days that I did not even see a glimpse of him.”

The beautiful pupil that was hidden behind the book narrowed, her voice was unrestrained, spoke with all her heart, “Do you want to see him?”

Su Su grabbed the fan with another hand and then paused, have I wanted to see him? Su Su had never thought of it, replied, “I’m just a little worried. I am afraid if he vomits blood again?.”

Sang Nuan finally put down the book, supporting her body halfway, laughed, “When was the last time he vomited blood?”

 “Last time when I was talking to him, he suddenly vomits blood.” Sang Nuan mouth pouted a little and asked, “What were you talking about?”  Sang Nuan’s eyes have a touch strange of radiance and Su Su subconsciously decided not to answer. Coughing lightly before she replied, “Nothing. We are just casually chatting.” 

 Watching her vigilant appearance, Sang Nuan smiled happily, “Oh ~ maybe he is afraid that casually chatting with you will make him vomit blood again, that’s why he was hiding and does not come out.”  

  Su Su wished she has not listened to Sang Nuan teasing her. She was rather very stupid and gave her glaring eyes and decided not to speak with her.

 However, she was extremely bored. Good heavens, how long it is before they are going to reach their destination? It was suffocating.

One side of poisoned delegation has not yet arrived at  Mo village, over the other side, Tantai Ye Lie because of the poisoning has fallen into a coma. Behind the screen, a gray-haired old man was treating the person on the bed, from his serious expression one could tell that the man on the ship was in very critical condition.

 “Finally, what’s the matter?” A man more than 50-year-old with well-built stature, tall and straight asked. He was solemn while standing outside the screen. His pair of hawk-like eyes was full of indignant stare at the man, and though the tone was very low, a person who hears him will shiver.

 “Tantai  dàgē… …” Xiang Guan He called him that title 20 years ago, but seeing the man looked cold, he immediately shut up, thought over and over again before speaking with a quivering voice, “General, this matter with Ye Lie was in fact not surprising and cannot be blamed for the young general. If there was to be blamed, blame it to the sudden appearance of a girl from Su Family.

Dàgē meaning eldest brother.

 ” Su Family? Tantai Feng’s perceptive eyes flashed with surprised. Is Su Family also looking for the Ling shi?    Xiang Guan He nodded quickly, “Yes, the Su Family of Qiong Yue!”  

 He quietly looked up and saw Tantai Feng’s look of confusion, Xiang Guan He continued, “The young general had been successful and infiltrated the island at the beginning. He also discussed cooperation with Sang Nuan that as long as he helps her removed the Yi’s and few more men, Sang Nuan will tell the young general where the Lingshi was hidden. Who would have thought that the young girl of the Su Family unexpectedly rushed to Wolf Island? She also exposed that Sang Nuan and Tantai Ye Lie were the murderers. As for the Lingshi, it was taken away by Mo Yuan. I was chosen to build Mo Sang’s grave in the past and at that time I fear to send her corpse inside the cave so I secretly build another passage after the funeral. This I told the young general and I do not know how he was poisoned, I … … ”       Xian Guan He also wants to speak more but behind the partition has some movement and an old man came out from the inside. Tantai Feng gently beckoned with his hand to  Xiang Guan. He tactfully withdrew immediately and went go out.

Tantai Feng went over and in a very polite tone, ” Imperial Doctor Rong Yu, how’s the child?”

Doctor Rong Yu shook his head and wiped the sweat on his forehead, saying: ” Your child’s poison is very vicious, it is very potent, if not for his deep endogenic force, perhaps he had not survived these many days. Well, this old man is incompetent to help him detoxify, the only useful technique is golden needle technique so the poison right now can be sealed in a hole of acupuncture points to prevent further attacks to his heart and glands, within 49 days, we have to find a way to detoxify him or else… “

Tantai Feng’s face sank,” Who can cure? ” Doctor Rong Yu is the capital’s most prestigious doctor of Liao Yue, if he cannot treat, Ye Lie cannot survive? Is this it?     

Imperial Doctor Rong sighed and said, “To my knowledge, there are only two people in the world today who can understand this poison, one is a ghost doctor and another one is Mr. Pu Shan. However, Mr. Pu Shan is living in the Mohist village and almost ignorant about the outside world. The ghost doctor, on the other hand, has a strange temper and the whereabouts of both are not easy to find. In recent years, I heard the ghost doctor have a close disciple whom he teaches everything, maybe you can try, but that is Qing Feng empress and precisely the favorite concubine of Qiong Yue emperor. Getting near and asking her for the whereabouts wouldn’t be that easy.”

Tantai Feng put his hand across his chest in humility,” Doctor, carry on put the needle on the child first.”   

Imperial Doctor Rong Yu sighed and walked inside.

Through the partition he looked at the bed lay a dying person, Tantai Feng closed his eyes, his heart is grieving in pain. Ah Sang, so many years have already passed; you are still this ruthless, so overbearing. Since you hurt my son, that antidote can only with be with the Mohists!


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