A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit Of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 5 The Young Miss

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

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Chapter 5 The Young Miss

In the case of Fang Ru Hui, he was in a dilemma, the questioning inside seems to  draw to an  end because he heard the voice of Jin Yan Hen lowered deliberately but asked something of tone full of excitement, ” All right,  how about that Miss Lou, are your family related?”

” Miss Lou is also a good person, she … …”

The curtain was opened right at that moment, Lou Chen slowly walked in.

Jin Yan Hen’s regret  was written all over his face, twitched his lips and looked at Lou Chen, she was having the appearance as if nothing important happened, though he was inquiring about her, in general, a moment ago which was not common, “Chen’er*, you came back.”

*(tantamount to saying little darling Chen)

 Fang Ru Hui followed followed Lou Chen inside the room and does not understand that what happened, he only thought the atmosphere inside the room suddenly lowered several degrees. Jin Yan Hen pretended and not admit that he did something crazy, he stood abruptly and walked towards the door, while he laughed with a smile said. “Time is late, I will go back to the yamen** ( **the government office), otherwise Wu Yi, that boy does not know how to lay things out in front of the daren (the title of respect to elders or boss) and Xiao Touer  (leader) if I am not the one in front.”

Do not know if it was an illusion, Fang Ru Hui always felt that Jin Yan Hen deliberately bypass  “Chen’er” girl  to go out, once out of the hospital he suddenly turned back and said, “I am usually in the yamen, Chen’er if there is something that you need my help, you can come and look for  me.”

After ditching a few words, Jin Yan Hen urgently runs out like his buttocks were on fire…

Today in the day of one’s life was a sudden miracle. A man who was always been sluggish was unexpectedly so lively even energetically running back to yamen. Fang Ru Hui, was still wondering about this aloof girl but unexpectedly she actually also went out.  She casually went through by his side, only a briefly left a word and handed him a package, “Her body is extremely weak and is not conducive for walking, you sauté the bowl of medicine to soothe her nerves and restore her vital energy, give that to her to drink and I’ll come back to pick her up later.

“Hey … …” Fang Ru Hui recovered his composure but the beautiful woman already walked a distance.  He raise his hands and looked at the two packs of raw materials for the medicine she ordered moments ago. Fang Ru Hui can only smile bitterly and go to make the decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Lou Chen went out of the hospital and from afar she can see Jin Yan Hen’s the figure. She was not sharply pursuing to catch up, but away from a distance secretly following him behind.

Passing through few junctions, after about 15 minutes, just as what Lou Chen suspected, Jin Yan Hen did not go back to the yamen, but entered into a lane that was of a common residential area.

He stopped at the front of someone else’s residence, the entrance was sealed by a sheet of paper, Jin Yan Hen looked around and went on top of the wall in one leap.

Lou Chen’s corners of the mouth cannot help express that her insight  was right all along,  as expected this was Jin Yan He’s style, in the capacity of government workman, he does not walk to the front doing things contrary to the norm and insist on doing his own thing like this climbing over the wall to go into that room. If she guesses right, this should be the crime scene.

Jin Yan Hen’s qing gong was awfully good, he leaped gently, treads the wall eaves with his foot by leveraging, then has leaped forward in the building. Lou Chen looked all around and did not choose the same route like Jin Yan Hen but treads the eaves lightly, dropped down between the two households’ eaves intersections to position herself where she can see clearly what was happening in the small courtyard.

The sky was gradually getting dark, Lou Chen hiding in that position if she does not make a noise; no one can discover her presence.

Jin Yan Hen just jumped into the small courtyard, ready to enter the room when the door was shoved open from violently from the inside.

“Who ?!” A shrill delicate voice came through, simultaneously a touch of blue figure rushed out from the house, the speed was not fast and obviously, the martial arts skill was not excellent. Jin Yan Hen eyes flashed and raised his hand to the person’s shoulder, but after seeing the face of the person, he was taken aback and recovered his hand, kept it off in front of his body and received a female palm at the same time called out, “It’s me! “

The woman moved to capture and grasped  Jin Yan Hen on the arm, he did not escape nor shun it, letting her arrest him red handed.

After hearing the low shout, the woman’s hand did not release his grasped, puzzled and asked, “Jin Yan Hen?

Lou Chen slightly squinting and finally see clearly the woman’s appearance, she was young almost 28 years of age, the face was oval like a goose eggs, looked delicate and beautiful and the pair of almond eyes were particularly bright, her clothing color and design were similar to that of Jin Yan Hen. Her probably waist length hair, it was put in a bun at the back of her head giving a strong and nimble appearance, the whole person gives the air of full of vitality, brisk, brute and difficult to deal with feeling.

Jin Yan Hen moved both hands to be seized by the woman, he took a deep breath and in a very clear voice without a hint of retreating but in need of a spanking, ” Miss Qu dàxiǎo jie, although I do not mind you grabbing me, but this posture I’m not quite comfortable.”

dàxiǎo jie- meaning eldest daughter of an affluent family, bossy or highly indulged woman

“Go away!” The woman throws off Jin Yan Hen’s hands and asked, “You, how can you be here?”

Jin Yan Hen rubbed his wrist, smiled and answered, “Naturally, I have to investigate the case.”

“You?”  The woman exclaimed, “All day you do not do your work and I do not know why my father did not kick you out of your post yet.”

Since Qu dàxiǎo jie, was the treasured daughter of Qu daren and no one in Lou Shi town dares to challenge this girl, Jin Yan Hen naturally does not want a touch of bad luck, with chuckle, “Miss Qu this time you are really unfair to me, after I brought Wang Si to justice, but  I am also thinking about the investigation of the case, this is simply adhering faithfully to my duties.”

Qu Ning Shuang forced a laugh or two , she disregarded his feeling and scoffed and say with a smile,” I certainly do not believe this, you were so lazy before and strolled away in this case and now you turn around to say that you are investigating the case?”… …

Jin Yan Hen just shrugged and had not refuted, Qu Ning Shuang  was definite on what she just said. Jin Yan Hen glanced at her blankly and then put his hand behind his back and walked back in the small courtyard, while walking expressed his placid analysis, “In this small courtyard there are inhabitants, according to their testimony, that day between 3 to 5 pm they heard the Wang couples quarreled, about a quarter of an hour later, Wang Si slammed the door to leave. At about xushi time (7-9 pm) Feng Qian Hua’s younger brother Feng Qian Feng came and discovered the dead body.  The neighbors did not hear any quarrel or fighting sound, arguably that the two had been quarreling fiercely. Feng Qian Hua’s was not in a good mood and if Wang Si in such a short time to came back, between the two it was impossible that they would be so calm.”

Jin Yan Hen folded his arms in his chest, he was not there to investigate the scene, but rather specifically to accompany person and to chat with the girl, “Miss Qu, this only means that the murderer is not Wang Si?”

Qu Ning  Shuang waved her hand and replied, “I certainly have not explained very much, it is possible that Wang Si already killed his wife at earlier time or went out to pass anger and perhaps went back to their home secretly, killed Feng Qian Hua, in short, there is only doubtful points and must be investigated thoroughly and verified clearly.”

For the last few words, Lou Chen’s focus circled on Qu Ning, perhaps it was because in the family also someone has frequently said those similar statements, Lou Chen actually had several points of favorable impression to this frank girl.

Jin Yan Hen simply leaned against the poplar tree in the small courtyard, as always, cynical, “That the eldest sister found what?”

Qu Ning stared at him, clears her throat said, “I just arrived for a while to meet you and I did not have time to check it! Get out of the way and do not prevent this girl to investigate!” As she was talking she was surveying and investigating the small courtyard earnestly.

Jin Yan Hen was still standing in his place, from the perspective of Lou Chen she only saw the small profile of his face, he couldn’t clearly see his expression, only saw him shaking his head, while saying,” Did you carefully looked there are a lot of blood here also, have you discovered it also?”

“Nonsense! She did not struggle to run outside and go out for help!” Miss Qu sound  like she liked to bicker with Jin Yan Hen after the words have ended, she also immediately shout in a low voice,  “It is not right!” Qu Ning, squatted her lower part of the body, not caring about blood stain and dust everywhere, she looked and looked at that  dried up bloodstain  that has continued from the room that has extended to the door which was about  2-3 ten feet, seemed alarmed, Qu Ning muttered, “She was killed with the pig knife by stabbing her chest, unexpectedly can also crawl this far?”

Lou Chen in the high place could clearly noticed Jin Yan Hen made a shallow smile and it was not his usual smile, if she has not misread, Jin Yan Hen should have already seen what was strange at the crime scene but he did not say it, only hinting through suggestion.

Lou Chen this time was finally a little curious, for what reason Jin Yan Hen want to let somebody do something like influential family to think and to feel that he is not attending to his proper duties, that he was cynical about his work and despised worldly conventions or always trifles without respect?   

Qu Ning eyes straighten brightly as if she figured out what was strange, quickly stood up, anxiously, “Go, we go back to take a look at  Feng Qian Hua ‘s corpse!

This way, they are going to leave? Lou Chen slightly frowned, looked up at the dark clouds covering the horizon, there may be a heavy rain tonight so a lot of pieces of evidence will be washed away by heavy rain. Seeing the woman pulling Jin Yan Hen intending to turn around the wall to leave, and he did not prevent her apparently, Lou Chen immediately lifts her foot and made an effort to stepped forcefully on the rubble above, intentionally sending out a sound.


End  of the Chapter

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