A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Lao Yue Chapter 29 Abducted

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

 Chapter 29 Abducted

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The town was called Maoyang. Although the town was not large, it was abundant in pure white jade use for warming which made the small town famous in Liao Yue. Many businessmen gathered here to buy rough stones or in small pieces then sold them in large towns and cities. Just like right now, it was still early in the morning but the shops in both sided of the streets were already open, and the whole town was buzzing.

    This party of travelers have been tossing all night and naturally they have no mood of hanging around in the market. They just wanted a rest and went straight to the best inn in town. After their breakfast, everyone went to their own rooms to rest.

    Lou Chen never sleeps during the day, if she ever do, she would take little naps in the middle of the day. So, even though she was tossing the whole night, she woke up after sleeping only for two hours.  That sleep was enough for her and she had no more desire to sleep anymore.

    This small town was bustling with noise and excitement, there were many merchants. Lou Chen was thinking that she might be able to find some rare medicinal materials. Anyway, today they decided to stay and continue the next day. Lou Chen decided it was better to go and look for a local drugstores.

    It was past noon when Lou Chen left the room, and many diners had gathered in the lobby downstairs. The next few rooms were very quiet. She presumed that no one was awake. As to not disturb their rest, Lou Chen went out without telling anyone where she was going.

    She went downstairs and ate some lunch and then asked the inn keeper for the direction of the biggest drugstores in town. Lou Chen left the inn alone.

    The shops were crowded with people in both sides of the street, and the crowds were particularly more in the morning. There were also street vendors hawking small pieces of warm jade. She went to look at some of the jade, although small, the white jade was flawless and it flashes soft fluorescence under the sunlight. It was very beautiful, and many ladies were crowding in front of the stall.

    Although fascinating, Lou Chen had no interest in these and she went to find the nearest location of the drugstore.

    The inn keeper’s sketch was very detailed.  Lou Chen didn’t go far along the alley and saw a beautifully decorated medical hall. The splendor was distinct from Fang Ru Hui’s “Thousand Herbs”, this medical hospital in all aspect was saturated with noble spirit, in contrast, it has a few good-nature doctors that were specialist in certain discipline of medicine, it was enlightening and she simply loved the idea.

    She supposed that there were lot of valuable medicinal materials here but doubted if they had the rare medicinal materials that she needed ,she would try her luck anyway. Sure enough, when Lou Chen asked for the rare kinds of medicinal materials she wanted, the pharmacist took a moment to find out, with a smile said, “Miss, I am sorry but we don’t have those medicines you are looking for. “

    She already doubted in the beginning , and as she expected it wasn’t available. Lou Chen didn’t feel too bad. She only nodded and said, “It’s alright.”

    Right after Lou Chen turned to leave the medical hall, few people rushed in and a young man was crying, “Doctor Wu, help save someone’s life quick!”

    When Lou Chen passed by the party of people that just walked in, she smell the scent of blood  and it caused her to worry. The red blood was dripping down from the stretcher, leaving a mess of blood stain all over.

    What was the injury that there was so much blood? Lou Chen had a glimpse of a man on the stretcher. He was a well-built man in his early thirties, his face was very pale and he looked like he already drained out all his blood. If he was not strong, he might had died already for blood loss.

    Lou Chen looked again and saw that were no other wounds on his body, but only a broken arrow, the arrow’s feather was protruding his left chest. All the blood was coming out from that wound.

    Lou Chen was already out of the door when she suddenly stopped. The arrow was still in the man’s body, he was not supposed bleed so much, unless the arrow hit badly man’s special veins or the arrow is special?

    Doctor  Wu, who was sitting in the medical office, was obviously startled by this scene. He had also never seen so much blood from an arrow’s wound! Doctor Wu anxiously said, “This … what is going on? He was injured by an arrow?”

    The young man who rushed in at the beginning was pale and very frightened. He took out a few arrows from his animal skin quiver and handed them to the doctor. He said with reddened eyes, “This is my own barb arrow. My brother and I went hunting in the mountains this morning, and it was not long before we spotted a wild boar, we chased after the boar. My brother went to attract the wild boar’s attention and I shot the wild boar with my barb arrow. I didn’t expect …  a snake would suddenly fell from the tree at the very moment. My hand shook and I hit my brother instead and was injured by mistake. Doctor Wu, you must rescue my brother, please!”

 The man was pleading earnestly and after saying thus he was sobbing uncontrollably, choked with emotion, he couldn’t say anything anymore.

    Lou Chen glanced at the man’s so-called barb arrow which he modified himself. Her cold look remained the same only her brows slightly narrowed.

    It was an ordinary long arrow, but was very sharp and on the side of the tip was a barb formed by several thin blades. Not only the hook was sharp at the front but the entire thin blade was also sharpened. If this arrow was being used for hunting, as long as it hits the prey, though it was able to escape and did not fall at that moment, while escaping the wound would get worse, the prey will eventually weaken for excessive loss of blood, and die eventually. But at this moment, the arrow hit this man and if the barb arrow was not taken out soon, the person will also lose too much blood and die.

    Doctor Wu glanced at the barb arrow, he got chill all over his body , he shook his head and said, “This kind of  barb arrow I’m not capable of pulling out. The injury will only get worse.”

    Standing next to Doctor Wu, was a young man dressed as a medicine apprentice. He whispered to him,  “Master, maybe you need to cut the wound a little bit with a knife, and then slowly take out the barb arrow?”

    The man’s blood kept pouring out, and after a while, a large pool of blood had been collected by the stretcher, and the hospital was flooded with a bloody smell. There were many people watching inside the medical hall and at this moment they were all whispering with each other. Doctor Wu’s forehead was now filled with thin sweats. If the man was not treated immediately, the man will die. But how will to manage the injury, what to do?!! Is operating the wound a little will work?

    “The penetration is only an inch above his heart. If you open a little with a knife and accidentally injures the main vein that connects the heart, his life would be lost in an instant.”

    Doctor Wu was in great dilemma and while making a plan in such desperate situation and he was thinking of trying anyway, he suddenly  heard that chilly voice. The crowd immediately looked who just spoke and they saw a woman in Chinese gown standing in the crowd. Her beautiful appearance was like autumn moon, her whole body was desolate and indifferent,  it made people feel that they have to keep a distance from her but also at the same time, they were reluctant to take their gaze away from her.

    The first man to recover was the young hunter. He looked his older brother who was becoming paler and weaker. The young man cried and said, “So, what can we do? We have no other way but take it out. You quickly think of a way, I beg of you. ” After talking, he took the opportunity to go on his knees and he knelt beside the stretcher, and then looked at Doctor  Wu and then to Lou Chen. He knocked his forehead on the stone slab. Hearing the cry of the person, the people on the scene were also fearful and alarmed of the impending disaster and were very sad at the same time.

    Lou Chen frowned slightly, she went past the man, and said to the young apprentice next to Doctor  Wu, “Go and get a piece of ginseng.”

    “Ah? Oh!” The young man was stunned for a second and then quickly got up and rushed to the pharmacy. He even forgot to ask permission from his master, and just obeyed the woman’s order.

    Doctor Wu thought of the rare medicinal materials she asked in the pharmacy earlier and could not help be curious about her. He has dealt with medicine all his life, and his medical skills also was not ordinary. Although the girl was very young, but he could tell that her medical skill technique was definitely not low. After all, not many doctors use the materials she asked for and many doctors probably don’t even know about those medicines.

    Doctor Wu waved his hand slightly and humbly asked, “Is there a way for Young Miss?”

    At this time, the young apprentice came back with the ginseng root. Lou Chen took the ginseng, sat down and put the ginseng root under the tongue of the patient. Then he said to the younger brother, “Help him up.”

The young man looked at the woman with a stunned look, glanced at Dr. Wu confused of what to do.

    Doctor Wu’s sharp old eyes stared intently at Lou Chen and said favorably, “Since the Young Miss has a way, follow what the girl wants.” Anyway, if something goes wrong, in the eyes of everyone it will be because of this women’s doing and he will not be blamed for it. He felt relieved!

    The young man neither want to think anymore and carefully raised his dying brother. Right after he raised him up, the Young Miss unexpectedly pat with all strength his older brother’s stomach and snapped the top of the arrow on his brother’s chest with a palm of her hand and he spit out blood.

    “Ah !!!” The man, who had been almost unconscious cried in pain, and fainted completely after the cry.

    The crowd gasp and took a few steps back.

    The younger brother was stunned and stared at Lou Chen, shouted, “What are you doing!” The man’s eyes were red, and if he was not holding his unconscious brother, in no doubt he will immediately rush to her and give her a good punch.

    Lou Chen stood up, ignoring the snarl and the stare to kill from the young man,  but  simply nodded to Doctor Wu and said, “You  bandage him.”

    The cold voice was like a bucket of spring water poured on  Doctor Wu as returned to his initial shock only to discover that the barb arrow that had left the man helpless had penetrated though his back. In this way, the original difficult wound had become an ordinary penetrating injury. Although the wound was now larger, it was no longer difficult to manage, they could easily stopped the bleeding not like before.

    Doctor Wu rushed forward to bandage the man and when he saw the wound behind him, he was surprised and the wound was so neat. When the young miss  patted the man, he guessed that she used some of her internal force or otherwise the arrow would not come out so cleanly. Doctor Wu would like to praise her good technique but unfortunately when he looked up Lou Chen was already out of the medical hall.   

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A Mistaken Marriage Match: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 19 Courting a Disaster

The vast Loushui Mountain’s Sierra have huge vegetation that grew very dense. Finding a person inside was no different than looking for a needle in a haystack.

It was already late autumn but for some reason, the weather was unusually sultry, the two-person had been looking for a more than an hour. Both were sweating profusely searching around but they could not find a clue. Jin Yan Hen wiped his sweat and said, “Luoshui Mountain so big, looking around like this is not the way .”

Truly this is not the way of searching, looking at the vast forest as huge as an ocean. Lou Chen said,” We will focus first on looking inside the nearby caves.”

If the assassin decides to hide in the mountain, they should find a place to rest. They looked at nearly three to four caves, but then again they did not discover any secret code let alone an assassin. While the two were in hurry to find the next cave, they heard thunderclaps. Jin Yan Hen looked at the sky, the cloud was getting darker, the leaves swaying vigorously due to strong wind, scattering the leaves and rolling the dust with it, the lightning was flashing through the clouds. Staying in the mountain in an open will be too dangerous, “There will be a heavy rain soon and it is too late to go down the hill. Let us find a shelter.”

The weather changed very fast. They already hear the sound of the rain rushing, the pitter patter of the water hitting the leaves of the forest, Lou Chen looked around and say, “ Let’s go this way.”

Jin Yan Hen followed Lou Chen towards the North and after running less than a minute at a distance of two-ten feet they reached a long and narrow area. Yan Hen was surprised. He knew that they once passed this shallow clearing and there will be no place to hide at all. He glanced to see Lou Chen who already proceeded. He followed as she made a little turn to find the cave. Lou Chen remembered their position in the forest, not only that, she also surprisingly easily found the shortest route to the nearest cave.

As the two people rushed inside the mountain as the rain intensified. The rain was so strong, it was as if the whole sky was being poured down. The water did not seem to fall in drops; the intensity was like that buckets of water was being poured down from the sky. Jin Yan Hen smiled to his companion and asked, “Having a photographic memory, how does that feel?”

The smile on his lips suddenly disappeared when Lou Chen whispered back to him,”  Playing silly and a dim wit, how does it that feel?”

Jin Yan Hen‘s smile stiffened, they were standing face-to-face. Lou Chen’s back was facing the level  ground and narrow cliff, he was standing before her.

Someone was not quite at ease in this situation especially when he moved even closer. Lou Chen put out her hand and pushes Jin Yan Hen’s shoulder until he was an arm’s length distance.”What the hell are you doing?”

He looked at her innocently, answered her with a pitiful tone in his voice, ”Covering you from the rain. This rain is a downpour.”

The rain outside was truly big, the level area was long but narrow and area they were hiding wasn’t deep. Together with the mighty strong winds, the raindrop almost hits Yan Hen’s back. Lou Chen was standing on the inner side; she could also feel the rain hitting her face. Lou Chen moved to the right and said,” There’s a space where you can stand beside me.”

“It’s okay. I am already wet anyway.” Jin Yan Hen turned his back from Lou Chen.

By the level area, there were several clusters of wild yam next to the foothill. The leaf blades were large as a tub. Jin Yan Hen caught two of this yam leaves and lifted it high to cover their heads. Lou Chen also noticed that the rain doesn’t hit her face anymore.

The clothes on his back was almost drenched by the rain. He was diligently standing in place to block the rain on Lou Chen. Lou Chen was almost not touched by the rain, even her face that once got sprinkled was now covered by yam leaves being held by Jin Yan Hen slightly above her head. The water was dripping all the way down his arms. Traces of bandages on his arms were also revealed as his clothes were plastered to his body after being soaked in the rain. Lou Chen knits her brows slightly thinking of his arm that was wounded, he was still hurting and the treatment for his poison was not yet done.

Lou Chen took out of a small jar from her waist. This was her own concoction for detoxification of poison and it naturally not as effective as the antidote for specific poison but in the absence of antidote, she estimated that it was about 60-70% effective in eliminating the toxic compounds.

Chen took out one pill from the jar, put it in her palm, stretched it out in front calling,”‘ Jin Yan Hen.” She then passed him the pill.

Jin Yan Hen did not turn but just casually answered, ”Umm” in acknowledgment. Looking back, he saw a white slim arm stretched in front of him with a black pill lying on a palm. The pill has a faint scent and while holding the yam leaves, he lowered his head sideways to pick up the pill and swallowed it.

Lou Chen hand shivered a little. His warm breath hitting his palm felt a little tickled.

After Jin Yan Hen swallowed the medicine, he found it good and not painful to take. He then asked, “What is this pill?”

Isn’t too late to ask after you eat? Lou Chen took back her hand, ignored the strange feeling in her heart. She just looked away from him and tried to ignore him.

Then a flash of lightning illuminated the ground. Lou Chen noticed that the stone level ground had something on it. She gently pushed Jin Yan Hen and walked out of her position sideways.

Jin Yan Hen saw her walked 6 to 7 steps sideways and then got down on one knee.

Jin Yan Hen hurriedly rushed towards her side to look, immediately he doesn’t know if he will laugh or cry. In front, he was staring at the diamond pattern, pointing inside the mountain?

After examining closely they discovered that under the foot of the mountain there was a gap. The gap was very small and the person had to lie down and go in slowly. Jin Yan Hen picked a stone and threw it inside the gap. He heard a few echoes at the beginning, and then it stopped.

Lou Chen stretched out her hand inside the gap and felt a wind slightly passing. She pulls back her hand and said: “I will go down to take a look.”

Before she got down on her knees to go down, she felt a hand suddenly pulled her shoulder. Jin Yan Hen coaxed her,” I go down and look first.”

Lou Chen looked at him, surprised. His narrow eyes narrowed even more while flashing a grandiose smile, he approached her side self reassuring said, “You’re very touched right?” ”

If he does not say this, perhaps she will really be touched. Lou Chen pushed his wet head to the side with her finger.

Jin Yan Hen released the hands that pulled Lou Chen to wipe the rain water on his head and body, putting aside his teasing he earnestly said,” In your hand is the Cang Feng, your martial arts is also better than mine and you are also a very skilled doctor in detoxification. I will go down first and see the situation. You can rescue me if I encounter any danger. If you go first and encounter any danger, I might necessarily be able to save you.”

He did not wait for Lou Chen to answer, he stuffed the yam leaves in her hand and while caught in surprise not knowing what he was doing, Jin Yan hen fell forward quickly and moved between the gap slowly moved inside.

The leaves of the wild yam were dropping cool rainwater at the back of the hand of Lou Chen but her palm was warm on the part of the stem that Yan Hen was holding before. She was a little confused at the moment doesn’t know what to feel.

The clatter of the rain was very loud; Lou Chen kneel by the crack and barely heard the voice of Jin Yan Hen saying, “There is a pit down here!”

Jin Yan Hen climbed in from the crevice, tried to feel the inside of the cave, only to discover that there was no way ahead, but below was a huge pit like a tunnel. He jumped into the pit. Inside the pit was very dark but he could feel that the pit was very spacious. He feared that Lou Chen who was waiting above would be worried. After saying those few words, he remained in his place and waited for his eyes to adapt to the darkness.

It wasn’t very easy to see his surroundings; everything was fuzzy. Suddenly, he saw a shadow leap from above. Jin Yan Hen was squinting trying to figure what was that shadow. Indeed it was a silhouette of a person, with full of vigilance, he whispered, “Chen’er?”

“Umm.”The chilly unique tone of Lou Chen, although it was only one “um” was enough for Jin Yan Hen to know that it was her.

He called her “Chen’ er ” just moments ago and she responded. What was the meaning of this? Is Lou Chen then giving him permission to call her “Chen ‘er,’?

The surroundings were pitch black, Lou Chen had not seen in Jin Yan Hen’s self-satisfied appearance in his eyes, she only saw that the pit’s tunnel had a small underground river. To be more accurate, it was not really a river but a creek, the water was very shallow and it flows between the stones on the ground. The rain outside was still pouring strongly that it was masking the sound of the water flowing between the stones. Jin Yan Hen said, “This hole is very large since there is water, there should be an outlet somewhere. We follow the water and maybe the assassin is hidden somewhere in the cave.” ”


Lou Chen has a booklet of match that was able to ignite a fire, it was hidden on her waist. This booklet was preserved and has not been soaked by the rain. She feared that if she uses it now to start a fire, it will alert the enemy on the darkness, hide deeper and will cause him to be more dangerous. Therefore the two decided not to ignite a fire. After gradually adapting to the surroundings of the tunnel, they followed the direction of the small brook.

After walking only about ten feet, they suddenly smell a scent of blood transmitting from the distant place. They stopped their footsteps, in the darkness they looked at each other then grasp their weapons.

As they slowly proceeded, the bloody smell was getting richer but they could not feel the breathing of a human being. With a heavy injury, the person was able to hide his breathing this well? This was very unusual.

Lou Chen had a strong suspicion that something was odd. She took out the match from her waist, light up the torch and blew the flame gently to make the flame flourish little bigger. In the middle of pitch dark surroundings, they were able to see clearly around them.

Just as she thought, there was an obscure plant inside the cave where the strong scent of blood was coming from. The plant’s color was entirely scarlet red. Each long sheath of this humble plant was something resembling a ‘meat’. Lou Chen grabbed one of the long leaf blades and crumbled it into her palm. The red juice flowed out and the blood scent grew even stronger. Lou Chen was pleasantly surprised exclaimed softly, “ Yang Wang Cao?!”   (meaning The King’s grass)

This was a truly pleasant surprise. This King’s Grass liked to grow in isolated, dark, damp and cold places. She had seen one in the mountain institute. Her imperial uncle assigned a person to search for this plant for eldest maternal aunt. It took five years before they were able to find one and it was truly treasured by her aunt. She was not expecting that today she will find this treasure here! This was truly incredible.

Under the soft light, Lou Chen’s lips were smiling excitedly. She was looking at the grass closely and ecstatic of her discovery. Jin Yan Hen who occasionally watched the face of Lou Chen for a smile was also pleasantly surprised. This was the first time he had seen her smiling warmly without inhibition and right now he doesn’t know how to describe it. His brain can only think of two words,” very beautiful” and he tried to refrain himself but he still could not help from saying it out loud, “ You’re smile is very beautiful.”

Is this considered flirting? Lou Chen’s smiling lips suddenly turned stiff. Jin Yan Hen seemed like he doesn’t fear death suddenly blurted out, “When you are not smiling, you are still beautiful!”

That’s right! Lou Chen’s eyes swept past Jin Yan Hen and she extended her hand speedily towards him. Jin Yan Hen stepped back but he was too late. He heard a ‘hissing ‘sound of the blue cloth being ripped.

A section of the lower hem of his blue cloth was already torn and he could only look and hold on the other half of the hem. Jin Yan Hen doesn’t know if he should smile or cry. “Chen’er, don’t do be too aggressive. Use words and just ask nicely!”


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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 15 Poisoning

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 15  Poisoning

Just then, Xiao An came back running again and said, “Lou Chen, someone is looking for you outside.”

Lou Chen slightly raised her eyebrows, unexpectedly to her surprise, today is no ordinary day, there is so much bustling, noise, and excitement.

It is only between 9-11am, there are already many patients waiting in line in the main hall of the hospital to be examined. Lou Chen just entered the hall; a small figure rushed over toward her arms, shouted, “Elder Sister!”

Su Tong?  After she saw clearly the little girl’s appearance, Lou Chen gently caught the child and held her on her bosom, and asked, “What happened?

“Sister, save mother and Aunt Mei!” Su Tong’s eyes were red and swollen and the sound of her voice is also very hoarse as if she came crying all the way.

Lou Chen patted her shoulder to calm her,  “What is the matter, tell me slowly.”

Lou Chen’s cool voice sounds particularly appeasing to the crowd.  Su Tong l finally calmed down, sniffling and in a trembling voice, “I do not know what happened, my brother and I woke up in the morning and we saw mother lying down in the kitchen. No matter how we shouted, she did not wake up. I went to find Aunt Mei next door for help, but I did not expect, Aunt is also unconscious! I also heard that it is not only them that passed out!”

Lou Chen eyes narrowed, “How many people were unconscious?”

Su Tong paused to think for a moment, anxiously shook her head, tears flowing down her cheeks, “Do not know, I heard that there are seven or eight families have fainted. Elder Sister, your medical skills so good, help mother please, save everyone. “

So many people become unconscious at the same time. It must not be an ordinary illness. Lou Chen caressed the head of Su Tong to comfort her and told Xiao An who was behind her, “Call over Fang Rui Hui.”

“Yes.”  Xiao An dared not delay and run immediately towards the small courtyard.

“Elder Sister, is Mother will be the same as Father … …will leave us?” Su Tong was tightly grasping Lou Chen, her innocent bright eyes is full of fear and anxiety.

Lou Chen strokes the girl’s forehead with her palm, looking at her eyes, Lou Chen whispered, “No, she will be okay.”

“Ah!” Su Tong nodded her head, as if in order to give herself more confidence.

At this time Fang Ru Hui also hurriedly came out, Xioa An probably gave him some information because few people were also following him.  Jin Yan Hen and Jin Ru also came with him. He walked to Lou Chen’s side and asked,“ What happened?”

Lou Chen lowered her voice and said: “The small village at the foot of Lou Shen mountain, for whatever reason, it appeared many villagers fell into unconsciousness. I am worried that it is an epidemic.”

After she finished, the faces of Fang Ru Hui, Jin Yan Hen, and Ji Ru all become suddenly serious. Feeling in the atmosphere that something is not right, Su Tong body began to shake trying to suppress her cry and blankly looked at Fang Ru Hui. 

Fang Rui Hui thought for a moment, whispered, “I ‘m going to prepare some herbs, go and examine them and investigate, be careful.”

Lou Chen nodded, then right away she heard a sweet male voice, “I’ll go with you.”

Lou Chen turned to look; Jin Yan Hen came to her side and on his face was hanging a ruffian smile. Lou Chen glanced at him, she says nothing and did not refuse his company also.

Jin Ru twists her eyebrows and quickly interjected, “No, your poisoning is not yet cured. You don’t run around!”

Jin Yan Hen lightly pats his wrapped wounds, laughed, “I just took the medicine, and now I felt like nothing has happened. I will go to see the situation, if it is an epidemic disease, I will immediately inform the authority.”

Jin Ru glared at him and said, “Then, I also will go.”

“Aunt, you stay in the hospital, if it is really an epidemic, you and the authorities are friends and you can go to them and tell them and they will take the situation more seriously. Besides, the hospital is also keeping a dangerous person inside like  Xing Mu. Me too, I am not very comfortable.” Jin Yan Hen looked his Aunt with a serious concern which rarely seen with Jin Yan Hen, and he said it is clear and in very controlled manner. As he was talking,  Jin Ru was looking at him and it brought flashbacks from the past, extremely similar face and tone of voice, her mind went blank for a split second.

After seeing that Jin Ru fell in a moment of trance, Jin Yan hen flashes a dazzling look of sweetness, smiled as he usually does to her and said, “Aunt rest assured, with Chen’er, this is nothing. She can cure even a highly toxic poison, whatever disease it is, she can find a remedy for it.”

Jin Ru put her head low and thinking, she lifther head and finally nodded, “ But you have to come back as soon as you can, don’t stay too late.”

Jin Yan Hen grinned, “Certainly.”

Jin Yan Hen bent over and picked up the little girl, however, he accidentally involved the hand with the wound and he gasps because of pain, paused, in that split moment, Lou Chen already picked up the little girl and held her in her arms.

 When he looked up, the figure of sky blue has already gone with the little girl. He can only smile and follow behind.

“Give way! Step aside! Sister is coming!”

Outside the small courtyard of Aunt Mei’s residence, a cry of a little girl suddenly sounded, startling the villagers who surrounded the door. Looking behind them, they saw a man and a woman standing at the door of the house, the woman still holding a little girl in her arms and the voice sounded like it is little the girl from Su household.

Who is talking? The man and the woman have the little girl; their faces were covered with a white piece of cloth.  Before entering the village, Lou Chen asked them to cover their faces; after all, if it is really an epidemic, it will be contagious. So, naturally, she has to be careful.

Uncle Mei looked at the people that came in, ignorantly looked at Lou Chen and asked hesitantly, “You. Are you the doctor who lived in the Su house before?

Lou House nods and continued to examine the small courtyard. Even with the white piece of handkerchief covering her face, her eyes remains steely but with the faint trace of surprise.

Inside the small courtyard, whoever arranged it, they put the nine unconscious people side by side on few beds and their faces were surprisingly consistent, pale gray and slightly greenish in color. It looks like, these people were all been poisoned.

Their families were all on the sidelines watching anxiously. An old herbalist kept on shaking his head in disbelief. The people were asking him questions but he could not tell them the reason why.

Lou Chen put down Su Tong to a door next to the courtyard. She did not let the little girl go further. She walked inside and started to examine the bodies. As she raised one of the women’s wrist to take her pulse, she  asked, “  When they all fainted?”

The villagers looked at each other, they all know this lady doctor, who suddenly appeared a few days ago and live with Su’s household and they are aware also that she help cure their son’s leg. Although they don’t understand why she is covering her face, for her medical skill, the villagers believed her. The people glanced at each other before answering, “ Probably around chen shi  (7-9am modern time)”.  

Lou Chen withdrew her hand and continued probing the hand of the second person.” Do they display any symptoms prior to fainting?”

This time no one hesitates to answer, everyone was rushing to answer.

“No, they are really well.”

“My mother is still up in the morning!”

“My wife is healthy and this morning she even went out to fetch some water!”

Jin Yan Hen has been standing beside Su Tong and was listening to the villagers. When the villagers said that all have no signs of illness before, he was secretly relieved. So, this incident is not an epidemic.

Lou Chen continued her diagnosis.  Jin Yan Hen thought for a moment and asked, “What did they eat before fainting?” Several people shook their heads, “ It’s too early in the morning, they haven’t eaten anything yet.”

Aunt Mie’s son, about a 12-year-old boy, suddenly shouted, “Now, I remembered. My mother drunk a mouthful of water before she passed out.”

“Water? Jin Yan Hen asked immediately, “Where is it?”

The boy pointed to the bucket of water that was in the yard and said, “That’s the bucket. We took the water from the spring and directly drink from it.”

Jin Yan Hen went to the bucket, sat down carefully to take a look; the water is very clear. He scoops the water using a ladle and sniff, it has no peculiar smell. He put down the ladle and asked, “When did you fetch this bucket of water?”

Uncle Mei stepped forward, perplexed and replied, “I went to fetch it this morning, why?” Jin Yan Hen saw that Lou Chen was still busy checking the people that collapsed, he did not want to bother her, continues to probe, “Are this people that collapsed gets water from the same source?”

“Yes .”

“Well, been there.”

“Is there a problem with water? Impossible ah, we drink from the same spring water for more than a decade, it can’t be dirty.”

Not only people the people inside the courtyard have growing interest, even the crowds of villager standing outside were lively chatting about it.

Finally, after she finished taking the pulse of the last person, Lou Chen asked Su Tong after withdrawing her hand, “ Did your mother took some water this morning?”

Su Tong shook her head blankly, she did not know.

At this time, the person standing beside Uncle Mei replied, “When I came back, I saw Sister Su outside carrying water, with her body so weak, we are neighbors, so I helped her bring home the bucket of water. “

Lou Chen also walked went to check the bucket of water. Jin Yan Hen steps on the side. Lou Chen dipped her hand into the water and fiddled it, then sniffed her wet hand. Her face frowned for she smells a very faint unusual scent.  

Jin Yan Hen has been watching Lou Chen House closely and seeing her frown, immediately asked, “Is the water the culprit?

Lou Chen did not reply. In the small courtyard, the door opened and walking in is Fang Ru Hui with two drug attendants, all three are sweating profusely, and their faces were also covered with silk and they are carrying large medicine boxes containing all kinds of herbs on their shoulders.

Seeing Fang Rui Hui walking in, the eyes of the people in the courtyard brightened and happily exclaimed, “ The doctor came! They are saved!”

These differences in treatment between the two doctors were very obvious. Who could blame them, after all, Thousands of Herbs Hospital have the reputation in Loushi town.  Lou Chen actually did not care, but Fang Ru Hui was slightly embarrassed. After acknowledging the crowd with a simple nod, he quickly went beside Lou Chen and asked, “How is the situation?”

“It is not an epidemic. This looks like poisoning. I do not know exactly what kind of poison it is. You should give them some vomiting medicine first. We will go and check the water source .”

After hearing that the cause of people collapsing is not a disease, Fang Ru Hui’s heart that was hung all the way  finally eased, nodded and replied, “I know, you go ahead.”

Jin Yan pats Uncle Mei’s shoulder and said, “You lead us there.”  

Feeling the pain on his shoulder, Uncle Mei just remembered Lou Chen’s words and now it made sense to him, “Oh, good!”

Uncle Mei with two other people from the village lead them towards the mountains, and just after few minutes, Lou Chen and Jin Yan heard the sound of shallow water flowing.  They went around a small slope and Uncle Mei with the pointed finger, “ There it is.”   Continue reading

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 9 Miss Qu’s Obsession

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Chapter 9  Miss Qu’s Rigid Obsession

She suddenly heard Jin Yan Hen chuckling. Qu Ning  Shuang suspiciously looked up at him and caught him blinked at Lou Chen said with mouth grinning wide, ” If you will tumble down to fall Chen’er, it should not be without purpose and to never do it in vain.”

“A moment ago, you deliberately tripped me?!” Qu Ning Shuang finally knew at that moment that she could be murderer herself because this person does not know who he was fooling. Who cares if Jin Yan Hen or this other person involved works in the government? She, on the other hand, has also long hands.  However, standing in front of a slender body having the temperament of the coldness under her beautiful stature, Qu Ning Shuang inexplicably cannot fully let go of her tumultuous anger.

Instead with agitation waved her hand triumphantly and seriously looking like unaffected, “Forget about it, but what have you discovered?”

Jin Yan Hen was keeping an eye on Qu Ning Shuang ready to enjoy the fun of the incident. However, he was secretly disappointed because he made way for his own defeat and failed to use Lou Chen to “kill from a borrowed knife”.

Jin Yan Hen’s provocation to this little trick and tease, Lou Chen did not pay any consideration to join him.  When she glanced at Qu Ning Shuang, she decided instead to help her. She shared the rationale, “If he was not injured, he habitually uses his right hand.”

Qu Ning Shuang was very surprised! How did she know? She recalled carefully the moment of the incident. After she fell down, Feng Qian Feng got up immediately with an expression of vitality on his face and he does not look angry. His movement was agile and did not look like he was in pain. Nothing will indicate that his body was suffering from an injury. As for habitually using the right hand… ….Qu Ning Shuang remembered when he said that he must pour tea for them to drink, his right hand held the pot. When he crawled out from the ground that time, he was also supported with the right hand.

Qu Ning Shuang was very upset, these things, she also obviously saw and how come she did not think of it beforehand? Qu Ning Shuang sighed deeply because of disappointed and said, “So he is not really a murderer. “

Lou Chen slightly knits her brows.  Considering the time for Qu Ning Shuang to take such length of time to come to such a conclusion she was somewhat saddened and pitied her. A cold voice replied, “I have already mentioned from the beginning that there are two murderers. When questioned by Jin Yan Hen if Feng Qian Feng visited Wang’s residence before 7-9 pm, he said he did not go to Wang’s residence and he was very calm. But when he was questioned if the dead were really dead indeed when he visited the Wang’s residence, he said he did not touch a knife but at the same time, he was at the state of panic. His eyes were flashing indicating that he was lying. When you knocked him down that was when his mother helped him to speak. He came back to his senses after being briefly distracted by you. He was pondering in the end how he should answer.

“Right!” Qu Ning Shuang did not hear that in the cold voice of Lou Chen, it was buttered with light spunk. She continued adding her analysis, “The alibis that he said afterward are really impeccable.  I simply asked if the dead was really dead with the knife after he found her, he did not move after that and he gave a detailed description of his itinerary for the day. He stressed specifically that he was not able to go to Wang’s residence before Xu (7-9pm).

“Wait a minute! You said we are looking at two murderers, how did you know that the murderers were two people, who is the second murderer then?”

This time, Lou Chen did not answer her unlike before, instead, she simply turned away.

Once again she felt so ignored, Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s temper flared, staring at Lou Chen’s back and shouted, “Do not just walk away! Speak clearly!”

Miss Qu Ning Shuang’s looked like she would like to murder her. Lou Chen, on the other hand, did not even care to turn her head, ” A person said before that she wants to become the most outstanding bailiff and medical forensic in all Liao Yue has ever known. One must learn to ponder and analyze the issue. Why always depend on others by asking questions? This kind of person is not qualified to become a constable and not to mention a medical examiner.” Her chilly voice reverberates in the silent residential alley and each utterance was, by and large, pounding a person’s heart.

Qu Ning Shuang clenched her fists with eyes flushed red. Nobody dared to talk back to her from her infancy to maturity.  Everyone was telling her that she was smart and capable. Only this woman actually dared look down on her, hmmp. She does not need to ask anymore. She was able and can certainly think through!  

Qu Ning Shuang wiped her tears and ran quickly out of the road.

Jin Yan Hen on his toe point and lightly followed Lou Chen’s direction.  After about 2-3 miles of catching up with her towards Shenshan Mountain, he lost that black figure. If his direction was not wrong, then only one thing can explain it and he was frustrated was that fact, Lou Chen’s qing gong was better than him … …


The next day at  “Thousand Herbs” Hospital, time was between 9-11 am… …

This particular morning, it seems that there were more patients visiting the hospital than normal. At the entrance there, were many people coming and going, but there was a person that was especially noticeable.  

It was a woman. She was standing straight in front of the hospital. The woman had red eyes and dark circles under the eyes that looked scary. Her spirit, however, was full of excitement and those that see her, unconsciously stayed at a distance from her.

As Lou Chen arrived at the gate that time, she saw  Qu Ning Shuang in such a state.

Of course, Qu Ning Shuang also saw her and she did not wait for Lou Chen to come to her but went up to greet her, “I have something to say to you.”

“Let us hear it inside.” Lou Chen said softly. Qu Ning  Shuang suddenly stops the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She also noted that people around them to coming and going and it was not a conducive place to speak freely about the matter.

They walked in the door of Thousand Grass Hospital, Fang Ru Hui came over appeared like he had been waiting for a long time. “Miss Lou, you came.”

Lou Chen bowed slightly to greet him. Standing in her side was Qu Ning Shuang in which after seeing Fang Ru Hui, her whole body just suddenly felt stiff. She quickly moved a step back and stood behind Lou Chen and said in a low voice, ” Elder brother Hui. “.

Fang Ru Hui gawked for a moment and thoughtfully asked,  “Miss Qu you don’t look so good.” Not only that her facial expression was not quite good, something also seemed wrong.

Qu Ning Shuang lowered her head, laughing and said with a smile, “I am all right.”

Seeing that this girl cannot find her way out of her predicament and try to find a good excuse, Lou Chen finally spoke to her rescue.  “So, where are the patients?”

Qu Ning Shuang abnormally turned like this, Fang Ru Hui was not naturally good at staring at girls and taking notice about their looks and appearances, he, therefore, followed Lou Chen’s lead saying, ” Oh, now well, I will lead you to your room first.”

Fang Ru Hui led the two through the front yard separating the pharmacy and behind it was a small courtyard which will serve as a clinic. The building consists only of two rooms, Fang Ru Hui opened one of the rooms letting them in.

 “Is Miss Lou satisfied with this room?”

The room was not small. There was a small bed in the middle separated by the screen on both sides. Inside also was a wooden table, a few chairs, the table full of pen and paper, and silver needles for acupuncture was ready for use. The building was decorated with a gauze curtain and few pots of flowers were sitting on the windowsill. The ambiance of the place will make a person relaxed. Fang Ru Hui was indeed a careful and considerate person.

 The Lou Chen nodded slightly and replied, “This is very good.”  

Fang Ru Hui guessed that the two have something that they want to talk about. Tactfully excused himself,” I let you talk privately. I will leave first.”

Once Fang Ru Hui got out, Qu Ning Shuang cannot repress her excitement and hastily stand in front of Lou Chen, proudly and impatiently said, “Last night, I sat on the eaves where you were standing before and looked for a long time. I finally figured it out. The blood trail mark of the location is verrry long… A person injured in the chest if he wanted to want to climb that far, it will at least take a column of incense fragrance. The murderer had been injured and it is impossible to wait for the victim crawling only to finish the job. So, the murderer after stabbing the victim with the knife escaped towards the wall where the bloodstains were. After he left, he actually did not return. The victim was already stabbed with a knife and there must be another person who certainly used a different knife, so are the two stabbing marks and therefore two murderers. Feng Qian Feng has full of alibi for the time of the incidence that he was not present at the scene, what a fortunate coincidence. Certainly, the first murderer already reached an agreement with another murderer. After the first murderer stabbed with his knife, he quickly escaped and did not even dare to venture a look at the dying person for he himself was injured, obviously this person is not a habitual criminal.  Feng Qian Feng may I dare to say that he is the kind of person who plotted a conspiracy and the other person he plotted with is definitely someone close to him.”

After she finished, Qu Ning Shuang  looked provocatively  at Lou Chen, with the kind of expression that says “see now, you can’t say that I am also like the one that  can think through!”

“Have you finished?”

 Qu Ning Shuang thought and she was sure nothing was missed, replied and said,” I said it all!”

Lou Chen nodded and said, ” Then let go, you are delaying others’ time.”

 “Ah ?” Now, Qu Ning Shuang followed Lou Chen’s vision looking outside the room and there she saw in the small courtyard about 2-3 females and others waiting for a consultation.

Qu Ning Shuang prepared herself to go out, but also thought she still must not forget to ask if her analysis  was  right or wrong  so very quickly added, “You  did not say anything if I am correct!”

Lou Chen with her very rare smile, replied, “You’re right .”

After finally getting an affirmation, Miss Qu’s mood was very good and said with a smile, “I will go to visit the backstreets of Wang Si’s residence to investigate more to see if anyone has seen that villain! I will go first!” Then she excitedly left and run outside.

Perhaps this girl can really become an outstanding constable and medical examiner. Intelligent but not conceited, persistent and hard-working, most importantly, she has the enthusiasm.

Mother said she was all good, except for the lack one thing,  being warm to the people matters very much, she did not have that show of enthusiasm. Lou Chen ridiculed herself and laugh, passion in the end … … how that felt?

Today, was her first day to examine patients. Women who came to see a doctor were not that many and their miscellaneous illnesses were not really difficult. Lou Chen took their pulses and wrote the prescription and then let them go.

Evidently, Fang Ru Hui was only letting her see female patients. Lou Chen also was happy to leisure. After waiting for a while and seeing that no patients came in, Lou Chen intended to see the situation of Zhang Jing. If she improved, it was better to let her go home, so that the two children need not worry about her.

Lou Chen just arrived in front of Zhang Jing’s room, she heard the familiar male voice, “Chen’er,  good morning. Two of us are really fated to meet. I am here to investigate.”

If this man was to be compared with Qu Ning Shuang, Jin Yan Hen can be regarded simply as the ‘spirited mouth ’(or enthusiastic mouth), always grinning and smiling. Lou Chen was having an impulse to slap him in the face. Seeing that the pretty girl’s facial reaction was slightly unwelcoming,  Jin Yan Hen hastily pats the back of the man with him and said, “I am really here to investigate the case. The murderer was heavily injured and will surely need treatment.  In the whole town of Luoshui, there are only three medical hospital and seven pharmacies. Before we visited this hospital, we have already checked the pharmacies. The ‘Thousand Herbs’ is the last one we visited hoping to gather some clues.

Standing beside Jin Yan Hen was a person that who was calm and present also during the arrest of Wang Si.

The man also obviously recognized Lou Chen and nodded in a friendly way, says with a smile, “Call me Mu Yan, how do I address you miss?”

“Lou Chen.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you. I am most fortunate.” Facing such an aloof beautiful female, Mu Yan really doesn’t know what to say. Perhaps, Jin Yan Hen, how this ruffian can always find the words to say since he doesn’t have any.

Mu Yan smile became more and more awkward. Finally, Fang Ru Hui came in the corridor leading three old doctors with him.

Upon seeing Lou Chen, Fang Ru Hui quickly asked, “Lou Chen, is there anything you need?”

Lou Chen shook her head and replied, “No, there are not many women patients this morning. I came out for a casual walk. “

Fang Ru Hui smiled and nodded. He did not say anything more, turned to face Jin Yan Hen and Mu Yan, said, “These three are the doctors who worked on the 14th. They were the ones on duty who   examined the patients.”

Several people were standing in the corridor and it was difficult to speak in that situation. Fang Ru Hui invited the few people standing in the aisle inside the small compartment. Lou Chen did not go in and just remained standing at the entrance.  Jin Yan Hen unexpectedly did not go in also but leaned on the door and dashed a wink at Lou Chen.

Lou Chen also looked and understood that everyone present is in official mission investigating the crime. Jin Yan Hen cannot speak in a moment however Miss Qu, of course, is an exception.

Mu Yan focused his attention on the three doctors cupping one of his hand over his heart and then said, “We will delay you for half a quarter of an hour.  I would like to know this month on the 14th close to 3-5 pm in the afternoon if there is anyone who came to be examined with the wound, that wound is not small. “

The three doctors looked at each other, with a puzzled look but did not ask anything. They thought for a moment and the oldest doctor first replied, “I was not comfortable that day because of low back pain and left at 5-7 pm. I did not see any patient with a flesh wound.”

Mu Yan nodded and looked to another super-fat doctor, he stroked his beard and thought for a moment, only said,”I did see two, one was a child, probably 8 years old, was scalded by hot water. The second was a man, who said that he was chopping firewood and carelessly injured his foot by the hatchet, the wound is big.”

 “When did he come?”

 “Probably … …3 to 5 p.m about three quarters.”

Wang Si at the moment after leaving, the murderer cannot in such a short period of time get into the house to kill and then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Mu Yan looked at the last doctor, but unfortunately, his answer was not surprising. “I saw the patients that afternoon, but there was no trauma.”

Mu Yan catches the eye of Jin Yan Hen, who simply shrugged and said, “Since we found nothing then let’s go around nearby Loushi town to look.”

The few people were about to walk out of a small enclosure, Fang Ru Hui who had been quietly standing at  side  suddenly said, “On that day when the hospital was about to close, there is this person.”

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 8 The Presumptuous Request

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶)

Have you ever meet someone like Miss Qu Ning Shuang?  Very funny character. Exactly the opposite of Lou Chen.Mayo

Chapter 8  The Presumptuous Request

Although Fang Ru Hui was speaking with Lou Chen his vision was split between Jin Yan Hen and Qu Ning Shuang. After watching their expressions, he also quickly rushed to add, ” Please, do not misunderstand!”

Lou Chen 

 Jin Yan Hen’s smile looked more and more similar to a local thug. Qu Ning Shuang on the other hand, her face continually disfigures. Fang Ru Hui sighed and explained,  ” Well, this afternoon I have some time to chat with Madame Su and she said that the medical skill of Miss Lou is excellent. She said her son broke his leg and Miss Lou helped him straighten his bone back and only after several days, he was already able to get out of bed and walk few steps. Before, ‘Thousand Herbs ‘ hospital also had a female doctor. However one year ago, the female doctor died of illness. Since then, many unmarried women have kept their body sickness in secret and does not dare to come to the hospital for help. So, some of them just do some home remedies, it sometimes only delay the conditions, or home remedies are useful only for some minor matter. However, some medicines administered might not be right and may end up causing their death.”

Fang Ru Hui’s facial expression was very serious. He looked at Miss Lou with the pleading and limpid eyes with a sincere tone. “So that is why I want to ask Miss Lou to help in the hospital by examining the patients in the hospital. I know that Miss Lou is not a local and you are not required to actually stay very long during the day. Only a few days a week also will do. As for your fee, if what the patient gave is not enough, the hospital will cover the rest.”

Lou Chen quietly listened to Fang Ru Hui until he finished talking. In her observation, it seemed like he has some problem with uncontrolled vision and she was not sure if it was only an illusion because he kept squinting at Jin Yan Hen. She plainly replied,” I promise to come if there is no important matter, every day from 9 to 11 a.m and afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. I will come to examine.”

Qu Ning Shuang was recounting few words to herself alone, saying that this was truly right and correct and that he was indeed a good and reliable doctor, that his idea possessed a vision and aspirations and not  only to be known as a good doctor.

“That was really good!” Lou Chen can only comply, Fang Ru Hui was very happy. The gentle facial features said with a smile, “I will prepare in an elegant room for Miss Lou to be used as a clinic. If you have any other request from me, just say it and I will get it ready.”

He will prepare the clinic personally, the doctor’s fee was casual, this treatment rather was also too good, although she heard Fang Ru Hui’s untouchable phrase ‘my presumptuous request’, she was quite happy because the request this was not actually  personal. Qu Ning Shuang was quite satisfied, but the doctor gave so much great importance to Lou Chen on that  Miss Qu was not very pleased. But in front of Fang Ru Hui, she could not throw a chaotic temper or tantrum. but she can only twist her waist clothes with both hands and whisper in a very low voice, “Her medical skill has to be good, can say for sure that she is not a fraud … …”

Qu Ning Shuang seemingly low whisper and thinking aloud but the three other people on the scene naturally heard it. If a common girl even if she doesn’t get angry, this comment was somewhat embarrassing. 

No one need to be apologetic for Miss Qu’s words, because Lou Chen actually remained calm in appearance and totally unaffected. She actually completely ignored the comment.  She turned to Fang Ru Hui, ”Prepare me an examining room that is neat and clean. As for the doctor’s fee, just give me what you normally give the other doctor’s in the hospital. I am not sure when I will be leaving but will definitely stay 10 more days in Luo Shui Town.”

Fang Ru Hui relaxed and nodded, although this girl was always aloof, her heart was very good and her bearing and tolerance were also good.

Qu Ning Shuang was busy raising her hand, volunteered to say, ” Elder brother Hui, as for my medical skill, although unsatisfactory, but I also knew many raw materials for medicine, I can help collect herbs and make drugs.”

Fang Ru Hui smiled, his face however, showed some reluctance. He politely answered, ” Miss Qu, you are supposed to be busy investigating a case? I do not dare to delay the proper business that you have to get rid, the community of all evil.”

“We will not delay you further. If I have time I will come again.” For fear that Fang Ru Hui will say some words to flatly refuse her, Qu Ning Shuang quickly walked around the side of Lou Chen, while pulling her sleeves she went forward saying.”  So things here were settled, that we have to go to investigate. We are Leaving first!”

Almost fleeing away in general and ran out 10 ten feet before Qu Ning Shuang stopped her footsteps, loosened Lou Chen sleeves and walked with her side by side. She does not care if Jin Yan Hen was able to follow as well as catch up with them. Qu Ning Shuang was walking also at the same time kept looking at the person beside her excessively.

The moonlight was shining on her body, shrouded her in a layer of soft light and the original cold look under the moonlight made her elegant beauty more revealing and feared her to be the fairy maiden. Judging her against herself, Qu Ning Shuang wants Lou Chen to be inferior to her even for just at least a little. Qu Ning Shuang appearance was more and more irritated, thinking that finally somehow she is actually an evildoer and will reveal itself in time! Really, who was born with such beauty! Really!

Qu Ning Shuang sped up by two steps and went in front of Lou Chen, with a menacing tone,  “Hey, I tell you around brother Hui be very careful. He is a good person and good to all people. Even if he usually smiles at you, look after yourself. You are a normal person and do not misunderstand, but brother Hui  is not the kind who fancy people by their appearance, like a superficial person!”

Miss Qu at this moment was like a tender barbarian. She did not lose her loveliness even if she acted this way. Lou Chen decided to in her heart to tease her and answered in a soft voice, “In the first place, Fang Ru Hui does have many merits?”

“!” Qu Ning Shuang did not expect this kind conversation that she started on her own to go this way. Not only did she play the role of warning her but instead made this woman to be drawn out. Now, her heart was also coveting Brother Hui, how is it alright! Qu Ning Shuang hurried to gesture with her hand and said, “No way! It is not! Sometimes, elder Brother Hui has many shortcomings, he… when he is busy, he does not pay attention to no one, sometimes he doesn’t wholeheartedly sympathize and considerate with the patients! He also frequently retracts from an engagement. He was also a picky eater! Also has ……”

Jin Yan Hen was following the two people behind; they were walking already for some time in addition to that, their conversation he naturally heard in full. He was thinking if he continued his silence, his good brother’s reputation and personal privacy will be revealed by the young lady. Besides, this person was always standing by him, these two always discussed Fang Ru Hui, where was his self-respect in all this!

“Hey.”Jin Yan Hen called their attention in a low voice, which attracted Qu Ning Shuang to pay attention towards his direction, his index finger was moving and acting intentionally mysterious, ” Let me say this Miss Qu, you should not be worried, Chen’er  does not like the type of Fang Ru Hui .”

Doesn’t like? A person like elder brother Hui, such outstanding person does not attract her. Well, then who can she like? Qu Ning Shuang curiously, asked, “What type did she prefer then?”

Jin Yan Hen both hands were folded in front of his chest, went beside Lou Chen, the corners of his mouth hook to signal, nods his head like crazy,  giving her the ‘you, how silly’ expression, sighed and said,  “Does this need to be stated clearly?”

Qu Ning Shuang did not respond for a while which forced Jin Yan Hen to lift his index finger and secretly and vaguely pointing to himself. Qu Ning Shuang stared and his eye widened cried out, ” It cannot be .”

Qu Ning Shuang shook her hands and stared at Lou Chen and pointed at Jin Yan Hen, incredibly asked,” Your foresight at looking at things is this bad?” 

Jin Yan Hen made one big stride to walk ahead vigilantly. He was afraid to repeat the same mistake like the first meeting. As always unpredictable Miss Lou actually did not move but welcomed Qu Ning’s eyes and the dead pan face finally gave her an expression,’a quarter look of angry feeling, quarter points fear, a quarter of helplessness and the rest was a trace of grievance.’

Lou Chen sighed gently because she doesn’t need words, everything was all expressed  and she saw the understanding in Qu Ning’s face.

Qu Ning Shuang was stunned for a moment, staring at the road looking at that simple and dusty figure slowly walking in the dim of the night.  After thinking for a moment, she finally recovered and the next instant, she immediately rushed to Jin Yan Hen and fiercely kicked him angrily,  “You thick-faced.”

Considering the feeling of this proud and aloof young lady that could not speak out of anger, this scoundrel was giving this young girl a bad reputation. Kicking his foot was a light punishment, hmp!

Jin Yan Hen rubbed his sore calf, to summarize profoundly he was caught off guard whereas this time the culprit did the crime directly with a borrowed knife! He underestimated her, he took a wrong step!

*** ***

Feng’s household lived in a middle of a narrow lane. The three people arrived about 9 to 11 p.m. Most of the people were already resting.

Qu Ning Shuang gave a meaningful glance toward Jin Yan Hen, he complied and came up to knock on the door.

“Bam…  bam..!”

The people inside seemed to have not sleep yet, the gate was knocked for some time and from behind the gate was a woman’s voice, ”Who?”

“Government authorities investigation, open the door.”Jin Yan Hen’s voice pressed very low and the person behind the gate seemed to hesitate a moment, opened the door to show a small gap. Seeing that the person was wearing an official constabulary uniform, the woman completely opened the gate and asked, “Is my daughter’s case have news? Have you caught Wang Si  for the murder?”

Jin Yan Hen was playing the corners of his mouth, pumping it in and out, even if the man was already held he could not say anything. Miss Qu at the right moment moved forward and found a solution to divert the topic of conversation, ” The case was still under investigation after the murderer is caught, we will meet with the senior to meet for the arbitration. We come tonight because we have questions to ask the Feng Qian Feng.”

Feng’s mother glanced suspiciously at Qu Ning Shuang, observing her at one corner of her eye. She was only an ordinary woman, naturally, she was not aware of any female bailiff, but she saw that two women came with the constabulary. She did not block them and said, ” Come in and we can talk inside.”

Three people entered the room along with Mu Feng Gang ( mother of Feng), in a room an old man was coughing and in between a cough asked, ” So late, who is it?”     *Mu meaning mother or elderly

At this time, naturally only Jin Yan Hen came forward to deal with them, “We are the bailiffs of government authorities. There was something we want to ask Feng Qian Feng,  sorry to have troubled you.”

The old man was nearly 60-year-old, his body was probably not quite healthy and has been coughing very hard. Nonetheless, both eyes were very sharp. Lou Chen recalled Zhang Jing once saying that Feng father was a personal bodyguard, although now he was old, his imposing manner had not weakened.

Fu Feng Cao signaled with the eyes towards the wife, Mu Feng Gang nodded and prepared to call the person. The gate near the room suddenly opened and came out a man over his 30’s. He was less than seven feet, thin stature and wears a light gray long unlined close-fitting gown. His hair was casually combed a little, it seemed like he was about to sleep.     *Fu meaning father, elderly

The men saw several people and were very surprised, asked, ” Constables, it was very late, what was it that you wanted to know?”

After he finished talking, he thought and politely said, “Please, do drink some tea. “

As he was talking, he then took teapot and cup and poured tea for few people, Jin Yan Hen kept off his hand, said, “No need, we will just ask several questions for clarifications?”

The men, however, put down the teapot resentfully, remarked,” Go ahead.”

“On the day 14th, on the same day where did you go before the 7 to 9 p.m time, before visiting Wang residence? Are you nearby Wang’s”

The man did not open his mouth, Qu Ning Shuang in a low voice suddenly said,  “Think clearly about it.”

The man was stunned, glanced at her and composed himself and said calmly, “No. At the same day, I have not gone to Wang’s residence before 7 to 9 p.m. “

Qu Ning Shuang pursued and followed with another question, “You came to Wang’s residence at what time?”

Mu Feng was not contented with Qu Ning Shuang’s attitude. She answered for her son and said, ” My daughter practices martial arts since childhood, even at the daytime time, even the door that can cover, it was not locked.”

Qu Ning Shuang did not pay attention to Mu Feng and continued to stare at Feng Qian Feng. The line of questioning was now even more intense, “When you went in, is Feng Qian Hua already dead? Or when you saw her at that time, she was actually alive? Have you ever touched that knife?”

Qu Ning Shuang was throwing so many questions, Feng Qian Feng somewhat appeared confused, roughly answered saying, “I … …I… I am not clear, at that time I only saw ……blood everywhere, I do not know if my elder sister is dead or alive, that knife ……I ……”

His look a little panic, his manner of speaking afterward was quick and incoherent.  Qu Ning Shuang sensed it and secretly happy inside and continued to press for an answer, ” Are you afraid to say a word? Are you hesitating because you are concealing something?!”

Qu Ning Shuang walks toward the Feng Qian Feng as she was talking when suddenly she felt that she tripped on something under her foot. Qu Ning Shuang yelped and accidentally fell towards Feng Qian Feng. Feng Qian Feng was not strong with the sudden commotion he also flutters down on the ground.

Qu Ning Shuang face turns red and crawled hurriedly and said hastily: “Oh, I am so sorry! It is not intentional, are you all right?”

Feng Qian Feng was very distressed, his heart was annoyed but being knocked down by this young girl, he was also embarrassed to pursue further. After standing and dusting himself replied, “I am fine.”

Mu Feng arrived beside her son, she looked to his left and to his right, very afraid to extricate any good and evil, inspected him carefully and did not discover any issue. Mu Feng was angry and protected her son behind her and pointing at Jin Yan Hen and Qu Ning Shuang scolding them, “What do you actually want in the end? You already questioned him the first a time, now the greater part of the night was also consumed with questioning. You did not catch the murderer but came to question my son! What are the meanings of all this?”

Qu Ning Shuang face looked very embarrassed. Jin Yan Hen touches his nose, coughed lightly but did not say anything. The silent Feng’s father has finally opened the mouth to actually say, ” Qian Feng, answer the constable’s questions well.”

Qian Feng eyes have traces of resentment, but still respectfully answered,”Yes.”

One does not know that a mental draft was being laid down in the heart, this time, the words of Feng  Qian Feng has some orderliness. “That day I meet a friend for tea at the Fuyong building and separated with them about 5 to 7 p.m. I went home and it was almost 5 to 7 p.m. Since, my parents were not at home at that time, nobody can testify for me, but while I was passing through the gate, I run into Uncle Liu from next door. If you don’t believe my words, that you can ask him. I was resting at home for about a quarter of an hour and thinking for a long time. I have not seen the elder sister for quite some time that was why I went out to the Wang’s residence. Therefore, before 7 to 9 p.m, I do not have the time to visit the Wang’s but when I went to Wang’s residence, I arrived and saw my sister in a pool of blood, I was very scared, I hugged her she looked deathly pale. I do not know if she was dead or alive at that time. I have not used any knife, I grew up not liking the swords and knives, since childhood if I saw one that scares me like crazy, how could I even touch it.”

After listening to Feng Qian Feng, Qu Ning Shuang frowned. She wants to say something more but she felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. Lou Chen’s hand were on her shoulder and  at this time Jin Yan Hen also got up and suddenly said,  ” We have disturbed you enough, we will say goodbye first.”

After they left the front door of Feng’s, Qu Ning Shuang lowered her head and a frustrated face, weakly complained, ” I did not actually get anything usable, I did not get any clue.”

 “It’s not necessarily.”

She heard Jin Yan Hen’s chuckling sound. Qu Ning Shuang full of suspicion looked up at him and saw him blinked to Lou Chen, saying with a grin so wide, “I will not let you fall Ning’er for without reason.”

“Just now you deliberately tripped me !!”

*** ***

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A Mistaken Marriage Match 5:Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue Chapter 6 Doubtful Points

A Mistaken Marriage Match 5: Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu(错嫁良缘系列之燎越追凶) Chapter Index

Chapter 6 Doubtful Points

“Who?! “Qu Ning Shuang two ears perked up and turned her stare to the place where the sound came from.

The day was not completely dark yet, she saw a woman in black clothing suddenly appeared above the eaves and had the resemblance that she was standing on that place for quite sometime and although the sun’s light behind her completely blinded her appearance and facial expression, but that carefree attitude and ease of posture, obviously displayed not one iota of panic, trouble or distress that she was found.

Qu Ning Shuang’s face vigilantly stared at the woman and with a cold voice, “Who you are? Why are you lurking about here? “

“I am … …” woman voice was cool, very nice, she paused for a moment, raised her hand and pointed at Jin Yan Hen, continued, ” I came to look for him. “

Jin Yan Hen stepped up, with a look of surprised laughed, “Chen’er came for me. I’m really flattered. “

His face had no expression of exaggeration and pretension. Lou Chen may be persuaded to believed and be convinced with his words.

Qu Ning Shuang however suspiciously look at Lou Chen and then at Jin Yan Hen, voice full of doubt asked, “Who are you and what exactly are you looking for him to do? “

Lou Chen would like to say originally her purpose but after seeing Jin Yan Hen smiled, that kind of grinning face, she decided to changed her excuse, “I think it is comparably better for me to go down and explain but I am afraid this place is too high. Looked like I will not be able to go down, will you come and give me a hand?”

Qu Ning Shuang stared with eyes wide open, feeling very uncomfortable, “Why should I help you, you are acting suspiciously, I didn’t arrest you right away because I don’t actually see you doing wrong!”

Lou Chen leisurely stood up and in a cold voice gently said, “You don’t have any evidence that I’m a bad person. Only because I came over the wall to look for someone, you will arrest me, is that right? Besides being a constable, civilians seek you for help and will you ignore it? Or is that … … “Lou Chen paused, puzzled eyes gave a sweeping looked up and down at Qu Ning, checking what she sees, lightly laughs, ” The girl is not a constable and also you cannot catch fast enough? “

“I am of course! ” Qu Ning Shuang reacted like a cat whose tail was just stepped on, roll up her sleeves in few folds and said in a loud voice, “You just wait! “

Watching Qu Ning bravely and aggressively rushed, Jin Yan Hen cannot restrain his laugh, he was under the impression that the cold beauty does not like to talk generally, it turns out that she was somebody who doesn’t like to talk a lot however when she does, she does not talk nonsense , her words were very casual but the result was one that pleases her, it accomplishes her desire, just like right now she was able put Miss Qu stunned and actively come to her to personally arrest her in person.

Qu Ning Shuang went on top of the fence after double treading the wall, jumped forcibly, although with some instability she finally managed to stand on the wall. Standing near her, she finally saw the woman’s face and she marveled, this woman was so beautiful who do not appear to be that of a human. (T/N: Probably she meant like a goddess or something like beauty not of this world!)

Qu Ning have a change of heart and started having a different opinion, suddenly she felt a bit in the wrong, this rather seems like a swear or scold someone … … she coughs, ‘ahem… ahem…’ lightly to hide the heart that was indulging in fancy flights, Qu Ning Shuang faces Lou Chen with a temperate voice compared to before and beckoned her, “You came along, I will support you by the arm to jump below, we have to leave anyway.”

Lou Chen stayed in her place and did not mean to go ahead of her; Qu Ning stared at her in the eyes, also step by step to walk through the eaves, and finally arrived beside her after some time. However, Qu Ning pair of feet stepped on something strange, there a ‘thing’ in the backyard’s back wall. She found a strange dark red imprint. Qu Ning Shuang yelp in surprise, ‘Gee’ and promptly squat down to examine, touched the dry dark red mark and put in near her nose, sniffed carefully then said to herself, “How come there is blood here? “

She looked at the wall outside and looked at the ground, there were a few sections with similar marks, Qu Ning Shuang excitedly exclaimed, “Jin Yan Hen, you quickly come here, I found bloodstains on the side of the wall, and they were many of them!”

Jin Yan Hen looks at Lou Chen and two eyes meet in locked for a moment. Lou Chen’s look was stagnant, no change of expression. Jin Yan Hen graciously smiled towards her and gently leaped on the wall.

Qu Ning Shuang and Jin Yan Hen were looking at the place at the same time, he nodded and said, “I see the degree of dryness of dried blood here and in the courtyard are consistent. “

Qu Ning Shuang apparently was very excited and began to seriously do her analysis, “So, the murderer was also injured on the same day, he turned behind the wall to come out. During that time with Uncle Xiao*, they only routinely inquire the households in the alley around, several people in the neighborhood and households on the front street. They ignored the back that was connected to few streets. The murderer had an injury and highly likely that when he escaped, someone noticed him.

T/N: the uncle term used here was Shushu which means her father’s younger brother

Compared to Qu Ning Shuang’s excitement on the twist and how the case was turning, Jin Yan Hen had an indifferent look and also said in a timely manner, “When we arrest Wang Si, we didn’t see any wounds on his body. “

“Really?! “Qu Ning Shuang both eyes were sparkling brightly, heartily laughs,” Ha, ha, ha, that’s great, Wang Si maybe wronged! I will be able to find evidence to help him right an injustice! “

Lou Chen standing on the side and said nonchalantly said, “ It is also likely that the murderer is more than one person. However…. … “Lou Chen turned to Jin Yan Hen, said with a faint smile,” In the event that Wang Si has to prove that he is not on the scene, that is different from just having an alibi. “

Facing the stare of Lou Chen, Jin Yan Hen rarely conceal and hide things so, naturally he said, “According to Zhang Jing, Wang Si at about youshi (5-7pm) left the foothill of Goddess of River Mountain ( Lou Shen River Mountain ), with that, even with the fastest speed to run home, it is impossible that in just two quarters of an hour, he could murder somebody and immediately escape. So, Zhang Jing statement will prove in this case that Wang Si did not commit the crime.”

After listening to something that seemed to be some clues, Qu Ning Shuang quickly asked, “Zhang Jing who is that? “

“Wang Si’s childhood sweetheart, that evening she met Wang Si. “

Miss Qu Daxia, immediately became dejected and angrily shouts, “Such an important clue, how could I not know? Why didn’t you say?! “

Jin Yan Hen digs out his hurting ears, shocked and innocently replied. “Miss Qu, you didn’t ask me, ah. “

“Don’t say that. “Qu Ning Shuang grunted softly. She decided that she will no longer entangle herself with that question again, standing on the wall and looked over one more time towards the courtyard, that long blood mark looked more ferocious. Qu Ning Shuang frowned, whispered,” The deceased only fatal wound was a knife in the chest and it pierced almost through her body, how could she possibly climb so far? “

She pauses for a moment however she really cannot think of a reason, Qu Ning somewhat irritated “This is very suspicious, we first look at the body again! The corpse will tell us how she died, what happened before the person die! “

Lou Chen froze for a moment, just because the words were too familiar, almost her mother’s mantra. Now, this young girl to say the same, really … … Listening to it felt so awkward. It was not that Qu Ning Shuang also knew her mother, is it? Lou Chen again judging by the girl’s hair and clothing and with aunt training where there was somewhat some resemblance? Lou Chen suddenly had a strange feeling, little girl earnest efforts have been an imitation of her mother and xiaoyi ( meaning younger aunt, T/ N: I would say the younger aunt to be Gu Yun ) … …

Lou Chen secretly looking at the strange girl, her ears heard a voice close to her with a sound of laughter, said, “Chen’er, why don’t you come together with us? “

Lou Chen was still undecided, Qu Ning Shuang’s face looked grim, quickly answered, “We will go to investigate the case! Why she has to tag along?! “

Jin Yan Hen pouted his lips, said, “Because……”       >continue reading

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